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Anyway I have discussed the Holocaust and some of its lesser known details but I came across a couple of items which again caught my interest.

Besides we need to remind ourselves & our leaders about the horror and injustices of war as they brag & boast about " Obliterating " this or that nation without any regard to the millions of innocent civilians. War is not a Video Game- It is deadly & " the death of any man diminishes me " .

So now we are to prepare for a Nuclear strike on Iran or Syria or Pakistan for that is the way of the Christian Crusaders who wish to kill the infidel so we can go directly to paradise.

As we in the West without any regard to international Law or to our own national laws allowed Saddam to be tried without due process and then had him lynched . So once again we proved we do not really believe in justice for our GOD is REVENGE.

One is a news item on NBC speaking about the massacres in the Russian and Polish and other areas occupied by the Nazis. This should be old news but it is baffling & disturbing to realize how little most people know about the Holocaust and the overall barbarity of the Nazis and their collaborators.

The second thing was a Russian film made about one particularly brutal mass murder by the Nazis on Russian territory.

The third is a video dealing with the Babi Yar Massacre & a film featuring the Babi Yar Memorial Monument .

History tells us that the European settlers in North America eventually decided to remove or kill all native Americans so that these European settlers would have more room to spread out and take full advantage of the land and its minerals. So the Nazis believed they too had a right to clear a large sector of Eastern Europe and Russia so they too could spread out.

The Nazis like the Christian Europeans believed that this was their right and their destiny. It was their natural right as ordained by God or by the principles of Racial Purity and dominance as defined by their invented and dubious pseudo-science.It in the end they claimed a matter of the survival of the fittest.

Note for all those ignorant idiots & holocaust deniers, NeoNazis Skinheads & other demented low-lifes who think the SS Einsatzgruppen were such a brave & romantic group.
What is so brave & honorable about killing children & old people and unarmed men & women.

Soviet movie "Come and See" (1985) about NAZI atrocities.

These atrocities by the Germans and the local collaborators didn't just happen nor were they atypical or anomalies rather they were planned by Hitler & Heinrich Himmler & Heydrich and others.

The intent was for the SS Einsatzgruppen to follow behind the German forces as they moved further into Russia. The Special Task of the 20,000 or more members of these groups was to kill all Jews, Slavs or Partisans. They used the term 'partisan' quite liberally in order to kill vast numbers of non-combatants to mean just about anyone they believe to be racially inferior. ( American forces in Iraq use the term 'Insurgent ' or " suspected insurgent ' to justify indiscriminate killing, arresting, imprisoning & torturing of non-combatants or civilians who once they enter the system are horribly brutalized and treated as animals .) Part of the strategy of the NAZI High Command was to clear large areas of their populations so pure Germans or Aryans could settle in the emptied areas. (Americans want to kill and demoralize and control the Iraqis so they can use the country as a base from which to attack other Middle Eastern Countries while sucking all the oil out of the ground that they can )The difference the Nazis were organized and the Americans are not .

Note: Graphic images - intense subject matter
Requiem pour un massacre/ with music & no sound
Requiem For A Massacre
August 13, 2006- Montage from Russian movie " COME AND SEE " 1985
Montage du film d'Elem Klimov, musique d'Henryk Gorecki. Einsatzgruppen en Biélorussie, 1943.

This is the same montage of the film Come and See with complete sound.

" Come and See " part 2 with Eng subtitles
The rest of the full length film is available at YouTube.

Babi Yar Requiem
January 21, 2008
Monument for Babi Yar. Babi Yar was a ravine in Kiev where, in 1941, the Nazis' rounded up, stripped, shot, and pushed 100,000 Jews (and others) into the pit, then covered it up

The following is an odd bit from NBC news in 2007.
The massacres committed by the S.S. Einsatzgruppen/ Special Forces or Death Squads was well known by the time of the Nuremberg trials of the 1960s -Many people did not want to believe how utterly depraved and barbaric these so called members of the Master Race really were. People also don't like to face the fact that many of the local populations were quite willing to help murder their neighbors who were Jews or Gypsies or any whom the German Nazis considered worthy of death.

