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Bush / Cheney Regime Supports Musharraf's Brutal Anti-Democratic Pakastani Regime

Musharraf Of Pakistan Declares " Martial Law " : The People are The Enemy
( Just another Tyrant Supported by The Bush Regime as long as they need him )
Pakistani Police Fighting Lawyers armed With Brief-Cases & Legal Briefs - Oh My !

Anyway in Burma the Junta declared Martial Law in its war against its own citizenry who are the Junta's enemy . While doing so they beat up & shot & arrested & disappeared peacefully protesting Buddhist Monks and now in Pakistan Musharraf & his anti-democratic Regime has declared Martial Law in his war against his own people & while doing so he has beaten & arrested & imprisoned & disappeared Lawyers & others who were protesting peacefully - well just another tyrant like Saddam or the former Shah of Iran or General Pinochet of Chile & of course for the time being supported by the Bush Regime all of course to fight the Evil Ever-Present Terrorists & Communists & Socialists & all those bleeding heart liberals who talk about those out of date notions such as Human Rights , Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association & other "liberal Democratic principles " as espoused by those radicals of the 18th century like the Framers of the American Constitution & the Bill of Rights & fanatics like Tom Paine the author of The Rights of Man now considered a subversive document in the Orwellian world we now live in -(out-dated according to Bush & the Neocons in the New World Order & the New Post 9/11 World of Realpolitik )

Emergency Proclaimed in Pakistan ( 1of 2 )
from TheRealNewsNetwork at YouTube

Eric Margolis: The democracy movement and the Islamic militants are fighting the dictatorship

Emergency Proclaimed in Pakistan ( 2 of 2 )

From The Real News Network
Asma Jahangir under House Arrest in Pakistan as Regime cracks down on the Press & Human Rights Groups
Pakistan Government is just another brutal anti-democratic regime supported by the Bush/Cheney Regime
Human Rights & Democracy not of interest to the leader of Pakistan

From The Real News Network

Interview of Asma Jahangir

And from Hindustan Times , November 06, 2007
Faiz's daughter Salima Hashmi arrested: Asma Jahangir

Salima Hashmi, an activist, painter and daughter of famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, has been arrested in Pakistan following the imposition of emergency, fellow activist Asma Jahangir told a TV news channel Sunday.

"I am under house arrest (and) so is my dear friend Salima Hashmi," Jahangir, president of the Pakistan Human Rights Movement, told the Al Jazeera TV channel from Islamabad.

Salima has been in the limelight for her efforts to normalise India-Pakistan ties. She has been visiting India frequently over the years and has a number of well wishers in that country, particularly in New Delhi.

Given the political situation in recent weeks, she had a premonition of her fate.

Speaking to IANS a few days earlier, she had feared her own arrest once the democratic process in Pakistan was snapped.

"Don't worry about me. My father, Faiz Saheb, had faced army rules many times and was imprisoned on several occasions. Now it is my turn," Salima had said.

Her husband Shoaib Hashmi too had been put behind the bars in the 1980s because of his Leftist views.

and see : Jazbah.org Women of Pakistan - Asmar Jahangir by Laila Kazmi

also check out Report On PAKISTAN 2007 at Amnesty International


Head of state: Pervez Musharraf
Head of government: Shaukat Aziz
Death penalty: retentionist
International Criminal Court: not ratified

Scores of people suffered arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance. Victims included terror suspects, Baloch and Sindhi nationalists, and journalists. Unlawful killings were carried out with impunity. The blasphemy laws were used to persecute members of religious minorities. "Honour" killings continued to be reported. Tribal and religious councils unlawfully exercised judicial functions and enforced cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments. At least 446 people were sentenced to death. The number of executions reported, 82, including one juvenile, was a steep increase from the previous year.

Arbitrary detention/enforced disappearances

Scores of people suspected of links to terrorist groups, Baloch or Sindhi activists, and journalists were arbitrarily detained and subjected to enforced disappearance. State agents denied knowledge of whereabouts to relatives and when questioned in court during habeas corpus hearings. Those released reported being tortured and ill-treated.

Excessive use of force and unlawful killings

Impunity for unlawful killings of criminal suspects and political opponents of the government contributed to their increase.

Failure to protect minorities

At least 44 registered cases of blasphemy were reported during 2006. Blasphemy cases took years to conclude. The accused were rarely released on bail and were often ill-treated in detention.

Violence against women

"Honour" killings, domestic violence including maiming and harmful traditional practises continued at a high level. Jirgas, councils of elders, which the Sindh High Court had banned in 2004, continued to "sentence" girls and women to cruel punishments.

and see :
Human Rights Watch
Pakistan: End Emergency Rule and Restore Constitution Move Against ‘Militants’ Brings Crackdown on Civil Society

(New York, November 4, 2007) – Pakistan should immediately return to constitutional rule, restore fundamental rights and end its crackdown on the judiciary, lawyers, media, human rights activists and political opponents, Human Rights Watch said today.

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