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Olbermann : Clinton's RFK Assassination Remark

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Olbermann : Clinton's RFK Assassination remark

It is difficult to understand what she's hopes to gain by making such statements. Or is she like George Bush unable to go through a day without saying something stupid or offensive.
Will her supporters finally accept that Hillary Clinton is possibly just a trifle insensitive or a bit thick. Or is it worse than that is she truly a cynical power hungry political animal. She invokes the Bobby Kennedy assassination without seeing it as a major mistake and not just a little faux pas made at a dinner party after a few too many drinks. But note Keith pulls out a whole laundry list of inappropriate statements made by Hillary Clinton while claiming that she is the real victim of a smear campaign because she is a white woman . Whereas in her view Obama gets all the breaks because he is a black man. And it is she who tries to cozy up to John McCain and the Republicans.

And if Obama doesn't pick her as his running mate as Vice President will she cry foul over that too and play the victim.

Is she hoping Obama's campaign will fall apart in some manner as in a new scandal or whatever.

If something were to happen to defeat Obama hopefully she will not be chosen to replace him. I would now be very suspicious of Hillary and her campaign managers who might be behind some new scandal . Hillary has put herself in this untenable situation. It is her own fault. She was the one who saw nothing wrong with white voters choosing her over Obama because they refuse to vote for a black man. She defended these racist individuals as if their point of view were somehow reasonable. As Olbermann points out when John Edwards was asked about people voting for him because he was white and male and that these people refused to vote for a black man or a woman he right away said he didn't want the votes of those who were that prejudiced. He'd rather lose than win because he got the bigot vote. Why couldn't Hillary say the same thing.

And here's an article from Media With Conscience on Hillary's remarks :
Hillary Invokes Assassination/ Editorial/Marjorie Cohn May 24, 2008 Media With Conscience

For weeks, pundits have speculated about why Hillary Clinton insists on remaining in the primary race when Barack Obama has all but clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. On Friday, Clinton answered that question. It appears she's waiting in the wings for something dreadful to befall Obama.

When asked by the editorial board of South Dakota's Sioux Falls Argus-Ledger why she is still running, Clinton replied, "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

It's astounding that a presidential candidate could verbalize such a thing when the collective American psyche still aches from the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy. Many of us remember where we were when these heroes were shot. The pain we felt is palpable. We still suffer from their absence.

Clinton, evidently surprised at the ferocity of the reaction to her statement, made a half-baked non-apology a few hours later. She expressed regret that anything she said could have offended the Kennedy family. But she uttered not a word of repentance for her suggestion that Barack Obama's death could inure to her benefit.

The response to Clinton's invocation of the "A" word was swift and strong. The New York Times called it an "inexcusable outburst." Keith Olbermann characterized it as "crass and low and unfeeling and brutal." Noting that "the politics of this nation is steeped in blood," he admonished Clinton: "You cannot and must not invoke that imagery, anywhere, at any time."

Clinton's remarks offer a look into her character. In Olbermann's words, they "open a door wide into the soul of somebody who seeks the highest office in this country and through that door shows something not merely troubling but frightening."

Before Friday, a groundswell of support for an Obama-Clinton ticket appeared to be building. But as New York state Sen. Bill Perkins, an Obama supporter, said when he heard Clinton's comments, "My jaw just dropped -- I think she just basically shattered her hopes of being named as vice president. To use the example of an assassination," Perkins added, "I think, leads one to believe that she may be talking about something unfortunate happening to Barack Obama. Couple that with the other remarks she made recently about winning the white vote and her husband's statements and I'd say something is seriously amiss."

How, after Clinton's ominous remarks, could Obama ever turn his back on her if she became his vice-president?

Anyone who "might be sticking around on the off-chance the other guy might get shot has no business being the president of the United States," Olbermann declared. As Newsweek's Howard Fineman noted, Clinton's is "a campaign that probably needs to be put out of its misery real soon."

Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, commented that Clinton's remarks were "beyond the pale." Indeed, the remaining uncommitted superdelegates should stop the bleeding now and allow us to move on with the election.

and here's more on racism in America and how Hillary benefits by these prejudices on race & religion - are these bits of disinformation put out by the McCain or Hillary campaigns - or is it just FOX news and other networks and those on Hate Radio or Hate TV with O' Reilly or Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh:

Primary in Texas and Racism
from The Real News Network

West Virginia and Racism fro The Real News Network
Hillary's base in some states are racist & white Supremacists and she sees nothing wrong about that- she wants to win at any cost -

and so it goes ,

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