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INTEL IRAN & Plausible Deniability

Anyway here's more from the fallout of the NIE ( National Intelligence Estimate ) report which showed Iran has ceased its program to further develop nuclear weapons in 2003 .

Olbermann -
Countdown w/Keith Olbermann reports on NIE on Iran and when did Bush know about these details .

Bush thinks it proves his case that Iran may have up until 2003 been involved in a nuclear weapons development program . If so the Iranians are hypothetically a threat.
Bush claims he did not know the content of the report until a week or so ago.
The question is did Bush know the contents of the NIE report earlier then he claims that he did ?
And if during that time Bush was hyping Iran as an imminent threat when he knew it was not then he was lying & misleading the people of the United States. If this were true isn't that enough to impeach or censure Bush & his cronies in some way .
The other question is what's wrong with this guy ? Even this report doesn't throw him off his game plan. He says in fact it proves that at one time the Iranians may have been considering or may have actually had a program for developing nuclear weapons.

Which makes one wonder if he & his Neocon friends might come up with another excuse to invade Iran . The other possibility is that he will focus on another country as being EVIL & Satanic or representing the Anti-Christ & call that leader " another Hitler " ie Syria . Well he can't go after Pakistan since that country is the very model of Democracy & Freedom according to Bush & Co. And they won't go after America's friend Saudi Arabia though the majority of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi & Bin Laden was Saudi but still they paint the Saudi Arabia's authoritarian repressive regime as being a defender of Democracy & Freedom. . Maybe he & the Neocons will just go after Russia or Venezuela who knows. Anyway they need a new villain to push forward their agenda & to consolidate more power to the Presidency.

Countdown: Nuclear Fallout

All the Democratic candidates except one were happy about the news.
The sole exception was Hilary Clinton who still sees Iran as a threat. Maybe she just wants to Nuke Iran ! Maybe ? Nuking Iran would show how tough minded she is .
Maybe like Bush she's addicted to the Fear !
She claims that her vote to make the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group is having a positive effect. But she forgets that the Intel on Iran giving support through troops & weapons to terrorists or insurgents in Iraq was & is less than convincing. Is she just in too deep to just admit she was mistaken that the Neocons tricked her once again. One wonders if Hilary is really a 'Neocon Lite' when it comes to Iran & the the WAR ON TERROR . So if she were elected she would still want to isolate & piss off Iran. I fear she made the mistake of believing that if she talks tough enough & appears hawkish this would win her the next election. She also still waffles quite a bit about the War in Iraq & tends to merely mimic the talking points of the Bush Administration & the Neocons . Hilary I'm sure is capable and intelligent & fairly well informed but I fear she is too much of a political animal to be trusted .

As I have said if she refuses to change her ways hopefully this will be her demise as a presidential candidate. There are still some feminists who might claim that Hilary is being picked upon because she is a woman. But she can not have it both ways that is that she be taken as seriously as other candidates Yet they should back-off because of her gender. If she had played a more cautious hand at least on Iran her reputation would not now be in tatters .

Barack Obama for instance also talks tough about Iran but always adds some caveats because he wasn't sure if the Bush administration was being forthright . Obama also said he wanted to open channels of communications with Iran & pursue " face to face diplomacy" .

But if Barack Obama is the best candidate for leader of the Democratic party are Americans able to see passed the color of his skin & be willing to vote him in as President next November. Are Americans willing to put their racist past behind them.
Difficult to say since many Americans still haven't accepted what injustices they have done & are still doing to African Americans. Especially since the Bush administration has been doing whatever it can to roll back what advances African Americans have made over the last fifty years or so.Many conservative Americans still argue that Jim Crow laws & segregation wasn't all that bad. Many still downplay the lynchings of African Americans which took place in the Southern United States

(Just remember Margaret Thatcher was also a woman but was extremely hawkish who had her little unnecessary war in the Falklands just when her ratings in the polls were at their lowest & were at their highest a few weeks after starting that war.
She also attacked labor unions, the working class, the working poor ,the unemployed, immigrants & the poor & any who dared question her regal authority to do whatever she wanted to . )

December 4, 2007 -Bush on Iran NIE report
( as the old joke goes :if his lips are moving , he must be lying )

Are Americans that naive ! Stupid or just indifferent !

Seymour Hersh: Bush Administration has known of Iran Intel all year

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