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Sarah Palin: Different Gender Same Old Religious Right Sermonizing , War Chant & Attack On Civil Liberties & UPDATE CENSORSHIP AT YOUTUBE

The Coming Theocracy in America with President McCain and Vice-President Sarah Palin standing in for Dick Cheney & co. Maybe it does have to get worse before they wake up to how dangerous these Ultra-Conservatives & their Fellow- Travelers in the Religious Right .

" The Apostles of the Third Wave believe they must restructure the
churches of America to do battle with evil prior to the return of Jesus. They are also preparing a generation of youth to serve as " Joel's Army " and to attack the "demonic' strongholds " of America "

UPDATE: Sept. 15, 11:20 AM

Censorship at YouTube to appease the McCain/ Palin campaign !!!

The people at accuse YouTube of unfairly censoring a video of theirs which documents Sarah Pallin's Church which is quite radical in its beliefs. YouTube claimed the video contained inappropriate content but this appears to be nonsense . Is YouTube acting in favor of McCain & Palin. Is this merely some error on their part or is this the censorship which we can now expect at YouTube & on the net in general. So much for Freedom of speech on the Net! We have been witnesing censorship at YouTube for awhile as they removed various videos esp. thos shot by US soldiers operating in Iraq who wanted to show the true horror of what is going on in Iraq as compared to the political spin by Bush/Cheney & Co.

Alternet Palin's 'Heretical' Church: Censored Video the McCain Campaign Doesn't Want you to See: by Bruce Wilson September 13, 2008.Video identified Palin churches as part of movement decried from right as heretical.

" The Apostles of the Third Wave believe they must restructure the churches
of America to do battle with evil prior to the return of Jesus. They are also
preparing a generation of youth to serve as " Joel's Army " and to attack the
"demonic' strongholds " of America "

As Ann Coulter and other Ultra-Conservatives have claimed that " Liberalism = Evil /Godlessness " and therefore in all its manifestations must be wiped out from Feminism to Gay Rights , to the ACLU and other human rights groups etc. They want to radicaly reshape American society so that it is closer to the " KINGDOM OF GOD " or at least their version of it.

For documentation, video sourcing and background articles, see Talk To
Action article, Sarah Palin's Demon
Haunted Churches - The Complete Edition

Contains :
-Documentation on
the sources of video footage used in the documentary.
-A written summary of
the surrounding story, to contextualize the video.
Documentation on the Third Wave movement.

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

Below AlterNet's second video about Sarah Palin's church- Will YouTube remove it as well once they notice it or enough " True Believers " complain about . Maybe Bush or Cheney will personally interfer and have such exposes on Palin removed.

Palin's Churches and The Holy Laughter Anointing Video # 2 by ALTERNET.ORG

Anyway... Now back to our regular program- that is my rant and my attempt to explain the Sarah Palin phenomenon - scary shit that is...

New Yorker cover backfires. The article inside discusses the stereotypes which Americans have of Black Americans including Barack Obama & Michelle Obama. Most Americans who saw the cover believed the article was an expose about how dangerous Obama realy is - Black Panter radical out to oppress white Americans. Are they all stoned or WTF are they stupid or what.

Zombie Republican "Feminists" Must be Stopped Don Hazen at Alternet September 11, 2008
There is a remarkable guerrilla war going on, where everything that feminism stands for is being turned on its head as the McCain campaign goes for the jugular with massive doses of Orwellian double speak -- framing Obama as a sexist wolf -- and the corporate media reports it as news.

Poster from Militant Religious Right Ministry of the sort who now praise Sarah Palin.
Different gender same old Religious Right Sermonizing & War Chant & Attack on American Constitution & The Rights of the people Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom From Theocratic Rule... Americans should be afraid !
Anyway here's a video from the article below.
Watching this video gives one the impression that Palin is running for President and McCain for Vice-President.

One of the problems with all this is that the big issues are being over-looked by the media. They would rather talk about an alleged smear campaign against Sarah Palin then talk about the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan or the failing US Economy or health care education or the curbing of the rights and freedoms of the American people.

This is also another way to through slight of hand to ignore the issue of race in this campaign. Now all those who were uneasy about putting a black man in power can now wrap their racist attitudes up in various forms of rationalizations.
This goes back to some of the negative campaigning that Hillary Clinton used against Barack Obama and her assuption and those of many of her supporters that this was the election for getting a woman into power. Black people were supposed to once again take a back seat and wait their turn. A white woman was entitled to become president this time around.

