Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr.- " I HAVE A DREAM "- The Dream Postponed

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Day and so In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. here is his famous and inspiring " I Have A Dream " speech:
Too bad so few truly understand his message or do not believe in his message.

This is also as a response to those like Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama who claim to be following in Martin Luther King's footsteps.

I fear that if Martin Luther King was around today and led a march on Selma Alabama or Montgomery or on Washington D.C. he would be classified as a disloyal American and would be Tasered along with thousands of his followers and put in an orange jumpsuit and then tortured , waterboarded etc.

Unfortunately all these liberal hypocrites like Hilary Clinton would be arguing that he was a subversive who was giving aid and comfort to the Terrorists.

One should remember there were and are many Americans who hated and despised Martin Luther King Jr. and his ideals and his activities.

One should further remember that many of the activities of the Civil Rights Movements participants were at the time illegal. They were therefore purposely breaking the segregation rules and laws.

One should also remember that the head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover called Dr. King the most dangerous man in America. The FBI and others tried over and over again to characterize Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement as being UnAmerican and financed by the Communists.
So it is odd and a bit disingenuous to hear Dr. King's name and his ideals being invoked by those who do not really believe in those ideals. In fact many of those who invoke his name are those who wish to defend the Status Quo .

Dr. King though questioned the Status Quo on racial issues and economic issues. He questioned the whole of the system that was in place in the 1950s and 1960s. He did not cower in the face of hatred , bigotry or to those who were in power who wanted to silence him .

The sad note is that unfortunately racism is still a major problem in the United States and in other parts of the world.
Martin Luther King also was against the War in Vietnam and today America is fighting another unnecessary and unpopular war . And I believe Dr. King would be speaking out against the war in Iraq in a direct and uncompromising manner.
Martin Luther King would not be proud today to hear politicians and citizens alike arguing in favor of torture and other abuses of so-called detainees.
He would be arguing that the people had given into fear and have allowed their once proud nation to be brought so low by the Bush/Cheney administration with the help of the cowardliness of those who refuse to speak against this dictatorial anti-democratic regime.

Martin Luther King I believe would be saddened and angered that those with powerful voices were not speaking out and instead have joined together with the War Mongers in Washington .
There are those in Congress and the Senate who could have spoken out against the Bush Regime . And they could have fought against the Bush regime but were too afraid to or just didn't care and still do not care.
Even Hilary Clinton for all her talk and empty rhetoric in the end is not much different than those in power. She rarely if ever speaks out against the Bush regime in an uncompromising manner. How many speeches has she made against the outrages committed by the Bush Regime ?
Hilary Clinton seems to spend a lot of time making excuses for her inability to stand up against Bush & co.
We do not hear her calling for impeachment of the president and vice-president.
We do not hear her speaking out passionately against the Iraq War.
We do not hear her speaking out passionately against torture or renditions or the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.
We do not hear her speaking out against the atrocities being committed by US forces and US Mercenaries in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Is it because like the US courts she believes that all non-Americans are in fact not " Persons". And so color and religion and nationality does matter to Americans . So Martin Luther King's Dream is still far from being realized .

All of those in America who know that the Bush Regime has committed one crime after another and who have like Hilary Clinton kept silent are all guilty of failing the ideals that Martin Luther King spoke out about so passionately .

All of those Americans who have been successful who now have economic security and are able to live a luxurious lifestyle have little interest in the " Have Nots". Instead they cling to their positions and their possessions unwilling to share what they have with their fellow Americans who have so little who go hungry , who are homeless, who are without work .

Even now many of the survivors of Katrina in Louisiana and Alabama and Mississippi are still waiting for the Help the People of America Promised them.

And they surely have no interest in sharing America's wealth with the poor and downtrodden and huddled masses of the world .

So America still stands for the Justice and equality of the few.
As George Orwell said " some Animals are more equal than others ".

And so some Americans are more equal than others.

What would Martin Luther King say and do ?

And so it goes ...

take care,

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