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The Rape of Jamie Leigh Jones by Halliburton Employees : The Birth Pangs of Bush's New World Order

Anyway here is some more on the case of Jamie Leigh Jones' rape case for those few who might be interested.

So one could ask is the Bush/Cheney Regime- including the State Department, the Attorney General , the Department of Justice, the Department of the Interior- are they all AWOL when it comes to Rape Cases or any crimes committed by Private Contractors and Employees of Halliburton and other Big Corporations . Is this all part of the Neocon New World Order . It seems that according to the Neocons that these corporations are to be treated as if they were beyond any legal or ethical norms or concerns. For instance the argument has been made that Private Contractors and Corporations are not subject to the same rules or laws as the average citizen. Given this belief then it is deemed appropriate that they be allowed to police themselves . They are therefore beyond the reach of any court or judiciary. They are therefore a law unto themselves !!!

What then does this say about the " New Society "which is being created in the image of the Neocon God and Ideology.Are these then the " Birth Pangs "Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove and Condoleeza Rice are talking about !!!

It is difficult to understand why more people are not outraged by what happened to Jamie Leigh Jones .
Jamie Leigh Jones Testimony - KBR Gang Rape House Judiciary Committee

Rapes and assaults like torture and massacres are Just Business as usual in the Bush/ Cheney Neocon world . And the response to this is mainly silence or accusing the victims of being unAmerican and traitors out to undermine the War Effort. It is especially noticeable in this time of year when Christians loudly claim they wish for Peace and brotherly love and yet make excuses for the Brutal Barbaic War Machine they have unleashed upon the world to prove their superiority .They claim Christians and America and the West are good and that the Muslim world is malicious and evil .It takes a strong act of will to deny the 'Facts on the Ground " or what we used to call " reality "

In a society which accepts the use of kdnappings, renditions , torture, massacres of innocent civilians , carpet bombings of towns and cities in Iraq and Afghanistan I guess it becomes difficult to be outraged by a few assaults and rapes of American citizens working in Iraq or Afghanistan. Anyway its Christmas so the people and the media do not want their delusional belief that their society is one of justice , freedom and equality and a beacon and light to world to be questioned or shattered by facts which may undermine these beliefs.They therefore do not want to give much credence to some woman or women " crying rape ". Jamie Leigh Jones' story is lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and yule tide partying . Besides if you use the power of positive thinking we are told all the injustices of our socity and the horrors of the wars we are engaged in will just fade or dissipate . Then one can return to speaking of Good tidings and Good Will towards all of God's children. Say Merry Christmas enough times and the evil of the world and the evil we permit our leaders to do in our name will no longer be of any consequence.

And one wonders Where's The Outrage by Congress , the White House , By the Holier Than Thou Religious Right the Evangelicals and the leaders of the Megachurches - of course they would first ask if the alleged rape victim is a Christian or has been born again otherwise she as a person is of little interest to them. They would argue that if the women in question are " feminists " and " secular humanists " or " liberal " then being raped is just a matter of getting what's coming to them. This is just a matter of reaping what you sow .

Do they imagine that Jesus if he were an American he would be a CEO of a Big Corporation like Halliburton who would only be interested in profits and nothing else. Would this newly defined American Jesus permit his followers to torture and sodomize detainees. Would he have no concern for those in villages and cities being bombed by American planes.

Gang Rape of Jamie Leigh Jones - Keith Olbermann
Halliburton employees gets away with rape

Jamie Leigh Jones- KBR Gang Rape MSNBC Dan Abrams Dec. 17/07

Chairman Conyers' Witness Questions at the KBR / Halliburton Rape Hearing ;Lawmakers criticize Justice for not taking part in Iraq rape hearing Texas lawmaker says other women have come foward with similar stories of attacks while working for KBR

By Rebecca Carr
Thursday, December 20, 2007

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers criticized the Justice Department on Wednesday, accusing it of failing to promptly investigate allegations that several Halliburton/KBR workers gang-raped a fellow employee in Iraq.

Jamie Leigh Jones of Conroe told a House Judiciary Committee panel that she was drugged and raped at Camp Hope, a KBR camp in Baghdad, in 2005. She said a KBR representative kept her in a shipping container so she wouldn't report the assault.

Glaring at the empty seat assigned to a Justice Department official, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, vowed to "move Justice in the right direction."

"This is an absolute disgrace," said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the committee.

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said Justice Department officials decided not to testify at the hearing so as not to compromise an ongoing inquiry.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, said several other women have made claims of suffering sexual harassment and assault while in Iraq for KBR.

No one has been charged in connection with Jones' accusations.

And : KBR faces more rape, sexual harassment lawsuits,, Wednesday, December 12, 2007

By Jason Whitely / 11 News

At least four women have filed federal lawsuits claiming they, too, were either sexually harassed or raped while working as Kellogg, Brown & Root contractors in Iraq.

A Houston attorney said at least six more federal lawsuits will be filed on behalf of other women making similar accusations. Jamie Leigh Jones .

Searching through a federal database, we found a second federal lawsuit in Oklahoma, another in North Carolina, and a fourth in Florida, all from women who said they were either sexually harassed or raped while working as contractors for KBR in Iraq.

In a sworn affidavit in the Jones case, SSG Kevin Rodgers, a Texas National Guard Soldier said:

“During my tour in Basra I encountered many unprofessional acts by the employees of KBR and the U.S. State Department.”

Several others concur.

“During my time as an HR (Human Resources) supervisor, I was aware that a lot of sexual harassment went on - it was our major complaint,” admitted Letty Surman, a former KBR employee.

Finally, here is what Linda Lindsey, a former KBR employee said in her affidavit: “There was a lot of promotion based upon who was sleeping with the boss.”

And for more information check out :

The jamie Leigh Fondation

The Jamie Leigh Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping United States citizens and legal residents who are victims of sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuse while working abroad for federal contractors, corporations, or government entities. We believe that overseas contractors and corporations should act responsibly, and be held accountable to provide safe housing and a work environment free of sexual harassment, and limit the potential for abuse. We believe that United States civilians who perpetrate crime while working in foreign countries should be held accountable for their actions. The Jamie Leigh foundation will assist victims through advocacy, education, referral and providing support. We work toward the day that no person shall face sexual abuse and harassment, and all persons, regardless of gender, will be able to work without fear, consternation, and safety concerns.

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