What the campaign should have proved is that the candidate with the best ideas who appealed to a wide swath of Americans should win not based upon gender or race. So now some Democrats along with the media are letting this all slip away. Instead what America may vote for is just more of the same as America received under eight years of President Bush. So with Sarah Palin we get different gender but same old Religious Right & Ultraconservative agenda. The result will be more of the same old crap.So more tax cuts for the rich , more corruption, more war, more people dying from lack of affordable good quality health care and fewer dollars for public education and less for the poor, less for the disabled, and little or no improvement for the health care of Veterans while gas & food prices rise and employment declines while corporations profits rise as they send more jobs outside the country and if things go awry these same corporations are bailed out by the Federal Government.

Zombie Republican "Feminists" Must be Stopped
Don Hazen at Alternet September 11, 2008

There is a remarkable guerrilla war going on, where everything that feminism stands for is being turned on its head as the McCain campaign goes for the jugular with massive doses of Orwellian double speak -- framing Obama as a sexist wolf -- and the corporate media reports it as news.

from The Washington Post McCain Camp Hits Obama On More Than One Front By Jonathan Weisman and Peter Slevin Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Washington Post once again shows its true colors in spending more time attacking Obama while defending Sarah Palin. Well of course they would Obama is a bit of a risk he might actually try to change things. Whereas Palin represents conservative America and the defense of the rich & powerful whom the Washington Post and most of the media serve. Imagine some uppity Black Man taking power & ruling over White America - Heaven Forbid - the sky will surely in the media's paranoid mind would they believe surely fall.
It is hard to believe that this was once the paper that dared to publish " The Pentagon Papers" showing that the Pentagon and the White House had been lying about the war in Vietnam. This was also the paper which dared to break " The Water Gate " scandal which eventually brought down Richard Nixon. Now this is the paper which defends Bush, McCain & Sarah Palin as being the true spokespersons for America and what it stands for. ( ie. torture, war mongering, mass murder, arrogance, racism to the Media and Palin a million dead Iraqis are unimportant , the Iraqi veterans who are not given adequate health care are to them unimportant - what is important is to have prayer in the schools and Creationism and that dissenters be beaten & arrested , and that the poor and disadvantaged lear to accept their condition in silence & that America be allowed to do whatever is in its best interest and to hell everybody else )

article from Salon:
Zombie feminists of the RNC

How did Sarah Palin become a symbol of women's empowerment? And how did I, a die-hard feminist, end up terrified at the idea of a woman in the White House?
By Rebecca Traister

. In this strange new pro-woman tableau, feminism -- a word that is being used all over the country with regard to Palin's potential power -- means voting for someone who would limit reproductive control, access to healthcare and funding for places like Covenant House Alaska, an organization that helps unwed teen mothers. It means cheering someone who allowed women to be charged for their rape kits while she was mayor of Wasilla, who supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution, who has inquired locally about the possibility of using her position to ban children's books from the public library, who does not support the teaching of sex education.
In this "Handmaid's Tale"-inflected universe, in which femininity is worshipped but females will be denied rights, CNBC pundit Donny Deutsch tells us that we're witnessing "a new creation ... of the feminist ideal," the feminism being so ideal because instead of being voiced by hairy old bats with unattractive ideas about intellect and economy and politics and power, it's now embodied by a woman who, according to Deutsch, does what Hillary Clinton did not: "put a skirt on." "I want her watching my kids," says Deutsch. "I want her laying next to me in bed."
What Palin so seductively represents, not only to Donny Deutsch but to the general populace, is a form of feminine power that is utterly digestible to those who have no intellectual or political use for actual women. It's like some dystopian future ... feminism without any feminists.

Palin's femininity is one that is recognizable to most women: She's the kind of broad who speaks on behalf of other broads but appears not to like them very much. The kind of woman who, as Jessica Grose at Jezebel has eloquently noted, achieves her power by doing everything modern women believed they did not have to do: presenting herself as maternal and sexual, sucking up to men, evincing an absolute lack of native ambition, instead emphasizing her luck as the recipient of strong male support and approval. It works because these stances do not upset antiquated gender norms. So when the moment comes, when tolerance for and interest in female power have been forcibly expanded by Clinton, a woman more willing to throw elbows and defy gender expectations but who falls short of the goal, Palin is there, tapped as a supposedly perfect substitute by powerful men who appreciate her charms.
But while the Republicans would have us believe that Palin can simply stand in for Hillary Clinton, there is nothing interchangeable about these politicians. We began this history-making election with one kind of woman and have ended up being asked to accept her polar opposite. Clinton's brand of femininity is the kind that remains slightly unpalatable in America. It is based on competence, political confidence and an assumption of authority that upends comfortable roles for men and women. It's a kind of power that has nothing to do with the flirtatious or the girly, nothing to do with the traditionally feminine. It is authority that is threatening because it so closely and calmly resembles the kind of power that the rest of the guys on a presidential stage never question their right to wield.

