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Keith Olbermann with Bill Moyers : A Voice of Reason Against the Corrupt And Immoral Bush Regime

Anyway here's a must see video of Keith Olbermann being interviewed by Bill Moyers. Keith Olbermann explains why he started to do his uncompromising commentaries critiquing the Bush Regime . Since no other journalist was willing to take on the administration and point out when members of the administration were not quite telling the truth or were contradicting themselves or merely spouting propaganda & superficial " Talking Points ".

Keith Olbermann on Bill Moyers Part 1
and the remainder of the interview at YouTube
or for full interview and transcript see : Truthout

What Moyers & Olbermann fail to realize or refuse to acknowledge though is that most of the people in America prefer these superficial /black and white / good versus evil / " talking points " . This also goes for the Canadian & British Peoples in that they prefer over-simplified easy to understand superficial explanations rather than have to sit through or read the more complex though truer explanations about various issues.The People as it were do not want to have to think about issues and prefer " jingoistic" NEWS BITES which act as a salve for their consciences.
People really do prefer ignorance to knowledge that may be disturbing to their World View .Ignorance is Bliss.

In keeping with the above commentary here are three such scandals:

Halliburton , CNN & US JUSTICE DEPT. & George Bush Designate the Gang Rape of an Employee as merely a " Labor Dispute"

Halliburton and CNN Categorize Gang Rape Allegation as a “Dispute”by Lucinda Marshall, Feminist Peace Network December 14, 2007.
Memo to CNN and Halliburton: A gang-rape should never, ever be described as a "dispute". According to Raw Story, Halliburton is claiming that the civil suit brought by Jamie Leigh Jones alleging that she was gang-raped while working for Halliburton in Iraq must be heard by an arbitrator of Halliburton's choosing rather than in a court because of an employment agreement to settle disputes in this manner.

""She signed an employment contract and there is a mandatory arbitration clause in that contract," CNN legal analyst told Kiran Chetry on CNN's American Morning Tuesday. "It says if there's any dispute arising out of your employment or related to your employment, that dispute doesn't go before a jury, doesn't go before trial judge, goes before an arbitrator."
Memo to CNN and Halliburton: A gang-rape should never, ever be described as a "dispute".

In this case of " Gang Rape " we see the Neocon / Religious Right philosophy at work.
Many of us take such incidents seriously and find it abhorrent but the Bushies for them it is a different matter.

First they would argue this woman and other women should not be working at such jobs to begin with .
Secondly Halliburton and other corporations owe little or nothing to their employees . These people are supposed to be happy to have a job.
Thirdly corporations should not be interfered with by Governments for any reason whether it is Halliburton or Blackwater Worldwide. INC.
Fourthly as George Bush and Cheney and Rice would claim that like " torture" these are highly subjective and " vague " terms . Was the woman " raped " or merely assaulted or in their view like most Rape Victims was she partially responsible by flirting for example or wearing provocative clothing or they are exaggerating the incident or just making it all up.
Fifthly because the incident occurred in a foreign country / Iraq US laws have no jurisdiction outside the United States.
Sixthly a contract with a corporation trumps any other legal issue including the laws of the United States or the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.
In the next case the issue from the Neocon perspective is that of loyalty . No matter what a department of the Government is doing no matter whether illegal or unethical an employee has no right to speak out . So " Whistle-Blowers " are disloyal at the least and unpatriotic and involved in seditious activity against the duly elected government. So a " Whistle -Blower" could be charged with treason according to the Bushites especially since the United States is at WAR.

Coast Guard Whistle-Blower Alleges DHS Retaliation/ Truthout

Spencer S. Hsu, writing for The Washington Post, reports: "A civilian US Coast Guard employee was placed on paid administrative leave, threatened with a criminal investigation and confronted by guards at gunpoint in retaliation for disclosing information embarrassing to the service's troubled fleet replacement program, his attorney said.
Tampering with voters' rights seems to be an ongoing problem under the Bush Regime. But the majority of Voters who are being disenfranchised are of various minorities African-American and Latinos . So there is a racist element to all this but the case is that most visible minorities tend to vote Democrat and not Republican.
The bUSHITES / NEOCON believe that voting is a privilege and not a right.
They believe that there should be rather strict rules about voting to eliminate as many people from the voters list as possible.
Besides if they could the Neocons would prefer to re-institute the Poll Tax. This would of course have a negative impact on those of low income, unemployed , or poor. Neocons , Bush and the Religious Right hate the poor . They characterize the poor as " lazy " or that they are not religious enough, aren't praying to God enough etc. They would also prefer to re-institute various forms of means test such as the ones used primarily in Southern States which were used to keep Black people especially from voting. though Condoleeza Rice may claim that Blacks even in the 1950s were treated as equals and that Blacks who complain are just as her father told her a " a bunch of trouble makers "
Anyway from the Neocon point of view all that matters is to win elections by whatever means necessary. They also characterize the Democrats or others who are concerned over voter tampering and manipulation as just " poor losers" . Besides as the Religious Right would argue God is on the side of Bush and the Republicans . Therfore, they argue whatever the result of an election is that which was ordained by God. ( Would they still believe this if a Democrat becomes President who then insists on setting up various committees to investigate the Former Bush Regime for all its corruption and its undermining of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights etc.And hopefully if such a Democrat of integrity takes power he or she would then begin criminal investigations and be prepared to put a number of people in Jail . But there is little hope of this since the whole system has become corrupt )
In the Neocon political view the results of an election are a product of natural social and historical processes at work. Part of their belief is that there is a natural hierarchy must be kept in power no matter who or what part is in power.

Justice's Voting Chief Steps Down Amid Controversy By Greg Gordon McClatchy Newspapers

Friday 14 December 2007

Washington - The Justice Department's voting rights chief stepped down Friday amid allegations that he'd used the position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes.

John Tanner became the latest of about a dozen senior department officials, including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who've resigned in recent months in a scandal over the politicization of the Justice Department in the Bush administration.

In recent months, McClatchy has reported on a pattern of decision-making within the department's Civil Rights Division, of which the Voting Rights Section is a part, that tended to narrow the voting rights of Democratic-leaning minorities.

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