Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bush & His Rich Friends Think War , Death, Destruction and Corruption Are Funny

The rich find war death and destruction corruption funny
But everybody loves the rich

As the corpses pile up the Bush Regime sees the funny side in it all.

Anyway at a recent dinner Bush sang a song making fun of his mistakes which have led to the deaths of Americans after Katrina . Bush also goes on to see humor in the deaths of 4,000 Americans and sees some humor in the less important deaths (in his view) of a half a million or more Iraqis in his unnecessary and illegal War in Iraq. He also thinks torture and renditions and the on-going atrocities as fertile ground for a joke or two. As for the wide-spread corruption , mismanagement and criminal negligence of his government this is all just good for a laugh. Its all funny unless one of their own is actually hurt in a substantial manner.

If these people are not Fascists then the term surely has no meaning. They are authoritarian and have an agenda which combines the brutality of the state with a radical religious view. They are mostly Christians who are Evangelical Fundamentalists who believe they are among the elite who have been chosen by God to transform the world which is in need of redemption and salvation.

If McCain comes to power then nothing much will change . If Hillary Clinton or Obama take power these powerful elites and lobbyists and entrenched Radical Religious Right and Neocons may prevent any substantive changes which Hillary or Obama may want to make That is they maybe permitted some room to tinker with Health Care or Education etc. . But it seems unlikely the Military and Intelligence agencies will permit any substantive changes in policies , strategies or even to to set up probes into whether they are working within the rules of the US Constitution or whether their massive budgets are being spent properly . All these agencies have to do is to plead National Security and claim any such information could be used by America's enemies within and outside the country against America.

I doubt Hillary will do much more than go through the motions since too many of those in power and the lobbyist and big corporations she counts among her friends or hopes to eventually . Besides again she has refused to call Bush a crook or criminal or madman or a fool or an idiot She is enamoured with Bush and Cheney etc. since they are men with power and though she might disagree with them no matter how criminal their actions no matter how many innocent people they kill or torture or who's careers they destroy , no matter how many elections they "fix " she still in public refuses to call their illegal and immoral actions " Crimes " since she claims she still respects them as Great Americans or whatever Propaganda she wants the American people to buy into.

On the other hand Obama may actually try to make changes only to be prevented by not just the Republicans and the Neocons but also all those who have backed Hillary since they Obama as an upstart or if you like an uppity black man who hasn't earned the right to challenge the entrenched White Elites who believe in their own right to entitlement.

DEAD INSIDE by Frank Prinzel

From: FreedomUnderground

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