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Bush Regime Lies ,Spin & Propaganda on Iran's Nuclear Program

The Bush Regime Kept the report from publication for over a year

Once again the Bush Regime has been caught lying. Iran stopped its program in 2003 for producing nuclear weapons capability. The Bush regime knew the contents of the report for about a year & yet claimed that Iran was still actively engaged in developing nuclear weapons. They had hoped that the writers of the report would change its findings to fit with the Bush agenda . So once again the Bush regime has been feeding Americans propaganda rather than truth.
How will the Bush Regime spin this revelation ?

We also see that the Bush regime was wrong in saying that diplomacy & pressure tactics taken so far were not working with Iran when in fact they had already worked.
But the Bush Regime's agenda is to attack Iran under whatever pretext they could dream up or invent or situations they could exploit to this end.

As the report points out that these tactics had worked :

U.S.: Iran Halted Nuke Work In 2003 By Ray Locker and Richard Willing

12/03/07 "USA TODAY" -- -- WASHINGTON — Iran ceased its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and has not resumed work toward building nuclear weapons, a National Intelligence Estimate released Monday said.
The estimate, reflecting the collective judgment of the nation's 16 intelligence agencies, also concludes that Tehran likely is "keeping open the option" to develop nuclear weapons in the future by continuing to build missiles and pursue a civilian nuclear power program.

The estimate reverses claims made two years ago that Iran appeared "determined to develop" a nuclear weapons program.

"Tehran's decision to halt its nuclear weapons program suggests it is less determined to develop nuclear weapons than we have been judging since 2005," the report said. "Our assessment that the program probably was halted primarily in response to international pressure suggests Iran may be more vulnerable to influence on the issue than we judged previously."

President Bush was briefed on the findings Wednesday. The Bush administration, which has vigorously claimed Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, called the estimate good news, although it undercut some of the administration's claims.

As some have pointed out this report actually appears to tell the truth & not merely present us with Neocon spin as General Petraeus & others have done in the past-
A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes By Ray McGovern
at Information Clearing House

12/04/07 "ICH" -- -- For those who have doubts about miracles, a double one occurred today. An honest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program has been issued, and its "Key Judgments" were made public.

With redraft after redraft, it was what the Germans call eine schwere Geburt – a difficult birth, 10 months in gestation.

I do not know how often Vice President Dick Cheney visited CIA headquarters during the gestation period, but I am told he voiced his displeasure as soon as he saw the first sonogram/draft very early this year and is so displeased with what issued that he has refused to be the godfather.

This time Cheney and his neocon colleagues were unable to abort the process. And after delivery to the press, this child is going to be very hard to explain – the more so since it is legitimate.

The main points of the NIE:

"We judge that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program…

"We assess with moderate confidence Tehran has not restarted its nuclear weapons program as of mid-2007.

"We do not have sufficient intelligence to judge confidently whether Tehran is willing to maintain the halt of its nuclear weapons program indefinitely…

"We judge with moderate confidence Iran probably would be technically capable of producing enough highly enriched uranium sometime during the 2010-2015 time frame.

"We judge with high confidence that Iran will not be technically capable of producing and reprocessing enough plutonium for a weapon before about 2015."

Having reached these conclusions, it is not surprising that the NIE's authors make a point of saying up front (in bold type), "This NIE does not [italics in original] assume that Iran intends to acquire nuclear weapons."

This, of course, pulls out the rug from under Cheney's claim of a "fairly robust new nuclear program" in Iran and President Bush's inaccurate assertion that Iranian leaders have even admitted they are developing nuclear weapons.

Anyway here's a must see video:

Hilary Clinton-Fooled Again

And we see how Hawkish Hilary Clinton is & that she believes whatever propaganda the Bush Regime invents in order to justify going to war with Iran.

Hilary Clinton - What will Hilary Get wrong Next ?

and what will this mean for Hilary Clinton's campaign . She has spent a lot of time claiming Iran is an immediate threat & that action must be taken against Iran. She already went along with the Bush administration & voted on several bills which were aimed at punishing Iran for going ahead with their plans to develop nuclear weapons. So Hilary Clinton was as she now admits taken in by the phony Intel before the invasion of Iraq. Now she has been taken in again. Will she come clean & admit to making another mistake.

Will Hilary now finally start talking tough when it comes to how the Bush administration has lied to the American People & the world over & over again. Will she & other democrats step up to the plate & start insisting on more investigations of this administration. Maybe she could start using the "I " word that is Impeachment. Is Hilary too entrenched in the system to want to take on this administration. Or does she herself if she were to become president want to maintain all the power the Bush regime has granted itself . Does she too want to be just another dictator like Bush.

Maybe Hilary Clinton needs to be investigated along with the members of the Bush Regime for what she knew or did not Know. Was she too part of this conspiracy to lie to the Congress & the public about Iran's nuclear program.

The other part of this is that both Barack Obama & John Edwards & others were right to criticize Hilary for being too Gungho in her support of the administration in regards to Iran.

Washington Wire: Wall Street Journal Online October 15, 2007, 12:40 pm
Clinton: No Nukes for Iran

Jay Solomon reports on Clinton and Iran.

Unbowed by her political rivals, Sen. Hillary Clinton is continuing to take a hard line on Iran and its pursuit of nuclear technologies.

The Democratic front-runner, in outlining her key foreign policy objectives in the coming issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, argues that her administration would be unwilling to accept an Iran with the capability to produce nuclear weapons, according to her aides.

If Iran fails to comply with the international community’s demand that it desist form developing a nuclear fuel cycle, Clinton believes that “all options must remain on the table” to confront Tehran, says the Clinton campaign’s national security director, Lee Feinstein.

Should Iran comply, however, Clinton believes the U.S. and international community should be willing to provide Tehran “with a carefully calibrated package of incentives,” says Feinstein. He outlined the key points of Clinton’s Foreign Affairs article for reporters today.

Clinton’s Democratic rivals, particularly Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards, have been stepping up attacks on the former first lady’s Iran position in recent days.

Last month, Clinton supported a Bush administration initiative to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s elite military unit, as a terrorist organization. Her critics say this position could be used by the White House to authorize military strikes against Iran.

Unfortunately there many Americans who support Hilary Clinton not so much based on her policies but because they think it is time for a woman to be president . What sense does this make if for the most part if the female candidate is no better than Bush & the Neocons. If she were to take a stand & insist that torture , renditions , spying on the American people & the abuse of power & that expansionist foreign policy should end then she may be seen as an alternative to Bush & Co. - so will she take a stand or continue to ignore how corrupt this administration is !

And here's a video in which Senator Edwards discusses how his policy in regards to Iraq & Iran is different from Hilary Clinton:

John Edwards on Situation Room CNN - his position on Iraq & Iran

Barack Obama is not nearly as Hawkish as Hilary Clinton on going to war with Iran. His positon is less strident & more reasonable as he questions the Intel the Bush Regime has been spinning about Iran .
For example in this video -
Barack Obama says that George Bush and Dick Cheney must hear from the American people: "You don't have our support, and you don't have our authorization for another war" in Iran.

and here's another example of Obama's opposition to the Iraq War which shows he would be better as a president of the United States than Hilary Clinton:

Obama opposition to the war from the beginning

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