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Religious Right Preaching Racism ,Hatred & Intolerance : The End Times & War With Iran

Bill Moyers: Dispensationalism And The Coming War With Iran

check out :John Hagee Ministries

& on Bauer & Dominionism & Reconstructionism
Chalcedon Foundation

Islamofascism & Israel & America
talking Points to consider:

civilization versus barbarism
goodness versus evil
all Israeli Jews are good
all Arabs are bad
all Westerners are good
all non-Westerners are bad
Israel versus the barbarians ( Muslims & Arabs )
Iran should not be allowed to manipulate the world's economy
Only America is permitted to manipulate the world's economy
Iran plans to destroy Israel & then America
Christians & Jews are equals
Christians & Jews are superior to all who are of different faiths -

John Hagee-Glenn Beck - Bible Prophecies
the evil of Iran & why America & Israel must attack Iran
Glenn Beck's hatred of all Muslims & Arabs & even Russians is quite evident in this program as he uses John Hagee's interpretation of Biblical prophecies to promote his own virulent Anti-Islamic & anti-Arab beliefs -
Glenn Beck is as racist & as intolerant of those who have different beliefs from his own & his belief that America has been chosen by God to heal the world by on-going perpetual war til the Messiah/ Jesus returns to save a small minority of the world's population -

This is where the level of discourse is at in the America Media where all the Media is virulently anti-Islam & Champion Christianity which they equate with Western Civilization which is really in their view Americanism & the American Empire-

John Hagee & Glenn Beck are of course big supporters of George W. Bush & the Neocons who believe it is America's destiny to save Israel & Christianity from what they consider the Islamic& Arab Barbaric hordes who are evil & directed one presumes by Satan & the Antichrist -

Muslims are described by much of the American & Canadian media ( with a few exceptions which don't really amount to much ) as characterizing all followers of Islam as Islamofascists who seek to destroy the West & Israel & the Muslims are then demonized further as having a culture of death & that Muslims are soulless creatures who must be stopped at all costs -
According to John Hagee & other Radical Evangelical Christians Islam is a form of devil worship
and the Muslims are out to destroy Israel & Western Civilization
Yet when American soldiers or Mercenaries torture people or kill innocent civilians this is OK because in such an all out War to end All Wars there are no innocent civilians - one is either with America & Israel or one is an enemy of Israel & America -

To those who just want to discount & dismiss the views of the likes of John Hagee & Glenn Beck as merely the rantings of some fringe fanatical group are deluding themselves & suffering I believe from wishful thinking - The views of the Radical Religious Right as spouted by John Hagee we are told by opinion polls done in America represent fifty million or more Americans -

In the same way that Jews were demonized by Christians for some 2,000 years one should remember from the eighth century or so the Christians began to demonize & view Islam as the armies of the Antichrist - Now it is not so acceptable for Christians to be as insanely antisemitic as it once was -
I believe that Christians were never justified in being either Anti-Judaism or Antisemitic and that the attacks on Jews over the centuries by Christians were never justified & eventually led to Hitler & the Holocaust - but don't tell any Christian that because they claim the Christian Churches were never Antisemitic or that it was really inconsequential in their revisionist view of History -

Even today most true believing Christians know little or nothing about the History of Christianity & its immoral preachings against Jews or Muslims & anyone else who was seen as outside the Church & therefore irredeemable like the Hindus , Buddhists , Taoists, Native Americans or Africans who are all barbarous & without souls & so can be butchered by the millions to placate the Blood Lust of the Christian God-

My conclusion at the moment is that we have not as a species or as Westerners or Christians- we have not progressed much beyond where we were in 1097 at the beginning of the First Crusade when thousands of Jews were murdered because the Church said the Jews had murdered Christ & were to be held responsible for this act down through the generations -
It was also believed that at Passover each year a Christian child was to be sacrificed to their God -
It was also believed that any great catastrophe such as the Black Plague was caused by the Jews -
But now it is a more subtle form of antisemitism in that the Jews are not loved as human beings but as playing a necessary part in the Christian End-Times scenario or as being necessary in order for the West or America to control the Middle East & all its resources which were given to Christians as part of his Covenant with Christians -