The pro-woman rhetoric surrounding Sarah Palin's nomination is a grotesque bastardization of everything feminism has stood for, and in my mind, more than any of the intergenerational pro- or anti-Hillary crap that people wrung their hands over during the primaries, Palin's candidacy and the faux-feminism in which it has been wrapped are the first development that I fear will actually imperil feminism. Because if adopted as a narrative by this nation and its women, it could not only subvert but erase the meaning of what real progress for women means, what real gender bias consists of, what real discrimination looks like...

...I think it's mostly that I want Hillary Clinton -- the imperfect history maker whose major selling points for "First Woman..." status, in retrospect, included the fact that she was not a Republican, not pro-life, did not believe in teaching creationism alongside evolution, had never inquired about the feasibility of banning books, understood the American economy, supported universal healthcare and did not kill wolves from planes -- to make Sarah Palin go away and stop threatening to make history I don't want to see made...

Which leads us to my greatest nightmare: that because my own party has not cared enough, or was too scared, to lay its rightful claim to the language of women's rights, that Sarah Palin will reach historic heights of power, under the most egregious of auspices, by plying feminine wiles, and conforming to every outdated notion of what it means to be a woman. That she will hit her marks by clambering over the backs, the bodies, the rights of the women on whose behalf she claims to be working, and that she will do it all under the banner of feminism. How can anybody sleep?

and from Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post argues in a forceful and insightful article that Sarah Palin's victory would mean for more years of George W. Bush style of governing and an increasing influence of the Ultra -Conservatives and the pushing of policies near & dear to the the Religious Right.

Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush/ Sep.8/2008

Every second of this campaign not spent talking about the Republican Party's record, and John McCain's role in that record, is a victory for John McCain.

Her critics like to say that Palin hasn't accomplished anything. I disagree: in the space of ten days she's succeeded in distracting the entire country from the horrific Bush record -- and McCain's complicity in it. My friends, that's accomplishment we can believe in.

Just look at the problem John McCain faced. George Bush has a disastrous record, and the country knows it. John McCain -- the current one, not the one who vanished eight years ago -- has no major disagreements with George Bush (and I'm sorry, wanting to fire Donald Rumsfeld a bit sooner doesn't qualify) and wants to continue his incredibly unpopular policies for another four years. The solution? Enter Sarah Palin, a Trojan Moose carrying four more years of disaster.

And the plan has worked beautifully. Just look at what's being discussed just 57 days before the election. Is it the highest unemployment rate in five years? The bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The suicide bombing yesterday in Iraq that killed six people and wounded 54 -- in the same market where last month a bomb killed 28 people and wounded 72? That the political reconciliation that was supposedly the point of "the surge" is nowhere near happening? That Iraq's Shiite government isnow rounding up the American-backed Sunni leaders of the Awakening? That the reason 8,000 soldiers may be leaving Iraq soon is so more can be deployed to Afghanistan where the Taliban is steadily retaking the country?
No. We're talking about whether Sarah Palin was or was not a good mayor, whether she was or was not a good mother, whether her skirts are too short and her zingers too sarcastic...

...The next few weeks are a test of Barack Obama...

He needs to dramatically redirect this election back to a discussion over the issues that really matter -- the issues that will impact the future of this country. A presidential campaign is a battle and this is the time for Obama to show some commander-in-chief skills. I'm not talking about calling Palin out for lying about his record and demeaning community organizing. I'm talking about grabbing the political debate by the throat. The country is already angry about what's happened over the last seven-plus years -- he shouldn't be afraid to give voice to that anger. Obama has spent years adopting a non-threatening persona; but he can't let his fear that appearing like an "angry Black man" (a stereotype not-too-subtly fueled by Fox News) will turn off swing voters keep him from channeling the disgust and outrage felt by so many voters --swing and otherwise.

McCain's team, in an effort to distract, is going to keep doing what they're doing -- diverting voters and the media with a tantalizing combination of personal trivia and small lies. It doesn't matter if they're caught in them -- in fact, all the better. Because they know there is no way in hell they can win if this election is about the big truth of the Bush years.

McCain's real running mate is George Bush and the failed policies of the Republican Party. Even if they are dressed up in a skirt, lipstick, and Tina Fey glasses.

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