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McCaine- Arizona Navajo Genocide & the Rape of The Land

Anyway so John McCain if he becomes president of the United States will continue the legacy of the Bush Regime with more radical right-wing politics and policies. What this would mean is more war and fear and propaganda . McCain has little interest in helping the poor . McCain favors Big Business such as Big Coal over the Environment. McCain sees nothing wrong with destructive mining techniques such as strip-mining and mountaintop-removal mining. McCain favors the interest of Big Coal as in the Peabody Coal co. over the environment and over the well -being of people as is shown in this instance in the case of the Navajo Indians of Arizona who were removed from land which the coal company wanted strip-mine. The place the Navajo were sent to had been used as a Nuclear waste dumping site. McCain is merely carrying on with American government policies of favoring Big Business while marginalizing and destroying by degrees the Native American population which has been on-going now for several hundred years.

We should note that such anti-aboriginal policies are not unique to the United States. The Canadian government as well as the Australian and New Zealand and South American governments have also pursue anti-aboriginal policies slowly destroying aboriginal populations.

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Arizona Navajo Genocide & the Rape of The Land

March 17, 2008 (Less info)
Native Americans: Navajo Indians targeted for brutal genocide,
in Arizona, USA Sen. John McCain & a few greedy Senators SYNOPSIS: To facilitate his special interests, namely: Peabody Western Coal Company (the largest in the US) and the Mohave Generating Facility in Laughlin (operated by Bechtel) delivering low cost electricity to Las Vegas's Casinos, John McCain (a/k/a "Saddam McCain") introduced and arranged for the enforcement of unethical and Constitutionally unlawful legislations which brutally displaced thousands of Navajo farmers onto a Nuclear Waste Dump to live after brutalizing them for two decades in peaceful resistance.

McCain assembled (Navajo Resettlement & Navajo Accommodation Agreement, Navajo Settlement, and amendments to PL 93-531, PL S.1003) illegal and unethical enactments designed to force Native American Navajo of the Dineh Band off their Arizona lands, moving them onto Church's Hill in Nevada, depriving them of lands they've owned since 1500 AD.

Using a phony tribal counsel composed of paid stooges, McCain and Peabody Western Coal Company have been progressively stealing and exploiting their lands for mutual personal gain, brutalizing the natives to leave, bulldozing their sacred sites and sweat lodges, beating their members and abusing their elders to the point of terrorizing them and causing health failure and heart failures. Fake Hopi Rangers (BIA Police) arrest and beat any peaceful resistors on their own lands and sacred sites. Three Presidential runs by McCain have been backed by the Mining, Power company and its Nevada Casino clients. McCain's wife has been granted huge Beer distribution contracts at her liquor company by Nevada gaming interests. The supposed "new lands" at Church's Hill are a Superfund Nuclear Waste Dump landfill site!

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