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Sarah Palin: Drill Baby Drill & Kill Baby Kill (not American fetuses just animals & Iraqi children) & No Piy For Rape Victims & More

Sarah Palin a Friend of the Environment I think Not.
GrizzlyBear website a pro-conservation organization in Alaska see below-

Update: 424 pm.

To begin here's funny bit from Jon Stewart on Palin.

Jon Stewart
Karl Rove vs Karl rove etc. Conservative Pundits confused or hypocritical ?
Will McCain Pa(u)lin ticket be a disaster worse than George W. Bush?

Anyway on Monday we once again got to witness the great job the Bush administration has been doing looking after the American Economy and how well the Big Banks and investment firms are doing, Yes its meltdown time again of financial institutions but according to Republicans and other conservative Americans this has nothing to do with the Bush/Cheney administration. The less regulations they believe the better but if necessary a few billion here and there to help out their rich friends is OK. But for the average employees well who cares they are not of any interest since they did not donate a couple of hundred thousand or so to the Bush campaign or the McCain/Palin campaign so screw them. That's ' laissez faire ' unrepentant 'dog eat dog' good old fashioned free market place for you. We should feel sorry for those average Americans who will be hurt by this economic downturn when they begin telling their sob stories. But if they voted for Bush or are preparing to vote for McCain well just keep quiet and take it because such people believe in this sort of " Wild-West" type of economy so they can't cry just because it affected them negatively. They should learn to look at the Big Picture or grieve for those CEOs who's income went down from 500,000 to 400,000 over the last year. They are the one's who deserve our sympathy. Well this is how Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove & Bill Kristol & Bill O'Reilley & Ann Coulter etc. see the world. The people of America and the people of Canada in the end get the government they deserve. They vote these Bible thumping Big Business bandits in & then whine about it.

The average citizen seems to think nothing of tax breaks and bail outs of Big corporations but get upset that someone on welfare or disability living next door to them gets a bit of so-called Free Money of the Kingly Sum of $600 yeah six-hundred dollars or more a month to live off of from the government. The people in general seem to agree with Stephen Harper & Bush & McCain & Palin that those lazy bastards on welfare or disability should be left to starve to death to weed out the herd and allow those who are deficient in one way or another to die to improve the genetic pool. As I have said before its odd how Ultra-Conservatives & The Religious Right are so against teaching Darwin's theory of evolution but then appeal to a form of Darwinian Economics of the " Survival of the Fittest ".

{Note: Welfare payments called 'morally disgraceful' Thursday, August 24, 2006CBC NEWS

CBC News

After successive federal surpluses, it's a moral outrage that Canadians on welfare are receiving some of the lowest payments in 20 years, says a national poverty group.
A report released Thursday by the National Council on Welfare suggests the 1.7 million Canadians on welfare in 2005 saw some of the lowest welfare rates since 1986.
"We have forgotten about these people and I think it's morally disgraceful," said John Murphy, the chair of the council

- Incomes of people on Welfare averages across Canada in 2005 summary:

Single person 3,427 to 8,198
single with disability 7,851 to 12,057
single parent one child 12,326 to 16,181
couple with one child 17,526 to 21,213

For more on the US Economy -See articles at Huffington Post Sept. 16, 2008 for example.

Why the Financial Meltdown Reflects the Fundamental Failure of the Bush-McCain Economic Philosophy by robert Creamer , Sept. 16, 2008 at The Huffington Post

The financial meltdown on Wall Street is more than a cyclic correction brought on by a mismanaged business cycle. It is emblematic of a problem at the very foundation of the right wing economic philosophy that became conventional wisdom during the Bush years -- and would be continued in a McCain presidency.

The zealots of unfettered "free markets" cast aside the critical lesson that the world learned during the Great Depression: left to their own devices, unregulated financial markets do not necessarily function to benefit the society as a whole -- or, in the end, even many individual market participants.

(and he basically concludes that):

The kind of regulation that was necessary was opposed by the Bush administration -- and the entire right wing business and economic establishment -- that is trying desperately to hold onto power by electing John McCain to continue the Bush presidency.

So now the chickens are coming home to roost. The taxpayers are helping to bail out some of the players, the stock market is tanking, mortgages are harder to get -- further reducing home values and making the problem worse.

And unbelievably, John McCain told his audience that he would "clean up Wall Street."

John McCain's chief economic adviser is Phil Gramm -- a former economics professor -- who is now Vice Chair of UBS, a huge international financial company. He's the guy who said that the problems of the American economy were "in the minds" of the American people -- that we are "a nation of whiners." Gramm is an ardent advocate of precisely the right wing economic philosophy that caused this problem in the first place.

