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Keith Olbermann " Bush Shut The Hell Up ! "

Updated 5:42 PM /May 18, 2008

Anyway let's begin with a little music by Leonard Cohen:

Everybody Knows-Leonard Cohen
see article by Sheila Samples below-

So is there anyone who doesn't know what Bush and Cheney and their fiends have been up to as they make millions off of another unnecessary war - the War Profiteers who are seen by the rich elite and their groupies as the real heroes of our time- that is how to enrich yourself while screwing everybody else- This is what makes these people superior to the rest of us; they realize there is no right or wrong no God to judge us - there is only money and power and as an old friend of mine used to say Money gets you power and power gets you women so why bother talking about hollow ideas such as truth and justice !!!

In case you missed it here is Keith Olberman's latest Special Commentary on George Bush Cheney and the gang for the harm they have done to America and to other countries. Olbermann is passionate and outraged about the subject at times he becomes angry.

Olbermann Countdown Special Commentary May 14, 2008
This Advise Mr Bush Shut the Hell Up

Olbermann Countdown Part 2
This advise Shut the Hell Up

And check out this article at Information Clearing House:
Everybody Knows.By Sheila Samples

...I don't want to go off on an Aristotelian rant here, but thanks to Cheney and those around him obsessed with world government, this nation appears to be running on empty where morality, or ethos, is concerned. Values such as compassion, sympathy, prudence, virtue, decency, ethics -- cannot thrive in a nation controlled by war criminals who force its citizens into submission through fear, violence and propaganda. How can a society be "just" when natural laws have fallen by the wayside and nobody is held accountable for crimes against God and humanity?

We are under the control of the criminally insane. Cheney has turned the greatest democratic republic ever conceived into a world corporation and anointed himself its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has supplanted two centuries of protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with executive orders and secret laws. In their lust for power and riches, Cheney and Bush have managed in just seven grueling, sadistic, morally corrupt years to destroy entire nations, including their own. And they accomplished this in the only way possible. Because we permitted it. Because we lost our moral compass.

So we stand here in the blood-sodden mess of two lost wars. Millions -- millions -- have been displaced, destroyed, dishonored in Cheney's quest for oil. Tens of thousands of our own citizens are injured, maimed -- 4,077 dead -- an entire generation of Americans lost in a depleted uranium wasteland. "So?" Cheney says, "They were all volunteers." He admitted that losing sons or daughters could "be a burden" on families, but reminded us sternly that "the biggest burden" is on the President, who has to send even more to their deaths.

We're at the crossroads. We can no longer remain neutral nor mill around in confused acceptance of the genocidal madness into which we have been swept. Thomas Jefferson said, "When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil."
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