Tuesday, December 25, 2007

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE Or How I Became A Socialist !

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE to " A Beautiful Day " By U2
Dick Cheney playing Old Man Potter : A Story of Mean Spirited Rapacious Capitalism
The Movie Neocons Love to Hate
or How I Became a Socialist

#2 SONG -It's A Wonderful Life
An original song, inspired by a classic theme
Musician ClarenceGotHisWings
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If you have problems go to Youtube it's still there.

A Christmas Carol Alastair Sim - still the best Scrooge
Conscience Awakened or What Would Jesus Do if He were not a Neocon-
" More of Gravy than of Grave in you... an undigested piece of beef "
One must be tough and heartless to succeed -to feel is bad so the successful tell us...
or its ok to feel one day of the year...

But all those well meaning Christians would rather starve the poor and open more sweat shops. Oh how Bush and Harper long for the good old days. Then there were the poor houses and Debtors Prisons. Oh how they dream of the time when you could execute a man for stealing a loaf of bread. And they remember when in the Good Old Days when Oliver Twist and his kind knew their place- ah but that's another story...But oh how they dream on Christmas day when they were treated as princes and kings and everyone bowed their heads as they passed .

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