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UPDATE:Cuban Exiles Honor Terrorist & Murderer Posada Carriles For Blowing up Cuban Passenger Plane

From Terrorism to Liberalism to Segregation and lynchings to Iraq -

"One who shelters a terrorist, is a terrorist" – President George W. Bush.


A clip from "638 Ways To Kill Castro", where Enrique Encinosa, anti-Castro radio host of Miami based Radio Mambi, and associate of anti-Castro terrorist Luis Posada, essentially confirms that Posada was behind the hotel bombings in Havana in 1997, saying that he thinks it is an acceptable method to make it clear that Cuba "is not a healthy place for tourists". Needles to say that the only reason why Cuba would not be a healthy place for tourists is because it is made unhealthy for tourists by anti-Castro terrorists who want Cuba to be an unhealthy place for tourists...

Now here would be a good test of the presidential candidates about how they would deal with the case concerning the terrorist activity of Luis Posada Carriles . Would they like Bush defend such a person or would they be too afraid of upsetting the extremist portion of Cuban exiles living in America. So maybe some real journalist who actually believes jounalists are not just entertainers or propagandists for the Bush Regime, the Neoconservatives and the Religious Right might bring the subject up with Obama ,Hillary and McCain. Would they if they had any real integrity be willing to open up some form of impartial investigation into this case or do they too believe killing Cuban and Venezuelian civilians can not be characterized as terrorism.

According to Bush's own statement he too is a terrorist since he shelters and protects and defends actions of Anti-Castro Cuban terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles who placed a bomb on a Cuban passenger plane returning from Venezuela in 1976 killing all 73 passengers and crew . But we have to assume that such an action was justified because the airline was Cuban and the passengers were mainly Cuban and Cuba was run by the evil dictator Castro . And therefore if you live in a country with a leader who is hated by Americans then as a citizen of that country you too would be a legitimated target. At least that's the logic of this scenario.

Using the twisted logic of the Bush/Cheney Regime we can discern certain conclusions.
Al Qaeda was not evil if they only killed Afghanis and Pakistanis or Arabs or even Soviet Civilians. Al Qaeda only became evil given this logic when it targeted American citizens.

Wanted Terrorist Honored In Miami

Luis Posada Carriles, a terror suspect abroad, enjoys a 'coming-out' in Miami
A dinner with 500 fellow Cuban exiles honors the militant and former CIA operative, now 80 and still wanted in Venezuela on terrorism charges.

By Carol J. Williams
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
07/05/08 "Los Angeles Times"

Venezuela's ambassador in Washington, Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, condemned the celebration of Posada as a mockery of justice and evidence of a Bush administration double standard in fighting terrorism.

"This is outrageous, particularly because he kept talking about violence," Alvarez said of Posada. "He said that the whole thing now is 'to sharpen our machetes' " for a confrontation with leftist regimes in Latin America.

The U.S. government has never given Venezuela a formal answer to its 3-year-old request for extradition of Posada, despite a treaty providing for such cooperation that has been in effect since 1922, the ambassador said.

...Posada, a naturalized Venezuelan citizen, is alleged to have masterminded the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 on which all 73 on board were killed, including a youth fencing team returning from a tournament in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. He is also suspected of plotting a series of hotel bombings in Havana in the late 1990s, one of which killed an Italian tourist.

He has boasted of his many attempts to kill Castro and has allegedly been involved in, according to court documents, "some of the most infamous events of 20th century Central American politics."

Posada was serving time in a Panama prison for a 2000 assassination attempt on Castro when outgoing Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso pardoned him and three accomplices in August 2004 in what some observers saw as a favor to President Bush to rally the Cuban-dominated Florida vote for his reelection.

... Peter Kornbluh, head of the Cuba Documentation Project at George Washington University's National Security Archive, has compiled declassified CIA and FBI documents on Posada that show he remained in close touch with Washington handlers throughout his covert service.

"The spectacle of a wanted international terrorist being publicly feted as a hero in Miami makes a mockery of the Bush administration's commitment to wage a war on terrorism," he said of Posada's coming-out party.

Rep. William Delahunt (D-Mass.) convened a congressional hearing in November on the administration's handling of the Posada case, arguing that there was "compelling evidence" implicating Posada in the plane bombing.

Delahunt said Tuesday that "there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm" under the current administration for prosecuting Posada, but that he would push again for legal action against Posada after the fall election. "To have Posada honored in such a way sends a terrible statement to the rest of the world," the congressman said of the tribute.

