Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pakistan Flash Protests

So anyway the media finally notices Pakistan

Bill Moyers - Democracy in Pakistan

and from Newseye, Dawn News
Flash Protests in Pakistan
A report on flash protests in Karachi. The demonstration took place to protest the emergency imposed by gen. Musharraf

Lawyers , judges & students beaten arrested for protesting -how many will be tortured or disappeared
America loves a dictator from the Shah of Iran to Pinochet & a few dozen others
so the Bush Regime refuse to cut off funding of Musharraf Junta
surely after declaring Marshall law & shutting down the media & beating & arresting protesters it can be called a Junta or a dictatorship -
no matter how many times it happens the American government of the day try to act surprised & even concerned -
but Bush thinks Detaining people without due process is justified & the use of torture is justified and the President & Vice President doing whatever they feel like doing & so it goes-
And the Media in the United States last week decided not to cover the anti-Iraq War protests that took place in cities across the country so in what sense is the press & media fulfilling their duty to the public acting as watch dogs to help ensure that the government is acting in the best interest of its citizens - instead they act as propagandists for the Bush Regime as even the Democrats also did by refusing to take seriously Impeaching Cheney - so who is it represents the people of the United States ?

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