Anyway like most Americans the reporters at NBC only know what they learned about the Holocaust from Hollywood movies such as Schindler's List or Sophie's Choice . What they want to believe is that only a few Germans took part in these killings and not that hundreds of thousands actively participated in the killings while millions who knew helped round up Jews and others to be deported or killed. It also took a fairly well informed bureaucracy to make sure that the trains ran on schedule and that everything ran like clock-work. For what does a bureaucrat care if they are helping to ship food to people or soldiers or Jews to Auschwitz. For them it is just more paper work to be completed.

Holocaust in the Ukraine ( Patrick Desbois ) from NBC NEWS

The horror of the Nazi slaughter of over twelve million people which included some six million Jews is beyond comprehension for most people. Those who were the targets of the Nazi Killing Machine were mostly civilians that is non-combatants . These were not soldiers killed on the battlefield . Those murdered by the Nazis included the elderly and children and pregnant women and women with small children.

Unfortunately even today there are those who defend the Nazis and the SS and characterize these brutal cowardly and insane demented killers as if they were brave heroes. What bravery is it that shoots or gases an infant or a two year old child or an eighty year old frail man or woman.Yet today once again in Russia and Croatia and Germany Poland these Neo-Nazi thugs are on the rise once again. They wrap themselves in their national flags and talk of their homeland and how they must deport or exterminate all so-called foreign elements (people) from their precious Homeland. And there are always those politicians or even religious leaders who will use such fanatics to further their own personal agenda ; the gaining of power, influence, some twisted version of respect or wealth etc.

Anyway not all the Jews or others targeted by the Nazis were killed at the various labor camps or death camps.Large numbers in fact were killed by shootings , by starvation, by disease by being worked to death. Many died in the transport trains or on forced marches or died in the over-crowded Ghettoes from hunger or disease. But make no mistake all of these deaths were as a direct result of the Nazis Policies. One of the reasons I mention this is that those who deny that the Holocaust never occurred or has been widely exaggerated often focus on what they see as contentious issues such as the Gas Chambers, Gassing Vans , the Crematoria and say six million Jews could not have all been killed in the Death Camps but their reasoning is based on a complete misrepresentation of the facts and outright fabrications and a denial of the validity any statements by the witnesses of these atrocities whether the witnesses are Jewish or Russian, or Polish Catholic or a former member of the Waffen SS.

** UPDATE 8:59 PM, April 26

" ...Like every historical event, the Holocaust evokes certain specific images. When the Holocaust is mentioned most people immediately think of the concentration camps. They immediately envision emaciated victims in dirty striped uniforms staring incomprehensibly at their liberators or piles of corpses, too numerous to bury individually, being bulldozed into mass graves.

Those are accurate images. Those horrific scenes are real. They happened. But they are not all of the Holocaust. They are merely the end product of the systematization of the genocide committed by the Third Reich. The reality of that genocide began not in the camps or in the gas chambers but with four small groups of murderers known as the Einsatzgruppen formed by Himmler and Heydrich immediately before the invasion of the Soviet Union. They operated in the territories captured by the German armies during the invasion of the Soviet Union and, with the cooperation of German army units and local militias, murdered over a million men, women, and children. It was a story that did not end until 1952 when Otto Ohlendorf, the last surviving commander of an Einsatzgruppe (Einsatzgruppe D), climbed the steps of the gallows to pay for the more than 90,000 murders his command committed. "

From: An Itroduction to the Einsatzgruppen:an essay by Yale F. Edeiken

Gli Einsatzgruppen-
Not in English but in the International Language of Murder and Bestiality.
Force is all we know.

Real footage of Einsatgruppen at work & includes scenes of Babi Yar
Nel 1941 i nazisti diedero inizio al massacro degli ebrei russi e si servirono degli Einsatgruppen - che spesso venivano reclutati dalle popolazioni locali occupate.

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and so it goes,

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