Posada, still under a supervision order with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, entered the banquet to a standing ovation, his face beaming and minus the scar from a 1990 attack by gunmen in Guatemala.

"He's a real hero for Cuba. He's been fighting for the freedom of Cuba since the day he arrived in the United States," said Hector Morales-George, a retired surgeon who attended the dinner.


Is the Bush Regime hypocritical in its dealings with terrorist. Definition of terrorism anyone who commits violent and murderous actions against America and its allies. As George Bush said to the world after 9/11 that countries had to decide which side they were on; in his wild west fashion at High Noon " You're either with us or against us ". If a country does not support America unconditionally then that country is an enemy of the United States.

When Saddam without any provocation launched a war of aggression against Iran this was not condemned by the U.S. administration because Saddam was acting on behalf of American interests by helping to neutralize or lessen Iran as a danger to the U.S. or its allies. Because Saddam up until the Gulf War was such a good friend of America's all of his criminal acts committed against his own people from political repression to torture and rape and wholesale slaughter by the use of gas on the Kurds were overlooked. The American administration even defended Saddam claiming that it was Iran that had used gas on the Kurds and other mass murders of Iraqis by Saddam were also blamed on the Iranians or those inside Iraq working for the Iranians.

The Bush Regime instead of accepting blame for what has gone wrong in Iraq prefers to shift the blame to others. They blame the liberal Media for undermining their efforts in Iraq. The Bush Regime blames the people of Iraq themselves for what has gone wrong. They claim the Iraqis did not appreciate what they had done for them by ousting Saddam and supposedly offering them democratic rule. They blame the Iranian government for supplying personnel, supplies and money to fuel the insurgency in Iraq .

The Bush Regime still refuse to admit they made mistakes in its invasion and occupation of Iraq. They insisted on claiming the Iraqis would greet them as liberators and that the transition from Saddam's government to a new government would not be much of a disruption. In planing their invasion they did not listen to the concerns raised by Middle East experts or military experts . The Bush Regime became captive to its own wishful thinking or magical thinking. They were convinced if they had a positive outlook and kept the ' nay sayers 'out of the discussion then all would be well. So they went with fewer troops than they should have. They did not have enough troops to ensure that Iraq's borders were patrolled to prevent Saddam's people from escaping and, at the same time keeping foreign fighters and supplies from being brought in to fuel an insurgency .

They also did not have enough troops to guard public buildings , schools, hospitals, museums , power stations, water treatment plants against looters . Then they continued to make one more mistake after another and have continued to do so up to the present time. Just when they would begin to employ the correct strategies and tactics they would soon revert to the worst strategies and tactics thereby inflaming the insurgency once again.

When some Islamic extremist group or Communist group blows up a civilian airplane or sends airplanes into an office building this is " terrorism ". But when the civilians killed are leftist or other people the American government or Pentagon or CIA or an American Corporation does not like then it is not " terrorism ". . According to the American way of looking at the world All citizens of an enemy country are considered enemy combatants and therefore can be detained or slaughtered .

The Bush doctrine also claims that even someone who is legally elected to rule a country must be obedient to America or be removed by any means necessary . Such a leader could be acting in the best interest of their country and its people but that is of little interest to the world's only Super-Power .

But historically this fits with the American mindset when for instance they backed the coup in Chile and some 3,000 unarmed civilians were murdered that was justified because most of those civilians were leftists and liberals who supported President Salvador Allende who was a socialist.

It didn't matter that those Chilean citizens were University students, professors , scholars, journalists, writers, novelists, poets, musicians, artists, social workers , teachers etc. the majority of whom were unarmed and no real threat to anyone. But as the American right as often said and they mean it is that 'the only good commie is a dead commie'. For them such statements are not jokes; they mean it. During the Cold War there were many Americans who believed America should have nuked the shit out of the Soviet Union because it was so evil and the deaths of a hundred or so million Russians the very thought of it made them feel all warm inside. What we have to also remember is that those on the extreme right or even moderates in America are unable to make distinctions among the various liberal, progressive and leftists groups. Such differences to them are meaningless because they don't understand them or because they believe that these distinctions are merely made to confuse and obscure the truth. The truth is that in their view there are no differences.

