Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas in Fallujah by Billy Joel & Cass Dillon

Anyway here is another song for the American troops in Iraq .It is also a reminder to Bush & Co. that the troops are suffering for reasons they no longer believe. All the troops want is to get out alive.

And the American populace believe in their President whomever he is . Besides they are too busy preparing for Christmass to worry about a war thousands of miles & half a world away . Besides who cares if a million Iraqis & other foreigners are murdered.
Beside those Iraqis are not white or Christian . Once the world hated for no particular reason the Jews , Blacks, Native Americans & now they hate all Arabs & Muslims . It seems we always need someone to hate. So Praise The Lord & pass the Ammunition . If Jesus were here today the Christian Evangelicals & Neocons tell us He would be out machine-gunning Iraqi women & children to help spread His message.

About the video :" Christmas in Fallujah by Billy Joel performed by Cass Dillon
Live In Chicago, Billy Joel & Cass Dillon performing "Christmas In Fallujah".
Available on iTunes Dec. 4th Proceeds to Benefit: Homes for our Troops"

And this is the Intro.

And in case you missed it:

here's Karl Rove's attempt at Revisionist History : the only type of History the Bush administration understands . This is one of their basic policies in order to keep the citizenry in the dark or .at least, confused about what is or is not real or the truth . For the Neocons this is all part of The Straussian Neocon Orwellian style of governing. " We , America that is, is at war with Iraq & has always been at war with Iraq " More comforting lies for the ill-informed & indifferent American citizenry .

The claim Karl Rove makes is that the Bush administration did not want a vote on Iraq resolution during an election period in 2002.

Karl Rove's attempt at rewriting history is nothing knew for him or for American politicians in general.

Its like those Americans who insist America was founded as a theocracy . Or Americans who believe that anyone who criticizes the sitting President are unAmerican & should not be permitted to criticize the President.
This attitude has been held for such a long time in fact it may be considered an tradition to follow & obey one's leaders no matter how wrong & immoral their actions maybe . Accordingly they believe that the worst failing one can have is that of disloyalty to those in charge .

This I believe is an extremely dangerous & anti-Democratic philosophy or moral code . The followers of Hitler used the excuse that they too were just doing their duty by following orders . It is no wonder the Americans at the end of WWII helped thousands of Nazi War Criminals to escape to Latin America & to America itself. It is also not surprising that the Bush administration doesn't recognize the World Court or the Geneva Conventions since they believe that it is their God-Given Right to " Torture " whomever they please. It is therefore also their right to squash all voices of dissent if they so please.

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