Saturday, June 14, 2008

Canadian Government Apologizes to Aboriginals

Canadian Government apology to aboriginals

So anyway in case you missed it here is Prime Minister Harper's Government apology to Aboriginal Canadians :

June 11, 2008
Formal Apology to Residential School
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a historic apology for more than a century of abuse and cultural loss involving Indian residential schools.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the government's role in removing and isolating children from their homes, families and culture.

Speaking in the House of Commons Harper acknowledged, "The treatment of children in Indian residential schools is a sad chapter of our history," "Some sought, as was infamously said, to kill the Indian in the child."

Harper continued, "This policy was wrong, caused great harm and has no place in our country,"

Residential school survivors from across Canada -- many wearing traditional clothing -- filled the House of Commons, which postponed other business for the day, to hear the Government of Canada's official apology, which began at 3 o'clock.

Close to 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and M tis children were removed from their communities throughout most of the last century and forced to attend residential schools.

National Chief Phil Fontaine - Response to Formal Apology

So here are a couple of videos for some background info on the treatment of Aboriginal Peoples by our society and those in positions of authority. This info is for those who have been as they say living under a rock or who keep themselves blissfully unaware of anything they find disturbing and those who are unable to sympathize or empathize with anyone who is different or whose experiences are different from theirs. And so it goes ... This is possible given the credo of our age or the credo of the Middle Class in our society who say : They achieve their goals by not thinking about that which they do not wish to think about : that is that which may cause them pain or doubt or fear instead they only have happy thoughts since they have the intellectual and emotional depth of a gnat. These are the Neocon drones who are now in power in our sad desperate land.

This Short Film is a Documentary by Chief Moon " on what happened to the North American Indians (Plains Indians) in the 1800 & 1900's. During the English Settlers movement to North America, they forced change on North American Indians as they dominated their land. The English Settlers killed them, put them on Reservations, took their land, and even their children.

What you are about to see maybe disturbing, but these are just some of the stories that have been documented and witnessed in the past.

Assimilation or Annihilation: The Plains Indians

A song sung by Australian, Archie Roach about the forcible removal of the children of his people. Pictures are Canadian First Nations Children who were also forcibly removed from their homes in the late 1800's and early to late 1900's.

Johnny Cash God' Gonna Cut You Down

We were not the savages!
A video tribute to the Residential School victims.
Residential schools First Nations Mi'Gmaq Canada

and so it goes,

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