Friday, April 04, 2008

GEORGE W. BUSH AUTHORIZED WAR CRIMES! U.S. Lawyers, Doctors , Academics & Psychologists Willingly Take Part In Torture of Detainees !!!

Anyway so the CIA and the American military have been studying and perfecting torture techniques for over forty years. Now they have turned it into a science which is often contracted out to academics and scholars to be studied in universities in turn for research money. So much for academics being outside the system or establishment - their hands are as dirty as the ones implementing the torture techniques they researched and found to be useful. Universities long ago gave up any semblance of neutrality and joined with the more oppressive forces in our society. They would probably call it financial realism . Academics need to appease whomever controls the most money. Since most academics hold to one of several convenient ethical theories such as ' relativism' or 'utilitarianism' which have the built in flexibility to approve of almost any action one desires to undertake. They have also like the politicians they admire have come to believe and promulgate the view that the so-called 'conscience ' is just a creation of primitive superstitious peoples .

April 03, 2008 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

"A sad day for the American Bar (Association)...
Pre-meditated & Carefully orchestrated Torture Program"

and also from Keith Olbermann here is a related piece dealing with the Geneva Conventions & whether or not they apply to America:

Professor McCoy Exposes the History of CIA Interrogation at DemocracyNow!
Thanks to University researchers & psychologists working with the CIA .
American soldiers have become among the best in the use of torture
and the horror continues . The psychologists at these torture centres helped to identify phobias and other ways in which a particular detainee was vulnerable. These psychologists and others assisting in torture are as culpable as the torturers according to the Nuremberg Laws.
But being like any other nation ruling over a vast Empire the American leaders and their administrators and legal staff and their generals see themselves as the makers of laws and therefore not subject to international laws or agreements .

What is disturbing is that torture is being sold to the American and Canadian people as an acceptable technique of interrogation and as a means to terrorize 'detainees' and the enemy populations . The latter part of this is done in more subtle ways and is not as explicit but these experts know that many people consciously or unconsciously find the idea of torturing the enemy as in itself as comforting. This is just part of human nature. And those in power , in government or the military or the CIA or university academics are quite willing to appeal in subtle ways to our baser natures. It is no wonder that Hillary Clinton mocks anyone who actually tries to do the right thing. When confronted by those in power one should merely negotiate to get the best deal possible. The problem with the Hillary Clinton mindset is that if everyone had thought like her women would still not be allowed to vote and racial segregation would still be the law in the Unite States . And there would never be any changes made for the better in our society .The issue for her , I guess, is that she is not going to lose a night's sleep over the torture of one detainee or a thousand detainees or over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis because of an illegal and immoral war which she thought was best for American Oil Interest and as a way to show the world who's the boss.

This is also why Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama for all his talk about diplomacy because she wants to rule America in the same way previous presidents have and that is that American Presidents never approach another country with humility but rather American Presidents are strong and Macho and demand whatever it is they want from another country.In her view to do otherwise is a sign of weakness. She also like Senator McCain and the Religious Right pray to a God of wrath, vengeance and war. Their notion of Jesus is some white middle class guy heaven forbid he be a Semite either Arab or Jewish who was a true believer in capitalism and the Free Market Place and had visions of Mega-Wall Marts in every nation nay every city upon the earth and meanwhile condemned the poor and the meek and instead proclaimed a Gospel of the successful and the rich...That is the I believe the True Americanized Jesus far from meek and mild or humble ...

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