Gramm and McCain believe in letting the guys with all the money do pretty much what they want because, they say, it will ultimately benefit us all. They are the ultimate crusaders for "trickle down economics."

...The central lesson of this saga is clear. If you like the Bush economy, hire McCain. Over the next seven weeks, however, Americans who care about our economic future have to join Barack Obama in saying: enough.

The Palin Doctrine: Why The Neocons Are So excited by Arianna Huffington, Sept. 15, 2008

According to London's Daily Telegraph, the architects of the Palin Doctrine are a group of people who have been singularly wrong about virtually everything in the last decade -- the neocons, who have been briefing Palin for weeks.
As predicted, the fact that she didn't know anything wasn't a bug, it was a feature. She's perfect for the neocons: likeable on the outside, a blank slate on the inside. To borrow from an old cliché, if Sarah Palin didn't exist, the neocons would have had to invent her.

In fact, this is how one former White House aide describes her: "She's bright and she's a blank page. She's going places and it's worth going there with her."

Anyway back to the populist anti-feminist, anti-abortionist, anti-gay Sarah Palin America's Sweetheart. Representing all that is bad about America.

Maybe it will take four to eight years more of Bush style government under McCain & Palin for Americans to once again become sane & rational. But it is so ingrained in their DNA I don't know if it will matter. The worse things get the more that Americans wrap themselves in their Flag & their peculiar version of Jesus in Combat Fatigues.

From WEBSITE GrizzlyBay.org
which was up and running in 2007 long before her becoming potential VP .

Top Facts Everyone Must Know About Sarah Palin
All facts below about Sarah Palin are backed up by links to credible news sources
1) She is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are children)
2) She offered a bounty of $150 for each left front leg of freshly killed wolves
3) She is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power
4) She strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
5) She promotes aerial hunting of wolves and bears even though Alaskans voted twice to ban the practice (VIDEO)
6) She used $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting
7) She is a champion for big oil and her campaign slogan has become "Drill, baby, drill!"
8) She believes creationism should be taught in public schools
9) She believes man-made global warming is a farce
10) She is opposed to listing the polar bear as an endangered species because it might limit oil exploitation
11) While mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire the city librarian because the librarian refused to censor books
12) She supports the Alaskan Independence Party which seeks independence from the United States (VIDEO)
13) As mayor of Wasilla, she made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits
14) She obtained her first passport just last year (2007)

Her religious views color her perspective on almost every issue imaginable.

War in Iraq God's Plan or God's Will

Sarah Palin Alaskan Pipeline is God's Will

The substantive questions raised about Palin 's views on various issues have nothing to do with her gender.

What is important is her stance on important issues. She is anti-Abortion, anti-Gay, pro-Creationism or Intelligent Design ( which is really rooted in a religious belief about Creation and is a pseudo-science ) ,pro-War , pro- Big Oil & Big Coal etc. She is a member of a radical fundamentalist church which is part of the Religious Right. Her membership is not that of some passive church goer but that of an outspoken True Believer. As such she will hep to arouse the Religious Right to campaign for John McCain and to make this support concrete by showing up and voting on election day. This could mean a couple of million or more votes for the Republicans on election day. There are some women who will also be campaigning for McCain who may not have otherwise because he chose a woman as his running mate. But just because Palin is a woman does not mean that is some sort of Feminist. If anything if she & McCain win this could mean turning the clock back some forty years on what progress women in the United States have made. The other group who will vote for the Palin McCain ticket are those who are in fact racist and will do whatever they can to ensure that Obama a black man does not become president.

Tom Brokaw Debunks Myth that Criticism of Palin is Sexist-

On September 4, Tom Brokaw interviewed Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle. When she alleged that criticism of Linda Lingel was sexist, he thoroughly debunked it -- listing a whole list of real criticisms of Palin. Foreign policy inexperience, creationism in schools, a state budget under-written by oil companies. Bravo, Tom!

Palin loves Guns & babies & a Jesus dressed in combat Gear with an assault rifle ready to kill all those evil liberals and all those heretical non-evangelical Christians & all those who refuse to worship Jesus. Let the JIHAD commence.

Every citizen of America is entitled to own semi-automatic assault rifles , bazookas, racket launchers their own person tanks -if they are entitled then anyone who can not afford a semi-automatic assault rifle should be issued one by the government for free or on some sort of long term credit plan-
Governor Palin responds to questions about citizens and gun ownership, to include "semi-auto assault weapons"

Palin &wildlife If you see it you can shoot it
Sarah Palin Supports the Aerial Hunting of Wolves
Added: September 01, 2008

It's time to end this most despicable, barbaric act against the wolf. Enough!

Still photo of Sarah Palin & friends wearing their kill can be found at:

also see:The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush by John Cusack sep. 15, 2008 at The Huffington Post

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