Thursday, August 14, 2008

Torture and War Profiteering The American Way

Anyway here's more on the use of Torture by Americans. Many Americans unfortunately see nothing wrong with using torture . It doesn't even matter that torture doesn't work in getting usable intel or that some if not many who are tortured by Americans or by other nations on America's behalf are in fact innocent . What progressives in America do not comprehend is that those who favor torture are not interested in gathering information but are rather merely interested in making large numbers of people suffer as pay-back for 9/11. This also helps explain why Bush, McCain, Hillary Clinton are so eager to blow the shit out of Iran or even start bombing Russia. The world they believe must cower in fear of America and realize its rightful place as a force to be obeyed. America they believe has God on its side. Even Barack Obama in order to get elected has at times sounded like a hawk and a war monger. Meanwhile the American economy worsens and the world is less safe than it was before America invaded and conquered Iraq.Another way to look at the Middle East conflict is that the West's involvement there is just a continuation of the Crusades as we dictate to to all Arabs & Muslims that our civilization , our values and our religion is superior to theirs as we anticipate the Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah. We are little better than our ancestors in the Middle Ages.

Countdown: Bushed ! August 8, 2008

Tonight's: More Torture-Gate, Gitmo At The White House-Gate and Forgery-Gate.

and TYT The Young Turks on private contractors and mercenaries in Iraq
Making War Profiteering An American Tradition
and any who dare criticize outsourcing & privatizing as disloyal , unpatriotic and UnAmerican Traitors.

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