Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain Too Busy With Oil Barons To Bother About Midwest Diaster/ Nuking Iran/ Bob Woodward's " State Of Denial "

The John McCain Disaster ~Olbermann & Rachel Maddow
June 17, 2008 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

Bush's tepid response to disaster.
McCain's lack of interest .
Obama goes to disaster area and at least appears interested and concerned.
Natural disaster takes toll on failing infrastructure- levees etc.
McCain more interested in paying homage to Big Oil and their profits which are growing exponentially.

Israel military maneuver confirmed...June 20

So if Israel attacks Iran and the situation escalates will Israel or America drop nukes on Iran and a few other countries to be certain they get all the threats to Western Civilization where democracy, freedom, equality & pursuit of happiness are protected for the rich and the powerful - as for everybody else just shit outta luck-
And Oh My the price of oil will go up and Americans will blame the Iranians - them arrogant Persians whose culture goes back about 3,000 years and America's traditional and ancient culture goes back about 250 years. But those Persians these Great Wisemen tell us that is Bush and Cheney and the CNN and Fox News them Persians are not like us they are not even Christian and don't even speak a proper language like English ...them Persians are a godless barbaric race who envy the American Way of Life ie. Amway, Pepsi, Coca cola , Starbucks materialism, nihilism, relativism, cynicism- Christian Materialism and Prosperity for the Faithful and the Beautiful and those of the Right Fascistic Mind Set like those Great Western Intellectuals Leo Strauss, Douglas Feith, Bush, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears or some empty headed journalist or Jock or Bad Actor making 5 to 20 million a year. Oh yes our culture is so Superior. Nah! time to call it a day - since there's little left to defend or needs to be perpetuated what like Reality TV, the Osbourne's and COPS and America's got talent and reruns of Friends , Cheers, Archie Bunker - this is why people are encourage to take Law degrees and do PHDs so they become more vacuous consumes of TV and stuff they don't need or to go skydiving because their lives are empty and unrewarding- is this worth fighting for - Nah! Forget about it just move back to Jersey where you belong-

And here's some background to the deception and Dumbing Down of the Media and The American People
and I fear we Canadians are moving in the same direction as we buy into all this American Exceptionalism BullShit !!!

Anyway I just finished reading Bob Woodward's State of Denial. My reaction was that there was little new in his book; it was all old news before 2005.

But the American media having gulped down gallons of the KOOLAIDE was shocked and disturbed by all of Woodward's vindictive and pernicious accusations ( in their view )- 60 Minutes at least gave hima fair hearing while others just attacked Woodward as being anti-Bush and therefore pro-terrorist and probably a Pinko Communist- after all he Woodward that is brought down one of America's great Presidents Nixon according to the Consrvatives and Neocons who as we know have little interest in truth, justice, equality, fairness, freedom or democracy. All of these are just slogans Conservatives use in order to get elected and maintain power so they can swindle the average citizen while funnelling more and more wealth to the the Rich and powerful.

State of Denial did provide a lot of background details and gave some sense of all the dysfuntional, inept, incompetent , gutless ,sycophantic people working in the Bush Regime. Bush himself is more difficult to categorize except as being dysfunctional non-drinking alcoholic who's brain was pickled long ago and is now propped up by his egomaniac enablers Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice , Karl Rove and 60s 70s flashback political Guru of Real Politik Henry Kissinger who helped carpet bomb Cambodia and then overthrow democratically elected President Allende of Chile and then used the CIA to help Pinochet's military and Death Squads to arrest, torture and murder unarmed University professors and students and labour leaders, social workers, human rights lawyers and other evil people who actually took America's at its word that America believed in Democracy, Freedom, Freedom of Speech and equality. They forgot America believes only in America. Everbody else's freedom is a matter of America's interests and whims. .

and so it goes,

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