It reminds one of the days when Americans were fighting over desegregation and many believed that Martin Luther King Jr. and all those involved in the Civil Rights Movement were really agents of the Soviet Union. The conservatives along with J. Edgar Hoover believed that these people were out to undermine America's sacred institutions and values and traditions . One of those great traditions they believed was that of segregation . Even today as we have seen in this presidential campaign in America there are many white Americans who still do not appreciate the lasting effect of segregation on Black Americans which lasted into the late 1960s and defended by people like Rev. Jerry Falwell , or Sen. Jesse Helms and many others .

And as we saw in the case of Rev. Wright Black ministers in America are judged more harshly and by a higher standard than are White Preachers in America. When Jerry Falwell says that Katrina or the 9/11 attacks are punishments from God because America allows abortions to take place and does not execute Gays and Lesbians and does not permit prayer in the schools . Where is the outrage instead we are told what a wonderful man Falwell was or that Pat Robertson or John Hagee and others are paragons of virtue.

There are those who also do not appreciate the effect on African-Americans of some 3,000 to 12,000 lynchings which took place in public in America between 1865-1948 or so. " Lynchings " were not some form of justice but were " Terrorist " acts meant to intimidate , and fill Black Americans with fear ; that they should remember their place in society and that it was the White Americans who made the laws and enforced them along with the unwritten laws which they also enforced. The US Senate only recently half-heartily apologized for this great and shameful injustice. And yet there are those who do not want such historical facts to be taught in the schools to American children.
And whether Americans like it or not such vile acts are still from time to time are perpetrated on Black Americans. On the other hand rather than lynch black Americans many are brought to court to be an unfair and biased trial and then convicted on flimsy evidence and given the " DEATH SENTENCE " which in many cases is just a legal form of " lynching " by another name that is dressed up in legal niceties.

Even the word " liberal " has become a derogatory
term in the US Media. One way to scuttle some one's career or to discount their views and opinions is simply to call them a " liberal ". Being called a liberal is as bad as being called a ' terrorist " or a " Commie ". It is only evil " Liberals " who would dare to defend the rights of " detainees " for example . Liberals talk about " human rights " as if these basic rights apply to everyone in every country in the world. Whereas the Bush Regime and the US Media and Hillary Clinton believe only Americans and those who ' kow tow ' to Americans might have some rights but this too is rather doubtful. Because granting someone limited rights based upon various arbitrary conditions are therefore by definition not rights but rather ' privileges '. Privileges after all can be taken away much easier than rights can.

So here's the logic of these Cuban Exiles and the Bush Regime-

The civilians of Venezuela whether they support the socialist leader Hugo Chavez or not are fair-game and should travel with care. If someone blows up a Venezuelan civilian passenger plane then can we assume that those killed will not be mourned by the Bush Regime. Since Venezuela is run by a socialist whom the American government and the American Media revile. Oh My God Chavez wants universal education and a comprehensive health plan and decent wages for all workers and not just CEOs and Corporate lawyers . He believes that Venezuelans should have a say in what happens to their natural resources. He might even decide to deal in Euros rather than dollars. He even offered to send oil for free for Americans who were too poor to buy oil to heat their home- What an evil bastard !
It is odd how those true believers of the Bush Regime the Neocons and Religious Right have such a hate on for Darwinian Evolution but so many of them have adopted a form of " social Darwinism ". That is they believe that the poor and the weak should be just left to die out while the rich and the strong should be rewarded so that they can survive and thrive.

Whereas the American and British and other corporations believe they are the ones who should determine how the natural resources of Venezuela and all other countries are to be used . A country's sovereignty has no real meaning in the so-called Global Market Place except for those few elite countries such as United States , England , France , Germany etc. For according to the Bush/ Neoconservative doctrine what matters is power and the will to power. It is no wonder that small not so wealthy countries are trying to build up their military defenses . And for some countries they see one of the simplest things to do to protect oneself in this dog-eat-dog Hobesian or Machiavellian world is to choose the nuclear option.

According to the Bush Regime and previous American Regimes if someone blows up a civilian plane from a leftist regime in this case Cuba and kills a few dozen civilians that act is not an act of terrorism . At one extreme it appears that an act can only be defined as terrorism when the victims are American civilians everybody else is fair game.

So for instance in Iraq the Bush Regime and its true believers have convinced most of the soldiers and interrogators on the ground that all Iraqis are terrorists and were in some way responsible for the 9/11 attacks and of course supported the vile Saddam . Therefore, the argument goes the U.S. forces can treat the Iraqis anyway they wish.

and so it goes,

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