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Time To Fight the Neocon Demagogues and Bush War Mongers

Anyway before beginning my rant here is a funny website of note to check out : Malkin Watch at

Anyway here's a lttle ditty by Phil Ochs juxaposed to the Hurricane Katrina disaster and George Bush of the KKK And his racist religious bigotry inspired war in Iraq. or is it just for the oil and to expand the American Empire .

Phil Ochs: What are you fighting for?

Time to speak up and for those who can to fill the streets to take the message to those in power. Or at least fill the Internet with your views and not be bullied by the Neocon Cowardly Trolls who infest the Internet.Will those in power arrest hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans. Martin Luther King like Ghandi said that to get those in power to take notice first you need to fill the prisons with those who object to their unlawful and immoral rule. Meanwhile those in power build more and more prisons to fill with those who dare think differently. If an American citizen protest against the Bush/McCain/ Cheney / Rove regime they are called traitors or UnAmerican. Meanwhile the Democrats cave in at every opportunity to the wishes of the Neocons and their Puppets. Its hard to tell one from the other at times.

In what Republicans and Neocons believe that Freedom of Speech is only for those who agree with them. And if you don't agree or look different than them then it is justifiable to beat up and arrest such persons since in the Neocon view they are Un American or not real Americans. In the sixties for instance Black Americans and other minorities and Women and men with long hair were all seen as the enemy. Has much really changed today. There are many Americans who disagree with those in power but are afraid to speak out or totake part in demonstrations lest they be labeled traitors or terrorists. The same tactics were often used against the labor unions or Women fighting for equal rights in the first half of the twentieth century so we have returned to what the Neocons called the good old days when women, & black Americans and Gays and Lesbians and liberals and workers knew their place in society.

Strong Arm Tactics at 1968 Democratic Convention

also see at YouTube Dan Rather being attacked by Chicago Police and security ( a bunch of thugs ) at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. Note Embedding disabled possibly by irate Neocons .

or Dan Rather : YOUTUBE

And here's a telling bit when Gore Vidal has the courage to describe correctly William F. Buckley as a Crypto-Nazi as a forerunner of the Neo-Fascists Neocons who now rule over America and Canada and even Great Britain . But we are supposed to be polite to these people and act as if it were really just a matter of opinions and not a matter of essential beliefs. Is justice and freedom and democratic rights to be determined by the Rich and Powerful and their Neocon supporters.

The Sixties should not be characterized as some sort of lost years of drugs , music and sex since the ideals fought for are the same as those which are claimed to the very ideals of American Democracy and Freedom. Yet the Ann Coulters*, Michelle Malkins *and Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and even Condoleeza Rice and Gonzales and the Neocons see the whole era as America gone astray. The fight for equal rights for Black Americans and Women and minorities and the plea to end an unnecessary and immoral war were noble and reasonable causes to fight for .

Phil Ochs Berkeley "I Ain't Marching Anymore" 1960s

In the below clip we see part of what those so called evil hippies and radicals were trying to change that Lynching wasn't the God Given Right of Southern Americans. This is part of what the Neocons such as Bush & John McCain are upset about that they can no longer easily deny black Americans their rights or use the "N" word to describe those whom they hold in contempt. Yet they have their tamed black servants such as Condoleeza Rice or Alberto Gonzales or John Yoo to make it seem that they are not the racists they really are ; Just a lot of windowdressing as we discovered during Hurricane Katrina. And they claim all Americans should all support the troops yet those in power Neocaons and Bush Loyalists show and prove over again that they do not themselves support the troops. How many of them have children fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan alongside working class soldiers . How many of them are willing themselves to go off to war to fight and risk their own death . Even the Knights of the Middle Ages during the crusades were willing themselves to put their own bodies in harms way . But these are men and women who are far from Noble who are are cowards without any sense of honor or decency.

In the good old days according to Nixon and Spiro Agnew's so called " Silent Majority " white male Americans ruled and could grab a black man in the middle of the night and Lynch him for some imaginary crime and those who did the lynching needn't worry about being arrested or prosecuted .

Here's to the state of Mississippi (Phil Ochs)

Another disturbing bit of rewriting of history by the Bush Regime and Condoleeza Rice .

Meanwhile the Bush Regime is open to giving refuge to the corrupt anti-democratic brutal former dictator of Pakistan Musharraf as Condoleeza Rice believes he was a good friend of the Bush Regime. Though she gives him a pass on his corruption and his repressive regime and that he may have at least in part be responsible for Benazir Bhuto's murder. No surprise here America does love those dictators who do their bidding. So what if his trrops beat peacefully protesting lawyers and other citizens or had others imprisoned and tortured or just disappeared. These are the same tactics American governments have encourage over and over again in countries such Iran under the Shaw or Chile under Pinochet or under the Marcos family in the Phillipines or the regimes in El Salvador etc.

See transcript and video :

BushCo Open to Giving Musharraf Asylum in the U.S. by Amanda Terkel, Think Progress August 20, 2008.
Bush has a soft spot for Musharraf, and it shows.

Notes on Coulter & Michelle Malkin

Ann Coulter and Voter Fraud

On Ann Coulter's own act of voter fraud see: The Brad Blog Blogged by Brad Friedman on 6/6/2008
Ann Coulter's Felony Voter Fraud Crimes: The Complete Story
The Entire Brad Friedman Exposé, as Published, In-Full for the First Time, in Hustler Magazine...

and : Son of Undocumented Immigrants Wins Gold
by David Neiwert August 19, 2008. A great victory for the U.S. comes from a citizen right-wingers would want to deport.

and on Michelle Malkin whose legal status as an American Citizen is up for debate if one accepts her own draconian and nativist racist views on immigrants and their progeny:
at Malkin(s) Watch June 4, 2006
Pulling Up the Ladder by Ryan : Everything Else, What Others Are Saying

and : Malkin(s) Watch May 31, 2006
Natural Born Criminals? by Ryan

David Neiwert:
At last weekend’s [Washington] state GOP Convention, the party adopted a platform including a resolution calling for a measure to deny citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants. It also endorsed a guest-worker program that would require all applicants to return to their home countries first.

Nearly three years ago Michelle wrote a nasty column that closed as such:
Clearly, the custom of granting automatic citizenship at birth to children of tourists and temporary workers such as Hamdi and to countless “anchor babies” delivered by illegal aliens on American soil, undermines the integrity of citizenship – not to mention national security. Originally intended to ensure the citizenship rights of newly freed slaves and their families after the Civil War, the citizenship clause has evolved into a magnet for alien lawbreakers and a shield for terrorist infiltrators and enemy combatants.

If the courts refuse to close the birthright citizenship loopholes, Congress must. Citizenship is too precious to squander on accidental Americans in Name Only.

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