Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush & Harper and The Diastrous truth about " Laissez Faire " Market Place

Anywa if Canadians want to see what Stephen Harper might do to the economy just look across the border. Bush has done a jim-dandy job in just eight years. Oh yea besides being mired in Iraq for another eight years. Or they'll pour troops into Afghanistan and we can expect they will somehow not just go on another killing spree.The insane person does the same thing over and over again each time expecting a different result.

Has Hannity not watched in a couple of weeks or what. Youknow Hannity the news about Wall Street in crisis. Concerns about a global economic collapse.
Well it appears the Ultra -conservative Bushite economic policies have failed. No regulation equals no accountibility equals disaster equals 800 billion dollar bail out-

FoX News Hannity can't stand that Wall Street & the Economy is crashing & Bush & McCain haven't a clue-
Bailing out corporations is okay helping average middle class families in Hannity's view is not okay.

Hannity caught in the act of being a propagandist for the Bush Republican Regime. He just can't stand anyone criticizing the Bush administration . In Hannity's view Bush is the best president ever.

Hannity Has A Bullyboy Meltdown Arguing Economy Is Great
Multimillionaire Sean Hannity proved he's not just a loudmouthed blowhard but seriously out of touch with everyday Americans. Kudos to guest Robert Kuttner for refusing to be intimidated. From the 9/10/08 Hannity & Colmes.

Fox News has been defending the Bush Regime's Economic policies for years.
Here's a blast from the past as FOX NEWS argues how the US economy is far healthier than the European economy.
Note Cavuto can't even begin to understand the idea that Europeans might decide to spend more time with family & friends rather than working long hours in order to be richer but not any happier. Americans are the Hamsters on the spinning wheel.
Even when they claim they are socializing & supposedly relaxing they are actually " netwoking " always looking for another angle to play or back stabbing others to get ahead.

Going 'Head to head' with Fox News's Neil Cavuto over 'who's zooming who' economically â€" Europe or the US.

So how bad are things in America that even Bill O' Reilley thinks the Bush administration screwed up ??? Am I dreaming ! WTF !
Yes Bill o Reilley there were people who knew the crisis was coming or they were just praying that it would all be okay because God looks after the Rich and Powerful.

Here's Sarah Palin and her church which believes Alaska will play an important part in the Biblical End-Times .

CNN finally exposes Sarah Palin's Iraq war 'a task from God', Armageddon-hungry church part 1

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