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Outing John McCain at The Huffington Post/ McCain : THE AGITATOR PROMISING A BLEAK FUTURE

( Painting by Henri Rousseau : WAR )
John McCain's Vision for America
( above painting by George Grosz: The Agitator or The Drummer )
McCain as the Fear Mongering Agitator Promising a hundred years of war

Bush and John McCain with McCain's birthday cake while people are left stranded in New Orleans after Katrina

McCain Hunt

Now that the presidential race in the US has entered a new stage maybe it's time to out John McCain as the image promoted by mainstream media is at odds with the real John McCain who is not much better than George Bush and will merely continue the same disastrous and dangerous policies of the Bush Regime.

Arianna Huffington announced in the Huffington Post the beginning of a new project to try to present the real stories about John McCain to get beyond the mainstream media's spin and promotion of John McCain. And to take this a step further the Huff Post is asking readers to submit commentary and articles showing the real John McCain as a flip-flopping, Bush/ Cheney clone etc.

HuffPost News Hunt: Keeping the Media Honest When It Comes to Covering McCain/ June 2, 2008

It's suddenly become fashionable to critique the role the media played in the run-up to the war in Iraq. Six years after it could have made a real difference.

Are we seeing history repeat itself in the run-up to Election Day?

The same journalists rendered "too deferential" by George Bush's soaring post-9/11 approval ratings, now seem intent on providing cover for John McCain, whose election would mean a perpetuation of Bush's disastrous policies.

The last thing we need is another round of media hand wringing four years down the road, with the 2013 version of Katie Couric bemoaning yet another "embarrassing chapter" in American journalism.

To try to keep that from happening, the Huffington Post's OffTheBus is launching the John McCain News Hunt, an investigative project designed to get the real story on the media's coverage of McCain -- and document the ways the media is giving him a free ride.

So here's an article attempting to out John McCain as the political animal that he is and that his reputation as a maverick is not quite true.
The Shameful Irony of McCain's New Orleans Speech/June 4, 2008 Greg Saunders at Huffington Post

I don't know if he's been a millionaire in Washington D.C. for so long that it makes him completely tone deaf to the experiences of others or if he's just a world class dickhead, but it takes a superhuman level of gall for him to go to New Orleans, which still hasn't fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and say this :
The wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again. I have a few years on my opponent, so I am surprised that a young man has bought in to so many failed ideas. Like others before him, he seems to think government is the answer to every problem; that government should take our resources and make our decisions for us. That type of change doesn't trust Americans to know what is right or what is in their own best interests. It's the attitude of politicians who are sure of themselves but have little faith in the wisdom, decency and common sense of free people. That attitude created the unresponsive bureaucracies of big government in the first place. And that's not change we can believe in.

and then Saunders points out that McCain at the time was off celebrating his birthday with George Bush and when there was a resolution before the Senate to investigate why the system failed John McCain voted against such a review and closed ranks with Bush and other Republicans.

As he draws his conclusion that:

While citizens in the Gulf Coast were begging for help, John McCain had a birthday party. Two weeks later, when the American people demanded answers, he joined his fellow Republicans in helping protect the President. Now that he's running for President, he finally recognizes the "perfect storm" of governmental failure, but do we really want a President who stands in the way of government accountability?

John McCain is in the midst of trying to give voters the impression that he, like Barack Obama, is an agent of change, but when the American people needed him to show some leadership, he failed. If John McCain was the great leader he claims to be, he would have supported the Clinton-sponsored and Obama-supported efforts to examine the failures at every level of government in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I suppose we should be grateful that John McCain eventually realized what a monumental disaster Katrina's wake represented, but as far as I'm concerned, changing your mind long after you could have made a difference is the "wrong kind of change".

And here's a couple of revealing videos about John McCain less than knowledgeable grasp of the issues involved. He just lists a bunch of things as if he were providing real and profound proposals. In the end like Bush its all up to private businesses or local businesses and community groups and communities and individuals taking responsibility for themselves.

Pop-Up DoubleTalk, Episode 1: New Orleans

Helath Care program not a priority for McCain
As for Health Care go for a walk , stop smoking , eat better etc.
Poor Health is a result of poor choices- so why should the government or other tax payers be stuck with the bill
Pop-Up Double Talk, Episode 2: Health Care

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