Monday, November 12, 2007


Protest in Pakistan against American & British backed Dictator Musharraf

It's funny how Bush does not see the irony in what he says about Musharraf who is the head of government & the Military as Bush & Cheney now control the Judiciary, the executive branch & the military while ignoring the wishes of the majority of the American electorate as he abandons the Constitution , the Bill of Rights & any International agreements including the Geneva Conventions because Bush is the decider & above American & International Law-

Brutal Attacks on Protesting Lawyers( all Lawyers are TERRORIST in need of a lesson & maybe a little " waterboarding " or hanging them up by their arms for a few days or a little sodomy to teach them about "True Democracy " that is American or the Former East German Style or Burmese Style of Democracy )

One should remember though that Bush/ Cheney/ Rice & the Neocons & the Religious Right in America hate groups like the ACLU or Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch or even the Red Cross if it criticizes American Forces or the Brutal Regimes supported by the United States - just a lot of empty Public Relations & Talking Points with no real substance - Besides wasn't there some problems about Bush's first election as President & that he refused to allow an independent impartial group to investigated charges of wrong-doing & discrepancies in the election process - one dictator or Tyrant is as bad as another - but I guess not if they are Christian & Capitalists who work dilligently to protect the Elites in America or Britain or Canada & so it goes...

and from theRealnewsnetwork we get this report:

In the same week an attempt was made & may be again to have Cheney Impeached but since the elected officials believe that their loyalties are not to the American people or to the integrity of the American System of government but rather to various lobbyists with lots of money to shell out & that these officials major concern is being re-elected & to pursuing lucrative careers after they leave office with companies like Haliburton, EXXON , Chevron or WALMART where Hilary used to work-
ah well so much for democracy in America -
Bush & Cheney are if anything jealous of Musharraf who can use all the force he wants now if they could find a way to justify using such force- I'm sure they come up with a solution to this problem so they can shut down all dissent in the Media & on the Internet & the Blogosphere - they have already intimidated Youtube, My Space & Face Book -

Student Protest

And here's a slide show as a tribute to those willing to resist opression in Pakistan -
Pakistani students, lawyers, civil right activists protesting against General Musharaf's dictatorship

If students, lawyers & civil servants protested against the Bush /Cheney Regime in America the Media would just ignore the protests as they did last week or describe the protesters as UN-AMERICAN & as Traitors or as a rabble of malcontents - The American Elite & the Media claim to believe in Democracy but they don't like it when the people protest & take seriously their duties as citizens in a Democracy -
They believe like the Neocons & the Religious Right that it was because of such vocal malcontents & subversives that the United States lost the War in Vietnam
The Elite & the American media call Traitors & Un-American any who dare criticize the Bush/ Cheney Regime-
All who protest against the Bush /Cheney Regime are Traitors & radicals who must be ignored or crushed & that's American Democracy for you -
CNN & FOX NEWS will raise the alarm if those Americans who dislike the Bush/ Cheney Regime raise their voices & protest & insists on accountability for the administration's lies & propaganda & its wide spread corruption & its undermining of America's Judiciary & the American Constitution & its Bill of Rights & the Regime's ineptness & its War Mongering & its occupation of Iraq & the Regime's thousand and one violations of Human Rights at Home & abroad -
In the end according to the American Elite & Media & the Bush/Cheney Regime the American People are the Enemy if they dare to question the current president since Bush has been chosen by God & he in making policies is like the Pope & like all radical Cult leaders INFALLIBLE-
So there is no need for debate & discussion - all citizens must obey or face the consequences -

Imagine in America people rising up against their government as the people in Pakistan & Burma have using peaceful demonstrations- don't worry most Americans prefer to act as sheep & keep their jobs being more concerned with their own personal pleasure than with lofty & silly notions like Justice & Human Rights -

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