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Ann Coulter: Glibness , Invective & Bigotry

Ann Coulter " All Arabs Are Camel Jockeys "
On FOX's Hannity & Colmes

What to do about a problem like Ann Coulter -

as a public spokesperson for the the Right what she says has an impact on her readers & like minded followers whether we like it or not -
& if she repeats the same lie or piece of propaganda or her glossing over history as if it was all just a matter of opinion -

For instance she appears to be saying that all Arabs & all Muslims ( 1.3 billion Muslims world wide ) are directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks but she refuses to answer the question about whether or not all Arabs & Muslims should be held responsible for 9/11- but leaves it hanging as if it is obvious what the answer would be - or is she afraid of the consequences to her if people were to act on what she says or is it merely hyperbole
she is after all a Christian American who sees all those who are not Christian Americans as the enemy

What she has called for apparently is the Genocide of Arabs & Muslims but when asked about this she makes another joke or glib reply as if it doesn't really matter again she avoids the substantive argument - so what is her point - that there should be more racial profiling at airports, that maybe no Arabs should be permitted to settle in the United States & if they do they shouldn't build Mosques or have their children attending religious schools but she has argued against public schools & prefers either private Christian schools or that Christians should be permitted to home-school their children & that the Government has no right to say what Parents should or should not teach their children - so if they teach that the Jews are evil demonic haters of Christianity is this alright to teach children
She believes that the notion of Separation of Church & State was an invention of the liberals & that America should be a Christian Theocracy -

First she insults all Jews by claiming they need to convert to Christianity to be perfected & what is astonishing is that she sees nothing wrong with what she has said. This notion of Judaism being superseded by Christianity is in itself a form of anti-Semitism.

Then Ann Coulter gets it wrong & tosses out a little threat & insults Canada . She mistakenly thinks Canada fought alongside the United States in Vietnam but we didn't instead we greeted 50,000 American draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. The only excuse she might have is that she forgets she is being interviewed by a real journalist of the CBC & not a Faux Journalist on Fox News or one of the multitude of News/entertainment shows like Bill O'Reilley or Glenn Beck or The View.

Instead of retracting her statement & just admitting she made an error she insists she is right & the Canadian journalist is wrong - this is part of who or what she is - she is glib & shallow - her book Godless reads like a right-wing " know nothing " rant filled with invective & insults paraded out as if they were the result of a profound thinker which she is not-

She also suggest Canada is lucky the Americans allow Canada to exist on the same continent - so is this the sort of glib " Know Nothing " mean spirited racist & bigoted conservative that Prime Minister Harper wants to emulate insisting on blind obedience to authority or at least to Neoconservatives who are in positions of authority since they have a monopoly on the truth & to Radical Religious Right leaders
-or is it that Harper & Bush or have been touched by God so their word is gospel & infallible -

And here's another clip of Ann Coulter being interviewed on Hardball/ MSNBC- her first joke is that she is not very PR savvy - if anything she knows how to work the media & the public to promote herself & her political agenda - though to be honest & fair we don't know if she believes in anything other than Ann Coulter -

Ann Coulter - America has been too nice to the Middle East people
or in her view that there has not been enough collateral damage
her desire for revenge & bloodletting knows no bounds
for the 3000 murdered on 9/11 she would turn whole countries into wastelands
while she sips champagne dressed in designer clothes in the Colosseum watching Pagans & heretics, liberals, gays,& eventually non-Fundamentalists Christians being torn apart by lions or well armed Gladiators built like the guys in 300 Yikes this might just be her fantasy

She is a Christian in the sense of the Grand Inquisitor - like Torquemada harsh & unforgiving - ( Jesus said " Forgive them Father for they know not what they do ")
she believes that by being baptized & claiming to be a Christian she is already saved & among the elect waiting to be Raptured or is it just all part of her act ? -

& to sink to her level why isn't she married & squeezing out children for GOD & COUNTRY or is she just too busy living the high life of a bitchy socialite ala Dorothy Parker & would best fit in with the Algonquin Round Table of real intellectuals - they might have kept her around just for a few laughs maybe -

She argues that to win the war on terrorism America has to fight a more brutal war In Iraq & Iran Afghanistan & the rest of the Islamic countries- so 655,000 or more dead Iraqis isn't enough - besides as she indicates what she wants is a bit of wholesale ethnic cleansing & a little Genocide to teach Muslims & Arabs a lesson & that the world's resources rightfully belong to America - and does she really care if a few thousand mostly working class members of the lumpen proletariat are killed -

as for the Arabs & Muslims they are soulless creatures or are in fact working at the behest of Satan or the Anti-Christ & so their deaths don't count in the way that the death of Christians do-

She compares the war in Iraq to the fight against the Nazis but the Nazis were brutal yet America didn't enter the war til three years after it began after Europe had been conquered- The United States did not enter the war til after Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese & she ignores the fact that most Americans at that time did not want to enter the War against the Nazis but that the Democratic president FDR believed America should have entered the war earlier - she also ignores the fact that American corporations were still doing business with Hitler up to 1941 & in the case of the Bush family & IBM even beyond 1941-

And here's another bit from that great Conservative Intellectual Ann Coulter
"Ann Coulter at CPAC 2006 calls Muslims "Rag heads" and feels that we should have a new post 9/11 philosophy."

( her statement is offensive but reveals the racism & hatred of the Neocons , The Religious Right & the Bush Regime especially when speaking to their own- if she says this to this group what does she say when she is behind closed doors with a small group of her Nazi-like friends )

Ann Coulter - Jews to be perfected by becoming Christian
" Ann Coulter discusses with Donny Deutsch on his Big Idea show about her views on Christianity and Jews, and what her version of a perfect world would be like. From the Media Matters Website."

It is odd how she assumes the interviewer is a non- practicing Jew does it give us more of an insight into her character - she pays lip services to Christianity but picks & chooses which parts she will follow

Ann Coulter - News Bites
democrats & liberals & anyone to the left is anti-American & anti-God & anti-Christian
ACLU are Nazi Block Watchers
Canadians - " they( the Canadians) are lucky we ( Americans) allow them to exist on the same continent ! ) "

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