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George Bush : Fascism and the Satire of George Grosz


George Grosz

"Everywhere, hymns of hatred were struck up. Everyone was hated: the Jews, the capitalists, the Junkers, the Communists, the army, the property owners, the workers, the unemployed, the black Reichwehr, the control commissions, the politicians, the department stores, and the Jews again. It was an orgy of incitement, and the republic itself was a weak thing, scarcely perceptible. … It was a completely negative world, topped with colorful froth that many imagined to be true, happy Germany before the onset of the new barbarism." George Grosz


Note: The Agitator is also pictured with drums as Hitler in his early political & violent days was called " The Drummer" ( Compare to Bush or Cheney )


REPUBLICAN AUTOMATONS: GEORGE GROSZ 1920Anyway I was once again viewing the art work of George Grosz and the times in which he lived and again I was struck by some of the similarities to our present times. Once again we live in a self-absorbed decadent age surrounded and inundated by the newest gadgets while being blissfully unaware of the outside world . Shutting the world out we hope to keep its horrors far from our pleasant cocoons. War rages , people go hungry and homeless but we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear as those in power encourage us to ignore it all . We are even told not to bother dreaming of a better society since we are told it is impossible so why as Hillary Clinton says why bother ? So here are some of George Grosz's works which I wish to share with you.

Note: The George Grosz drawings below which are From Graphic Witness? George Grosz Abrechnung Folgt! 57 Politische Zeichnungen
Translated as "One Day We'll Get Even" or, "The Day of Reckoning," this collection of 57 political drawings was published in 1923 by Der Malik, in Berlin.

Part of a series titled "Kleine revolutionare Bibliothek," the series comprised a dozen titles, including other works by Grosz: Das Gesicht der Herrschenden Klasse (The Face of the Ruling Class); Ecco Homo, Gott Mit Uns, Im Schatten (In the Shadow) and Die Räuber.

George Grosz (German, 1893-1958): Ecce Homo
"Whoever can, swims, and whoever is weak, goes under" FAMILY IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE NATION: GEORGE GROSZ

MY PENSION : GEORGE GROSZ ( Heroic Wounded War Veteran Left To Beg )" People Of Europe Maintain Your Sacred Values " George Grosz

"Those who eat well

...forget easily"

My Fatherland, May You Rest In Peace (quiet )

I. The Director --
[Die Räuber, 1922] " I will exterminate everything
around me that restricts me from being master"
-- and his puppets

2. "They thunder sweetness and light from their clouds and offer human sacrifice to the god of love"
-- from Schiller, act II scene iii

Note: The Master will use religion as a tool to get what he desires much like the attitude of the Neoconservatives who also use religion and Patriotism for their own agenda. But the people are too stupid too know any better.

STICKING IT OUT: GEORGE GROSZ ( Similar I guess to Bush/Cheney staying the course no matter what)

George Grosz political activist, satirist who was accused of being unpatriotic, anti-German as decadent and beyond redemption - the Nazis later condemned , banned and burned his works of art.

The Americans were unable to appreciate his attacks on fascism and Nazism seeing his response as a bit extreme. Little did they know how correct he and other critics of Fascism and Nazism really were. As far as many Americans Brits and other Europeans were concerned Hitler and Moussolini were heroic figures who would re-establish order and the natural hierarchy while fighting the evil communists. In other words the rich and the powerful believed they had more to fear from leftists, liberals and Communists and labor unions and those insisting that everyone poor or rich be treated justly and fairly . So not that much has changed. The rich get richer and the poor are told to have more children and don't make a fuss. The rich decide to go to war and send the working class off to fight.

And as we know most Americans, Canadians and Brits prefer their art to be pretty and empty of all profound meaning or sense of real humanity. We are in the age of Dr. Pangloss and that this is the best of all possible worlds so why bitch and moan and gripe just sit back and become comfortably numb as Pink Floyd would say so there you go,.

After moving to America in 1933 Grosz whole attitude appeared to change as he adapted to his new environment while trying to make a living so he created works with less vigor or passion to appease the American academics and its bourgeios apolitical artistic community.

"My motto was now to give offence to none and be pleasing to all. Assimilation is straightforward once one overcomes the greatly overvalued superstition concerning character. To have character generally means that one is distinctly inflexible, not necessarily for reasons of age. Anyone who plans to get ahead and make money would do well to have no character at all. The second rule for fitting in is to think everything beautiful! Everything – that is to say, including things that are not beautiful in reality." George Grosz

"For the rich, the booty --
for the people, the misery of war"

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