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Police Over-Reaction at Republican National Convention Arrests Democracy Now! Journalist Amy Goodman & others

So anyway the police were busy at the Republic National Convention in the Twin Cities seeking out terrorists and anyone who dared to protest. They were especially keen to arrests journalists & video-bloggers and anyone who might film or report on the police activities. It turns out the police took exception to those who might document police using excessive force or brutality against protesters. It is now illegal in the United States to film police in a public place or while they are beating the crap out of someone just for the hell of it. Canadian police forces are watching closely so they can learn how to stop protest and dissent before it starts. Next stop arresting people for even thinking or talking about taking part in a protest. Well who am I to question those in authority. We are moving closer and closer to a police state. But the majority in the United States and Canada of course are all in favor of a police state where Law and Order and National Security is the Number 1. prority. So teach your children well about the New Limits on Democracy. You get to vote for twiddle-dee or Dwiddle Dum and the rest of the time keep your thoughts to yourself.

So here are some bits about the arrests and police over-reaction at RNC:

Secret Service take Media Pass & Refuse to return them
Amy Goodman arrested accused of being in engaged in Criminal Activity
Why won't the spokesperson reveal any names or the names of journalists who had been arrested.
Is it a matter of National Security.
And where's the Mainstream Media . They of course don't care. They just want their man McCain to win .

Democracy Now! Staff Arrests Pt. 3

September 03, 2008

Amy Goodman & Two Democracy Now! Producers Arrested at RNC Protest (b). More than 280 people were arrested here in St. Paul Monday, the opening day of the Republican National Convention. Among them were several journalists covering the protests in the streets, including three of us at Democracy Now! Amy was detained trying to question police officers about the arrests of Democracy Now! producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar.


Seizing equipment which was used to document the activities of the police and how they treat protesters and jounalists.
The police entered houses with their guns drawn while shouting at those inside.
Some are merely " detained " not arrested.

Cops Don't Like Being Watched or Filmed
The Police have rights the average citizen does not in Paranoid America !!!

August 31, 2008
Cop watcher viciously attacked by police and equipment destroyed. Darryl Robinson, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Minneapolis

Accusations "Criminal activity," lies and roumers - anything the police can think of to PREVENT DISSENT. "Protect Free Speech?" NOT on the agenda.


Lawyers Protect Protests? Really I ask?

These lawyers are unusual since they actually seem to care about the rights of average citizens and not just the rich and powerful.

Legal organization documenting police activities. It appears that in the United States it is now illegal to film or report on police activities. So it is illegal to film or report on police using excessive force . So much for Democracy in America.

Hundreds Arrested at RNC Protests :Posted by Lindsay Beyerstein, Firedoglake September 2, 2008.

The most common charges included obstruction, unlawful assembly, conspiracy to riot, and rioting.

As of 10:30 pm last night, 284 protesters had been arrested and booked at the Ramsey County Jail in Saint Paul, MN. The most common charges included obstruction, unlawful assembly, conspiracy to riot, and rioting.

The bulk of the arrests took place late yesterday afternoon. The mass arrests started around 3:00pm when officers dragnetted protesters on Shepherd Road in a park near the river. The officers encircled the protesters and detained them for over an hour. About 50 people were let go, according to Gena Berglund of the National Lawyers Guild, which dispatched between 80 and 90 trained legal observers to monitor and videotape yesterday's protests.

( the arrests included:)

Amy Goodman and two of her producers for Democracy Now were arrested yesterday near Jackson and 5th Sts. after videotaping a violent arrest.
"First her crew was arrested, then Goodman went over to talk to the commanding officer," Berglund explained, "The Secret Service yanked her badge off of her to deny her press protection."

According to the Ramsey County Jail booking database, Goodman was arrested for obstruction. She was released later that day.

Fight Back Against Police Brutality at the RNC: AlterNet

On Monday several journalists covering the RNC protests, including Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, and two of her producers, were violently manhandled by Minneapolis police and arrested on bogus charges.

The problem with using excessive force to illegally arrest members of the press, though, is that they have things like cameras and radio shows and popular websites with which to publicize assaults on their rights. While the mainstream media have ignored the story, it has exploded in the progressive press.

Help push the story further into the public eye and make officials accountable by signing this Free Press letter demanding that "press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges be dropped."

By signing the letter:

... you're sending a powerful message: Officials must rein in aggressive and violent tactics by local law enforcement, stop the targeting of journalists and immediately drop all charges against them.

The letter will be sent to St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner, St. Paul City Attorney John Choi, and the Host Committee of the Republican National Convention.

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