Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hillary Clinton Finally & Grudgingly Concedes to Obama

Anyway so Obama has won as the Democratic party's leader and presidential candidate.
But his victory would have been sooner and less contentious if Hillary Clinton had conceded earlier on. Hillary at times during this ovely-long and costly campaign has appeared as angry and spiteful towards Obam while couting John McCain and the Republicans. Hers is the politics of divisiveness which Obama rejects & has been trying to move the American people beyond.

Barack Obama Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate

McCain Speech- Responding to Obama's victory speech
TPMtv: McCain Leaves Fox Speechless

Comical bit from The Young Turks
Watch more at The Young Turks

and on Hillary's Concession & her Game Plan
Is she out to undermine Obama's chances of winning the Presidency?
is she planning or scheming for putting herself on the ticket in 2012?

and so it goes ,

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