Monday, March 17, 2008

Iraq Vets Expose American War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

See more videos from Iraq Veterans Against the War:
Winter soldiers at The Real News Network and Youtube

updated: July 10, 2008

IVAW testimony,Winter Soldier Rules of Engagement clip

The gruesome details of these accounts are rather disturbing to most normal people who are bothered by the wanton killings of innocent civilians. But Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza Rice ,the Neocons ,John McCain, Fox News and Ann Coulter etc. and other racists and bigots in America are probably pleased that American soldiers are doing their duty without flinching.

But they see these soldiers at the hearings as traitors and cowards for talking in public about policies and strategies which are supposed to be kept secret. The Bush supporters couldn't care less about the deaths of a half-million to a million Iraqis since the whole point is not just to terrorize the Iraqis but also send a message to any who dare stand up to the American War Machine. The Americans like the Nazis will show no mercy as they wipe out whole towns and cities . As Cheney and others say war is a messy business and this is true but to target innocent civilians is still a War Crime and a Crime against Humanity . But being of the Superior Race the Americans will never have to face a War Crimes Tribunal and because too many countries have either been complicit by their silence in these crimes while others fear the wrath of America.

It reminds me of the Nazis Waffen SS who had to suppress whatever sentiment they felt toward innocent civilians including the elderly, women and children and even infants in order to carry out what they believed to be their" sacred duty ". And so Iraq has become a 'free-Fire Zone' where all Iraqis are determined to be insurgents and terrorists or in the case of infants and toddlers potential insurgents and terrorists. The comparison to Nazis is to do with strategies and tactics such as reprisals If an American soldier is killed in Iraq then the military under the Bush Regime believes it is their right to kill a few Iraqis innocent or not to pay for the death of an American. The Nazis also would claim those they killed were " Partisans " or what Cheney would refer to as " Dead-Enders " or insurgents . But many of those Iraqis who have been fighting against the American Occupation are not necessarily " terrorists " or Al-Qaeda but rather average Iraqis who have lost their homes or have seen family members murdered by American Troops or American Mercenaries like Blackwater INC. or by American backed " death Squads ". But the Iraqi people are told that when American soldiers commit some atrocity , massacre or rape Iraqi teenage girls the Iraqis are not permitted to complain to the American Occupiers or to take justice into their own hands. If they complain too much they are either arrested and detained or their village or neighborhood or street is attacked once more to silence the critics .


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