Monday, April 28, 2008

Saddam The Monster the West Created & Western Culpability

Saddam the monster the West had created

Americans had trained Saddam's elite guard-
The French had supplied Iran with the Mirage Fighters -
The French also supplied Saddam with a sophisticated air defense system -

Yes it is true Saddam did have WMDS prior to his invasion of Iran . But the U.S. government & its various agencies were well aware of what WMDS Saddam had . They and other western nations knew what Saddam had because they supplied him with these weapons including the chemical and biological weapons . Western governments knew that various corporations in the West were selling these weapons to Saddam. So American, British, French, & German companies were making a healthy profit off of Saddam's purchases. They like their governments were uninterested in whether Saddam used these weapons on his own people. Saddam was encouraged to continue his brutal and bloody war against Iran to keep Iran from being any real threat to the West or to Israel. When Saddam 's brother " Chemical Ali "gassed the Kurds the Western nations tried to blame Iran for this attack . They had to shift the blame because to a great extent they too were culpable in these crimes.
These may be the actual facts of the matter but the Mass Media is more interested in re-writing history in order to protect the reputation and image of the United States and other Western governments and corporate concerns.
Facts and so-called " History " do not always fit together. History as we have known it is for the most part a matter of " Myth -Making" & a series of " Noble Lies " . Most people of course prefer these myths and comforting lies over the painful and disturbing facts as it were.

Those in power and their corporate friends and the super-rich see the public as children who must be told fairy tales which the public can then believe in. The truth they believe is not something the public, the citizenry need to know. Besides what's good for the elite and the corporations is good for the world.


Western Complicity in the Halabja Massacre.
Part 3 from the shocking European documentary,"The Trial of Saddam Hussein We'll Never See" never shown in the U.S.
Read more in "Web of Deceit-the History of Western Complicity in Iraq from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush." just written by ex-60 Minutes producer Barry Lando.

Web of Deceit Part 4 1990: Sure Saddam, take Kuwait.

"US role in Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.
Another excerpt from the shocking European documentary never before seen in North America.
Check out producer Barry Lando's book WEB OF DECEIT and his blog at
Anyone interested in distributing this documentary should contact the Capa Agency in Paris"

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