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Hillary Clinton's Cynicism Politics as Usual or Hillary's " Anybody But Obama " Campaign

Note what Martin Luther King Jr. said about America in the 1960s that many Americans were under the delusion that America had been chosen by God to be the policemen of the world . But King said America had become too arrogant and that God would have to teach Americans a bit of humility . See video clip at the side -bar.

Anyway so the political games continue in the United States . The choice for president is supposed to be between two distinct parties . But in reality the leaders of both parties are not supposed to have policies which if implemented would substantively upset the status quo. So Hillary Clinton and John McCain agree on a number of issues . Both believe in maintaining or extending the American Empire.Neither one has any interest in discussing how the invasion and occupation of Iraq has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians . Iraqis are not important since Iraqi citizens are not eligible to vote in the primaries or in the general election. As for domestic issues both McCain and Hillary continue to play the fear card so that when they take power they can continue most of the policies of the Bush Regime concerning National Security . This means the wire-tapings, the renditions, the torture can continue to a lesser or greater extent depending on the mood of the next president. Both are too involved with big business and lobbyists and the super-wealthy and the Military Industrial Complex that is Halliburton and the Pentagon to insists on investigations of individuals and corporations for corruption . So all those involved with the Bush Regime including Bush and Cheney and John Bolton and Karl Rove etc.who have lied to the public or abused their positions of authority or defrauded the government will all continue on as before.

As for foreign affairs both McCain and Hillary view pursuing diplomacy with foreign nations as a sign of weakness. Both prefer to just threaten foreign countries with sanctions and military intervention including if necessary the use of nuclear weapons . Obama's bid for the presidency is therefore seen by many as a threat to the status-quo and business as usual. Heaven forbid America have a president who was willing to use diplomacy rather than bombers and tanks to get its Imperial way. The world's resources are supposed to be available to American companies at prices which they think is right and not what a foreign government or people believe to be a " Just Price ". Or what's the point of being the only Superpower if you can't make the world do as you say.

And so when the call comes at 3am Hillary and McCain know what to say - Bomb the bastards !!!

Obama might actually think about it for a second and then decide what to do. According to Hillary , McCain and their Neoconservative friends taking a moment to ponder the issue means that one is indecisive. Making a quick decision even if it is the wrong one is better than hesitating. Like Emperor George Bush who is the Decider and therefore is a better leader than someone who considers an issue's complexities.

So it is no wonder Hillary Clinton makes fun of Barack Obama for talking about making substantive changes . Hillary thinks Obama shouldn't bother trying to make any real changes since the world is a shitty place so get used to it. She's just another Neocon who pretends to be liberal or progressive but she's really regressive . In her view African-Americans have already achieved equality and fair justice in America. To claim otherwise is to be UnAmerican according to Hillary and McCain and the neocons such as William Kristol , Newt Gingrich etc. Maybe its just the very idea of a black president which bothers all those who have become not just supporters of McCain or Hillay but are anti-Obama or believe that anybody but Obama would be better for America.

One gets the impression that if a couple of million anti-war protesters were to march on Washington Hillary Clinton and McCain would both call for the military or Blackwater to arrest as many of the protesters as possible and make sure the Media ignores the whole event or spin it all as the work of Al Qaeda . In the good old days Martin Luther King Jr. was accused of being unAmerican and anti-American because he criticized those in power and made Americans aware of the injustices in America's society in its institutions and its legal system. It was one thing for black people to be allowed to use the same water fountain as white Americans and quite another to insist on being treated as equals and as fellow human beings .

Even now Black Americans and Latinos and other visible minorities are harassed more often by police than white people and they are far more likely to be arrested and incarcerated than a white American.A Black man is more likely to be judged guilty than a white man for a similar crime and the Black man's sentence will be harsher than a sentence for a white man for a similar crime. And still Americans want to believe race is no longer an issue. The inequalities are still quite evident whether Hillary Clinton and her Middle Class supporters want to believe it or not. And she criticizes Obama for being unrealistic while she deludes herself about how wonderful things are today in America.

Mr Pitiful - Yes We Can (Barack Obama 2008)

What is interesting about this little amateur video is that it points out how Hillary Clinton appeals to not the best in people but the worse. Her cynical view of the world and of America and Americans is not even commented on by the media. Anyone else saying these sorts of things would be labeled by Fox News and CNN as andi-American. As Obama has stated the truism that America was founded by people with a vision that America could live up to the ideals often paid lip service to by their British overlords . This they knew would not just happen on its own but would be a matter of hard work . As it turned out the British refused to grant the thirteen colonies their freedom without a fight. The struggle for equal rights for women came about after over a century of struggling . Equal rights for AfricanAmericans came about after two centuries of struggle. White America did not just end slavery without a fight. Nor did white America grant african Americans equal rights without a fight.

Though Hillary Clinton seems to think that it was Lyndon Johnson who decided to bestow equal Rights to African Americans as if he were a Monarch and therefore a law onto himself. Hillary tries to downplay and even mock the valiant struggle of Martin Luther King and his millions of supporters of African Americans and White Americans of Christians, Jews and Atheists who believed that America had not lived up to its basic ideals as found in its Constitution and its Bill of Rights . So in order to bring about change those who believed in equality and justice for all faced the reality that the changes that were needed would not take place unless millions of people were willing to take action. But these millions did not take up guns but rather fought through the methods of non-violence. who marched who protested who were beaten by citizens and by the police who were condemned by American Conservatives and by even many so-called liberals who kept telling African Americans to be patient and wait for the White Man to grant him freedom when he feels like it as if it were not the African-Americans right but rather a privilege White America could grant him and that he could take away when he felt like it.

And here are some examples of Hillary's cynical strategies for defeating Obama and having herself proclaimed the next authoritarian ruler of the United States.If Obama wins the nomination to head the Democratic party she would prefer that the Republicans under McCain win the Presidency. That would prove that Obama was unelectable and that she be given a chance in 2012 to become President. And even if Obama were defeated in part because he is not white that scenario doesn't bother Hillary Clinton or many of her die-hard followers in the least.

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