Neocon apologists like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and all never talk about the Antisemitism that was wide spread throughout Europe & North America long before the rise of Adolph Hitler - (This is not to make excuses for Hitler but it is to deny that his racist views did not spring from the thin air but rather to suggest much of the ground work had been done over the centuries by the Catholic Church & other Christian churches )
Nor do they mention all the support Hitler received by the German people & the people of Europe & the Catholic Church & other Christian organizations when it came to his racist policies & his claim that liberalism,capitalism,pluralism & Bolshevism & anything else which was seen by Christians as bad in the Modern Era were all viewed as spawned by the Jews -
These terrible & horrifying lies & libels against the Jews were seen by most people in Europe & North America at that time as being incontrovertible facts -
Most people believed that there was a widespread conspiracy by the Jews to wipe out Christianity & undermine Western Civilization -
It is odd how few in the West are aware of their own history especially when it comes to the darker side of our history in respect to antisemitism & other pernicious vile & virulent forms of racism which had infected our culture as it were -
Now it is the Muslims whom we are told are the Evil Ones & so we must mistrust & hate them without question -

Here are some websites & articles to check out for more info:

Theological Studies .Org

And : Dispenationalism at Endtimes.Org

A Dispensation - The system by which anything is administered. In Christian terms, looking back, it refers to a period in history whereby God dealt with man in a specific way. (Conscience, Law, Grace)
Dispensationalism - A system of theology that sees God working with man in different ways during different dispensations. While 'Dispensations' are not ages, but stewardships, or administrations, we tend to see them now as ages since we look back on specific time periods when they were in force.
Dispensationalism is distinguished by three key principles.
1 - A clear distinction between God's program for Israel and God's program for the Church.
2 - A consistent and regular use of a literal principle of interpretation
3 - The understanding of the purpose of God as His own glory rather than the salvation of mankind.

Also see articles at Theocracy
for example :
Nuclear War and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, written by Jerry Falwell in 1983, welcomes a nuclear war: Nuclear War"'Nuclear War and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ' - the one brings thoughts of fear, destruction, and death, while the other brings thoughts of joy, hope, and life. They almost seem inconsistent with one another, yet they are indelibly intertwined." (Introduction)

and from Reformation Online check out article " Dispensationalism " by Gordon H. Clark "The unity of God’s saving work " we get this definition ...

[R]ecently the…extreme of multiplying covenants or dispensations has given rise to Dispensationalism. The Scofield Bible enumerates seven dispensations. It defines dispensation in the subhead to Genesis 1:28: “A dispensation is a period of time during which man is tested in respect to obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God.”

also check out: check out :John Hagee Ministries

& on Bauer & Dominionism & Reconstructionism
Chalcedon Foundation

and for some fun God Fearing videos check out :
Highway : Ministry Videos That Drive Truth

and check out article : From The Atlantic.Com
Reagan’s Disciples Plan Relaunch Of Conservative Movement 05 Oct 2007

Fed up with neocons, theocons and convict cons, a group of former aides to Ronald Reagan want to reanimate the Republican Party by reviving the organization that brought Reagan to power.

The revitalized Citizens For The Republic -- or CFTR -- has already secured $17 million in solid financial commitments, according to an official involved in raising money for the organization.

Craig Shirley, a Republican strategist and historian, has agreed to serve as chairman of the board. Others who will participate or who have agreed to raise money are Paul Laxalt, the former Nevada Senator and close Reagan friend; former Reagan attorney general Richard Allen; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and conservative activists Brent Bozell and Gary Bauer.

The original CFTR was funded with seed money from Reagan's failed 1976 presidential bid and supported his political travels over the next several years. Its PAC doled out tens of thousands of dollars to conservative Republicans across the country.

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