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Edwards endorses Barack Obama: " Dream Team " ? & George Bush's Sacrifice For The Nation

UPDATE:12:23 PM May 15

John Edwards Endorses Obama
More on Lies Leading to War
George Bush's Sacrifice
ABU ELMO & The Chicken Hawk Dance

George Bush's Sacrifice
see Michael Moore. Com

If he really cared he would attend more funerals of those killed in combat. If he cared he would make a public statement condemning the Depaartmen of Veterans' Affairs for their cover-up and ineptness dealing with returning American soldiers who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If he cared he'd spend a few weeks in Iraq and not just in the Emerald City / The Green Zone . But if he cared he would not have started the war in the first place.

It was supposed to be a cakewalk, not a chicken-hawk dance.

So anyway here's the good news Senator John Edwards has officially endorsed Barack Obama as the Democratic Presidential candidate. Now the possibility arises for Obama to have Sen. John Edwards as his running mate in the Presidential election or giving Edward one of the more important positions in Obama's administration such as Attorney General or Secretary of State. This would be a better outcome than that of having Obama tied to Hillary Clinton .

Hillary and Obama are too far apart on issues to be able to work effectively . Though of course there is the old adage which argues that in order to neutralize possible enemies " keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer ". And the Clinton machine could become a real thorn in Obama's side as the Clintons plan their strategy for the next election or if they decide to exact a bit of revenge by throwing a wrench into the Obama administration. I am still skeptical about Hillary's ties to the status quo and is much closer to McCain than Obama or Edwards on some major issues i.e. war with Iran continuing with the disastrous war & occupation of Iraq .
Of course Hillary is a political animal so she may decide to make a deal in order to maintain her support in case she runs again in 2012. I do wonder though Hillary's sincerity more than I would about the sincerity of Obama or Edwards.

so here's some views on Obama , Edwards and Hillary from Keith Olbermann And Chris Matthews-

Keith Olbermann on Edward's Endorsement of Obama

Chris Matthews

Edwards to Endorse Obama
By Jim Rutenberg and Julie Bosman/ The New York Times/ Wednesday 14 May 2008

Grand Rapids, Michigan - Senator John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina who bowed out of the presidential race in January, is expected to endorse Senator Barack Obama at a rally being held here tonight.

Officials announced the news shortly after Mr. Obama landed here late this afternoon. The campaign has timed the announcement to coincide with the start of the major evening newscasts, which would have otherwise focused on Senator Hillary Clinton's landslide victory in West Virginia, which raised new questions about Mr. Obama's strength with white working class voters.

Mr. Obama's campaign is hoping it will be taken as the start of a partywide coalescence around Mr. Obama as the Democratic nominee.

The endorsement ended months of speculation over Mr. Edwards's preference in the Democratic nominating contest, during which he mostly stayed silent and close to home in Chapel Hill with his wife, Elizabeth.

But in recent days, Mr. Edwards had made his choice all but obvious, giving a series of television interviews hinting that he was close to endorsing Mr. Obama, who last week he called "clearly the nominee at this point."

And it was little surprise to close observers of Mr. Edwards on the campaign trail in the past year, when he regularly attacked so-called establishment politicians like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and teamed with Mr. Obama against her in debates.

His campaign sounded similar themes to Mr. Obama's - both candidates positioned themselves as change agents who would clean house in Washington.

Throughout his second bid for the Democratic nomination, Mr. Edwards clashed repeatedly with Mrs. Clinton, criticizing her for accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists, a practice that he fiercely opposed.

And much of his campaign pitch centered on the notion that Washington politicians have become corrupted by the influence of lobbyists for drug companies, oil companies and other corporate interests.

"You can't just trade corporate Republicans for corporate Democrats," he told audiences frequently, an attack aimed at Mrs. Clinton.

And now back to Bush and Company:

Film and Website Leading to War more on the lies of the Bush Propaganda Machine
check out the Film and website : How did the U.S. government lead its people to war?

A Mechanism for War

Manufacturing a Problem

A Threat to America and the Peace of the World

Senior Bush officials characterized Saddam Hussein’s military ambitions as intending to “do in” the U.S. and to “wipe out our way of life.” Using alarming language and hyperbole, they portrayed Iraq as a grave threat to world peace.

Specifically, the Bush administration claimed that:

• Iraq was actively trying to develop nuclear weapons.
• Hussein would not hesitate to use Iraqi caches of biological and chemical weapons against the U.S.
• Hussein had collaborative ties to al-class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_34">Qaeda, with whom he could share weapons of mass destruction.

Bush said, “The Iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons, and diseases, and gases, and atomic weapons.”

In truth, Iraq, with its severely diminished military and no WMD, was not a threat to the U.S. or the world. Moreover, Iraq had no collaborative relationship with al-s="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_37">Qaeda.


In these videos we see examples about what is referred to as the Neocon " Echo Chamber " . By repeating certain talking points again and again by different members of the Bush Regime in the media made it seem as if there was a great deal of convincing evidence . Then by having various Neoconservative pundits appear in on TV or Radio and in print repeating the same talking points as if they were acting on their own and basing their information upon sources outside the Neocon/ Bush/ Cheney Bush /Cheney they managed to manipulate the media into believing there was a consensus in the Intelligence Community in United States and even outside the United States.

Grave and Growing

In the end those in power or those who will replace those in power are too entangled in the corrupt system which exist to ever really desire to investigate in a sincere and thorough manner the crimes committed by those who went before them . When a new administration takes power it inherits a whole bureaucracy of professionals and specialists who collaborated with the previously corrupt administration. So the question becomes how much of a change can a new President bring about when hundreds if not thousands of those government collaborators are still in their own key positions where they can interfere with any changes which a new president may wish to bring about.During the two terms of the Bush regime he and his cronies appointed like-minded neocon and Religious Right true believers in positions in every major departments of the US government.

But unfortunately it seems given past history no matter how criminal an American politician and his or her cronies are they will not be put in prison or if imprisoned be kept there for life. For those who are pardoned or released from prison can always do lecture tours and sell a few million books . This is just part of the Gentlemen's and Ladies' agreement. Sometimes someone might be removed from office but otherwise there are no real lasting consequences for those who are at the highest levels of power in our countries.

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