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MYANMAR / BURMA - Death Toll Unknown as Military Continues Brutal Crack-Down on Peaceful Protesters

Here are some videos on the situation in Myanmar/ Burma
Part of the story is that of how quickly we get to see events as they happen or within hours due to Camera Cell Phones & the Internet even though foreign journalists have been banned from the country -

We are now receiving information that hundreds if not thousands have been killed including a large number of Peaceful Buddhist Monks which one would hope would raise more vocal protest from the World Community of average people & that of the Worlds Nations & the United Nations & organizations like the Red Cross - remember this brutality didn't just stat within the last few weeks but has been on going for twenty years with the outside help of certain Multinational Corporations & certain countries who are too concerned with protecting their own interests than to actually stand up & do the right thing - for instance creating a UN military Force to enter the country & remove the Unlawful & brutal Military Junta -

Military enforces ban on public gatherings & demonstrations , shutting down cell phone services & the internet besides having total control over news media in Mynamar & passing draconian ad hoc laws to curtail the peoples freedom to gather , to voice their opinion & to march through the streets -( this I believe is the sort of control Bush & Cheney & our own dear Stephen Harper would like to have since they also see any members of the Media who are critical of their actions & their agenda & all other dissenters as unpatriotic & disloyal & seditious in their activities & giving aid & comfort to the illusive hordes of Evil Terrorists like the Iraqis who insist on resisting an invading & now occupying foreign country's army- the people of Iraq have also had their freedoms & rights taken away by the American backed Puppet Regime )Anyway back to Myanmar-

Latest video from Myanmar/ Burma found on Ko Htike's Prosaic Collection Blog

Video From Burma-Shoot on Sight

About This Video

To learn more and ACT NOW: Video advocates BURMA ISSUES travel deep into the jungles of eastern Burma to document one of the world's most urgent and most forgotten emergencies. (The video was co-produced with WITNESS)

The Burmese military has embarked on one of the worst offensives in its 30 year campaign to destabilize the lives of rural ethnic minorities. Half a million live driven from their homes. INTERNATIONAL ACTION IS NEEDED!

Myanmar/ Burma Protest

Myanmar Burma Peaceful Pro-Democracy Protests Turn Bloody
from CNN

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