Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Skeptical of Bush's Iraq War Before Hillary While Condoleeza Rice Talks Down To Obama

Anyway here's a little video which shows that Obama was skeptical about Bush Regime's decision to go to war in Iraq.

Unlike Hillary Clinton Obama early on questioned the reasons and motives and the way in which the Bush/ Cheney administration sold the Iraq War to the American people. He appeares to have been skeptical early on. To many in the Media bought into the war and the propaganda to such a degree that they believed that anyone criticizing in any manner the Iraq War is to be considered disloyal and possibly a traitor.

Obama criticizes Iraq war on 1/18/05 at Rice conf. hearing
From Youtube user: jedreport
Date: January 18, 2005.

Why is that important? Because Clinton claims that after Obama became a U.S. Senator, she was initially more outspoken against the war than he was.

The truth is that in February, Clinton went to Iraq with John McCain, and declared that we were defeating the insurgency.

But in January, Obama was challenging the Bush Administration.

What is interesting is how Condoleeza Rice tries to treat Obama's concern and criticisms as not legitimate and as naive and she tries to dismiss this question as some sort of silly academic question of University students and their naive professors. Obama is asking a very specific question about Bush's administration decision after 9/11 to attack Saddam. The point is Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 or an ally with terrorists groups .She repeats a lot of the phony intel that the Bush administration using propaganda sold the war to the American people.
Obama asks for the impossible that is an honest accounting of why Condi and Bush invaded and have occupied Iraq .

She keeps returning to the Bush/Cheney talking points . She therefore evades answering Obama's questions about Iraq and also about the Sudan and Saudi Arabia. He makes the point that though the people involved with the 9/11 attack were Saudi citizens including Osama Bin Laden yet the administration did not attack Saudi Arabia. What he is trying to get at is how the decision was made to attack Ira but not Saudi Arabia or not make a bigger deal about other countries like Sudan . Darfur, Korea etc.

Condoleeza Rice talks down to Obama as if he were a bit slow or a child to whom things must be explained in a careful and slow manner point by point . This is typical of the Neoconservatives who treat all outsiders as if they were uninformed or just haven't experienced enlightenment in the way they have . They believe they see the world as it really is and not based on prejudices or a simplified view of the world . It should be remembered that they like their mentor Leo Strauss have like Plato been able to distinguish between mere shadows on the cave wall and reality. As one sees in this encounter between Obama and Condi she can not help from showing her attitude towards Obama as she smiles and is on the verge of laughing outloud at him for being so naive and ill-informed . Her smirk as it were reveals that she believes she has some secret knowledge which Obama does not have. She believes that only she and those who are part of the Bush/ Cheney Neocon inner circle have. She sees herself as if she were looking down upon Obama and the rest humankind from a lofty height. This is central to understanding the attitude of the neocons to the rest of us . To put it simply they are enlightened and we are not .

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