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Keith Olbermann's Special Comment 12/6/07

Just in ...a special commentary by Keith Olbermann on George Bush as a bald faced liar or unhinged or a moron or a criminal a Machiavellian thug & Dick Cheney the evil puppet master
Re:NIE report: the Iran issue No Nukes in Iran

Though this is another great salvo delivered by Keith Olbermann when it comes to the Neocons , the Religious Right & an indifferent American public it probably will not have much effect since for the most part he is preaching to the choir that is all those who already dislike Bush & his policies.

Bush as we have seen this week is still unwilling to admit he was wrong about Iran . He still insists that Iran is a real threat to the Middle East & to the world.

If this were any other country the Media would be coming down hard on Bush from now until he is out of office.

But we've seen it all before as in the revelations over Iraq . The media never really attacked Bush on the fact that He & his administration lied to Congress & the American people about Iraq's non-existent WMDS & being involved with Al Qeda & 9/11 . Though many Americans still believe the lies Bush , Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice , Rumsfeld & Karl Rove spun .

As I have said before if Americans truly believed in Democracy & their Constitution & Bill of Rights they would be filling the streets demonstrating & insisting on the resignations & the laying of criminal charges against these thugs. In Pakistan when the leader of the country Pervez Musharraf unilaterally expanded his powers taking full control over the legislative branches & the Judiciary the people stepped up their protests against Musharraf . But it was not just the average citizens of Pakistan who protested but also government lawyers & civil servants & other government employees & their sympathizers who refused to acquiesce to the corrupt & overreaching regime. Bush of course supported Musharraf & not the citizenry of Pakistan in the same way that he did little to help the citizenry of Burma during or after their protests were ended with massive arrests , beatings, torture & executions. (Note Pervez Musharraf like the ruthless government in Burma /Myanmar is a ruthless dictator not much better than Saddam was or other dictators in other countries supported by the United States under this Regime or former United States' Regimes. We can track the US support of such dictators going back at least to the take over of Iran by the Shah with US help & the dictatorship which took over in Gautemala or Pinochet's bloody take over of Chile displacing a popular & democratically elected government and the list goes on & on.

But if you look at Burma it is in many ways the ideal Neocon style government where the elite & Big Business operate beyond any regulations or laws or ethical or moral considerations . It is like the dream one can imagine which Dick Cheney has as his vision of the New Improved America. In the New America Big Business & the super-rich would do as they please to improve their own situations & to Hell with the rest of the American populace . In the Neocon view the ordinary American citizens should just be happy to be living in America. They believe that ordinary American citizens should count themselves lucky if they have a decent job or any job at all. And in their view all those American citizens who complain & protest about unfairness or injustices in America are just trouble -makers & malcontents who should be silenced in one way or another.

And to add a cautious note that the Neocons still have a lot of clout in Washington & still control most of the American Media see the article at Alternet by Robert Parry . He also points out that Hilary Clinton who many expect to win the Presidential election in 2008 is far from being an honest & forthright critic of Bush & co. Hilary Clinton is a supporter of Neocon policies & agenda & wants to continue with business as usual . So don't expect Hilary to go after these criminals who are masters of Propaganda . What else can she do ? She has painted herself into a corner & is too dependent on Big Business & certain factions of the religious Right & the corporations tied to the Pentagon & other government departments.

Neocons Devastated by Iran Intel Bombshell, But Don't Count Them Out Yet
By Robert Parry, Consortium News. Posted December 8, 2007.

Campaign 2008

Though Bush and the neocons again find themselves on the defensive, the political battle is far from over. The neocons retain extraordinary strength within the U.S. news media as well as in the leading Washington think tanks and inside many of the presidential campaigns.

Except for Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the Republican contenders are enthusiastic backers of the neocon agenda of an imperial United States with an all-powerful Executive who will subordinate America's constitutional rights to the waging of an indefinite "war on terror."

While all the Democrats criticize Bush's approach to some degree, the neocons view purported front-runner, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, as an ally who often votes with neocon hawks, such as Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut. Until recently, Sen. Clinton was getting foreign policy advice from "surge" advocate Michael O'Hanlon.

So, if the early political handicapping holds up, the neocons could find themselves in the enviable position next fall of having a super-neocon Republican versus a neocon-lite Democrat. Then, whoever wins, the neocons can expect their policies in the Mideast to continue.

If that's how Election 2008 does turn out, the again-triumphant neocons might be looking to dish out some payback to those newly independent-minded CIA analysts. Plus, the neocons implicated in abuses during Bush's presidency could expect to get off scot-free.

Neither a new Republican administration nor a second Clinton presidency would likely seek accountability for the crimes and other misdeeds of the Bush years. Hillary Clinton likely would follow the forgiving pattern of her husband.

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he appointed neoconservative Democrat James Woolsey to head the CIA. Then, in a gesture of bipartisanship, the new President pulled the plug on ongoing investigations of Reagan-Bush-era wrongdoing regarding secret arms deals with Iran and Iraq.

By turning out the lights on that history, President Clinton apparently felt he would gain some reciprocity from the Republicans. But Clinton's actions only emboldened the Republicans and gave the neocons time to regroup.

So, the neocons may have been staggered a few times in recent months, but it would be premature to count them out.

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