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In The Dark Ages

Anyway, Here's a decent cover of Bruce Cockburn's " Call It Democracy "
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" History ... is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind."
EDWARD GIBBON, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

And here's a reminder of where we are at : stuck in a New Dark Age as my brother Blaine keeps reminding me . ( see: Trapped in a Dark Age
But I sometimes I think we never left that age . We are still as ignorant & superstitious & bigoted & racist as we ever were.
All our so-called scientific & technological progress just means we have more toys & more way to kill & destroy one another all in the name of one fairytale or another.
And sometimes I imagine that all the old Gods have as much validity as any other Gods. For who is to say that the Old Fearful Gods are not the real Gods. Some assume that the movement towards a single God or a Trinity of Gods away from a multitude of God is progress . Progress is then replacing a multitude of imaginary Gods with just one imaginary God. One delusion replacing another .

From Youtube Carmina Burana- Carl Orff

Richard Dawkins in his book "The God Delusion" that religion is based on a delusion but that progress is being made as human beings become more enlightened. He believes that the evolutionary processes are still at work in such a way that humans are becoming better in some way. It may be that humans are becoming more intelligent that our raw intelligence as in IQ are rising with succeeding generations but that does not mean we are becoming more humane in our treatment of one another.
But I consider this too to be another delusion which humanists & atheists grab for as if clutching at straws. They wish to believe this. There is little in human history to give any substance to the claim that our consciousness is in some way evolving towards a higher or better state.

The more recent history of the last one hundred years if anything might be proof that we are either no better than we were or possibly worse.

For instance two thousand years of anti-Semitism which culminated in the Holocaust/ Shoah is this an example of progress. The killing fields of two world wars and those in the Soviet Union, China , Cambodia , Rwanda , Vietnam, Korea , Iraq & Burma seem to suggest we may in fact be devolving or regressing into the beast we really are.
As Stephen Daedalus says at the beginning of Joyce's Ulysses " History is the nightmare from which I am trying to awake."

We cling tenaciously to our prejudices & our lust for war .
" WAR " is the ultimate aphrodisiac . " WAR " in all its drama , tragedy , tears , horror, defeat & victory give humanity a sense of purpose. We are that animal which thrives on conflict . We proclaim our truth to be the only truth & destroy all who oppose us.

As for religion it has more often than not brought us conflict , war , massacres, pogroms, bloody Crusades one Holy War after another willing to kill our fellow human beings over various forms of nonsense. As in the centuries of arguments over The Holy Trinity . Is Jesus part of God or a separate being from God or Co-eternal with God the Father or different in some way . And where does the Holy Spirit reside.
Is Jesus a mere prophet or the Messiah ; is he the Son of God or is he God . Is Jesus a mortal & fully a human being or more of the substance of the Spirit or was he just pretending to be mortal.

Was Jesus' message as simple as loving one another, respecting all others & even loving your enemies or did he say to kill all who don't believe in him.
Did Jesus teach that just by believing in him was all that mattered . So how one acts & what one does therefore doesn't matter- just do as you please but have faith in Jesus.

Are we to believe if we are Christian that all those who do not accept Christianity are already condemned to Hell & that they are EVIL & need to be converted or killed as it seems many radical Evangelical Christians numbering in their millions believe. How then can there be peace among the religions & the nations of the world.

As Gandhi once said : "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

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