Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary 's Speech- No Way! No How! No McCain & FOX NEWS PROPAGANDA

Anyway here is part of Hillary Clinton's speech in Denver at the Democratic Convention

NO WAY! NO HOW! NO McCAIN! Hillary Clinton pt.1

And so much for Freedom Of The Press in America- Bush ,Neocons & Rpublicans & the Pentagon use Fox News as their mouth piece.

But of course we know Americans are too smart to fall for this kind of Bush/ Neocon Propaganda ! LOL
For those of us outside the United States this sort of revelation is astonishing. To Americans well they are quite happy in their ignorance and seem to wallow in thei ignorance . Their schools and media tell them how superior they are to the rewst of the world and they take this as gospel truth.


and here are some examples of Fox News bias in favor of the Republicans & the Neocons & Bush & McCain
July 23, 2008
Fox News Parrots McCain Spin on NY Times Editorial Rejection
See DOZENS more examples of FOX NEWS BIAS at

and more recently example of Fox News Noise Machine August 18, 2008
Once again McCain like Bush claims that America was founded on Judeo Christian values

McCain Right USA Based on Judeo-Christian Principles? From LiberalViewer

When Senators Barack Obama and John McCain both appeared at the Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency with Pastor Rick Warren last weekend, McCain used a myth about the supposed Judeo-Christian origin of American principles to pander to the evangelical Christian audience in a way I contrast with an Obama appearance at another Baptist church earlier this year.

You can see the full section of the Saddleback Civil Forum interview of John McCain from which I took a short clip for this video from the CNN website at

Another example about Fox News bias and lies and misinformation. In this case Fox News claims killing people for their political views is not a Hate Crime.

In the video below FOX News has trouble dealing with a Hate Crime against Liberal Unitarian Christians since The Unitarian Church- by definition because of their Liberal Views is not a real Christian Sect acording to FOX NEWS' Conservative Evangelical Christian reporters. According to their thinking how could one be called a Christian if one not Anti-Gay or is Pro-Choice or believes in the ERA ( Equal Rights Amendment defending equal rights for women ) etc.

Should Killing Liberals Be a Hate Crime?
July 31, 2008

The tragic killing of two people and the wounding of eight others at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville allegedly because of the church's "liberal views" brought up a discussion of hate crime laws on Fox News this week that I analyze in this video.

And FOX can also be said to be the racist mouthpiece for racist Republicans and Neocons.

check out more videos from Bravenewfilms and

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