Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Empires rise & fall and all empires use brute force to maintain themselves from the Roman Empire to the British Empire to the Soviet Empire to the American Empire- And those at the centre of the empire believe that those over whom they rule are less civilized than they are- those inside the Empire are easily persuaded or fooled into believing that there are many enemies at the gates who wish to steal all their wealth & enslave or kill them - This is merely a projection of their fears & their own guilt onto those who are considered to be "the other " even though these so called enemies are not a real threat to those at the centre of the Empire - so as we see America invades the country of Iraq which is not a threat to the United States but it does have a lot of oil & therefore wealth which the Americans & other Westerners believe they have right to buy at bargain basement prices or to control or own outright since this is their God Given Right as The Chosen Nation or as part of their Manifest Destiny or as merely the result of the culmination of Capitalist forces at work - if someone reuses to sell to America their Natural resources which America wants or needs at a reasonable price ( determined by Americans) then America will invade & take those resources -

- the Amritsar Massacre in 1919 in India is just another example of how the foreign rulers of India had dehumanized the People of India portraying the Indian people as not civilized & a little less than human even though the Civilization of India preceded the British Empire by some two thousand or more years -Now the American Empire throws its weight around while demeaning & discounting the achievements of other Peoples such as the People of Iraq or the People of Iran - The Persian Empire existed long before the rise of civilization in Western Europe but those in power in America or the West wish to ignore such real history in favour of their own form of historical revisionism which is based on a racist view which claims that that Europeans & Aryans as such are superiour to all other races , peoples, cultures & religions etc.

The media ,the politicians , the churches, the schools & even our universities continue to insist upon this perverted view of human history & the history of human civilizations- all of course to prove that the Western Christian Capitalist Civilization no matter how brutal is beyond any criticism in how it acts towards other countries- so a million dead Iraqis means very little to Westerners since Iraqis are not Westerners & are not for the most part Christian -

So the British continue to insist against the facts of history that their empire was benevolent when in fact it was the result of the desire for greater power & wealth & the spreading of Christianity in order to undermine & destroy all foreign cultures & religious beliefs-

So the British refer to the India War of Independence in the 19th century as the Sepoy Mutiny as if were a matter of a couple of hundred Indian soldiers rebelling when in fact millions of Indians were part of that uprising which lasted several years & the British without mercy or compassion eventually crushed the resistance of a conquered people - but it is the victors who write the history books & teach their propaganda in the schools & the universities to perpetuate their myth & their claim to be the the Rightful Rulers over much of the world-

Jallianwala Bagh massacre - General Dyer - Legislation meeting
"The impossible men of India shall rise and liberate their Motherland"
Mahatma Gandhi, after the Amritsar Massacre.

Ghandi-Civil Resistance
( the salt march)

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