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Hillary Just another Neocon & Her Visions of Nuclear War & Armageddon

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Hillary Clinton is a Neocon ! The Politics of Fear & the Mushroom Cloud .

Hillary's Civil War (Fear Card)
About this video posted April 20, 2008 by ccvanderbelt

" Hillary Clinton is a self proclaimed fighter, she often plays the fear card. She fought for war. She is also a selfish politician who will stand at nothing to win. Now, even after she has been mathematically eliminated, she's fighting to divided the Democratic party because she can't stand to have her opponent win. Even if it means 100 years of more War in Iraq and thousands more deaths, Iraqi children and American soldiers. Now she's proposing "nuclear umbrella" foreign policy, and she's playing the Bin Laden card to scare up the fear vote. Hillary Clinton has declared "civil war" on her own Democratic party."

And so how far to the right is Hillary? Besides Health Care she sounds more and more like John McCain and George W. Bush and Karl Rove. Bomb them all is that her new way to solve all international problems.

Hillary helped bring the world one unnecessary war . Will she bring the world another war with Iran ?
Hillary rarely mentions the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed in this war .
Hillary does not mention the billions waste in Iran by corporations such as Haliburton. Would she prosecute their CEOs for fraud.
Hillary will not insist on stopping the use of Mercenaries / Private Contractors in Iraq.
Hillary rarely talks about the women in the military/ or working for private contractors who have been sexually harassed or assaulted.

Clinton, The 'Nuclear Umbrella' & The NeoCons by Bruce Wilson April 21, 2008.

'Meet the Press' commentators, nuclear deterrence expert from Scranton, PA disturbed by Clinton's nuclear agenda.

" On "Meet The Press" last Sunday April 20th, with David Brooks, E.J. Dionne and Michelle Norris, host Tim Russert brought up the "nuclear umbrella" idea that Hillary Clinton floated in her April 16th debate in Philadelphia with Barack Obama and DAVID BROOKS of all people, replied, "I’m amazed, I think like you, maybe,that it didn’t become a bigger issue. Because what it says, I think, to a lot of Americans, two Arab countries or two Middle Eastern countries get in a war and we’re going to get in the middle of it?... I don’t know why she would’ve said it, what policy thinking behind it was. It seems to me extremely perilous." E.J. Dionne concurred, "the term massive retaliation is a pretty strong term that she used in the course of that debate."

"Massive retaliation" is indeed a 'pretty strong term', to put it MILDLY and I've consulted with nuclear deterrence theory George E. Lowe, [link to Buzzflash.com interview with Lowe] who wrote the 1964 book "The Age of Deterrence" ( Little, Brown) and has won awards for his writing on nuclear deterrence as well, about WHY "massive [nuclear] retaliation" is such a loaded term and WHY the "Meet The Press" folks may have been taken aback by Clinton's "nuclear umbrella" idea. "

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