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Bush: " Torture Approver In-Chief " & America :" A Rogue Nation"

Bringing Democracy and freedom to the world by way of renditions , torture, murder and abandoning all sense of morality , ethics or the rule of law. Just by claiming legality Americans believe whatever it is therefore moral or ethical. If this is so then how is it that conservatives claim the legal right to abortion is somehow immoral or other laws which they take exception to. Just because something is legal does not make it right. But Americans in general have rarely allowed reason to stand in their way. Though ' Lynching ' was legal in the United States this did not make it right, or justifiable or moral. Yet Conservatives argue that if 'Lynching ' was legal it was therefore moral . Those who still defend 'Lynchings ' and segregation or even slavery do so by saying it was the law of the land They therefore claim Americans should feel no shame or guilt over such past practices since they were 'legal'.

Anyway Rachel Maddow has characterized President George W. Bush as: " Torture Approver In Chief " as The International Red Cross finds Bush guilty of War Crimes.

United States compared to Serbia as being a Rogue Nation. As a rogue nation it follows that an International Response and commitment is need to bring to justice those American officials who have contravened International Law and who are guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Of course this will never happen since the world fears America . The Americans under Bush or Obama can always retaliate economically or militarily even to the extent of using nuclear weapons on countries who do not Kow Tow to America's demands .

Bush War Crimes: Torture and (Eventual) Justice
Rachel Maddow

ABC Invetigative Journalism:
bush advisors AUTHORIZED torture PROGRAM

Britain Colludes with Pakistan to Torture British Muslims
Torture practiced in Pakistan approved by British Government

Report (15 July 2008) reveals claims that Britain is colluding with the Pakistani authorities in the detention and torture of British citizens in Pakistan. Both British and American officials have been involved in the interrogation sessions following torture.

Ian Cobain of The Guardian, gives details of the claims that British intelligence agencies colluded with the Pakistani authorities in the detention and torture of British Muslims.

More info:

July 2008: Watchdog asked to investigate Pakistan torture allegation:

Apr 2008: Former detainee's account:

Apr 2008: Fourth Briton accuses MI5 of collusion in torture of detainees:

and so it goes,GORD.

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