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Freedom & The American Empire

Photos of Blackwater Mercenaries for The New World Order or Just Police For The Empire

When discussing the "Cowboy Mentality " of Blackwater & other private mercenaries working in Iraq we should consider the similar attitude of those who saw nothing wrong with the National guard opening fire on unarmed students protesters at Kent University or consider the brutal response of the Chicago police at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago in which many protesters & journalists were beaten later the report on this insult to American Democracy was called a Police Riot in which the police over-reacted with brutal force - Yet those in authority at the City level & the federal level still defended the actions of the police & some in the media bought into this propaganda claiming that the Anti-war demonstrators were anarchists , communists & other anti-Americans so that as per usual in America those who voice their dissent & take action as in such protests are condemned by those in power & even by many average Americans who believe that citizens have no right to question those in power & in positions of power & now forty years later we hear the same sort of propaganda that each citizen must support the President & his Regime -

And we hear the argument over & over again put forth by Neoconservatives in their revisionists history that the Vietnam War was lost because of those protesters in the streets & the American media which at that time was controlled by a cabal of pinko commies who hated America- but now the big business interest & neoconservatives & the Religious Right seem to control most the American media like CNN & Fox etc. & the bias is to the right - it is odd how those who claim to be in favour of freedom of speech & the press condemn anyone in the media who questions any of Bush's policies or that points out inconsistencies of the Administrations policies such as why America had to invade Iraq or why is the Bush Regime so concerned about not upsetting Turkey which has a rather bad record when it comes to human rights & democracy -

The sorts of questions which arise are to what extent should the press go in promoting support for the troops & support for the war in Iraq - the assumptions by those who support Bush is that you are either for Bush's strategy & agenda or you are as an American unpatriotic & those of us outside America are either pro-American or rabid anti-Americans
If we do not agree & strongly oppose the present policies of the Bush Regime this does not necessarily mean we are Anti-American or hate all Americans- The polls show that some 70% of Americans don't agree with George Bush's policies concerning Iraq or his War on Terror - there are other things his administration could have done rather than invading Iraq -

- so reasonable criticism is not permitted let alone making an emotional appeal for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed & the hundreds of thousand more Iraqis who will die over the next few years since those in authority are talking about staying in Iraq til 2012 or beyond-

What strikes one as odd about this notion of acquiescence to authority is that the citizens of Germany under the Nazis- the argument might be made - therefore were right to support Hitler & the Nazis as they were the legal authorities in that country- Patriotism & nationalism are the ultimate in moral principles - one's duty is to obey & not to insist on such silly notions as human rights for all citizens - So it was incumbent on German soldiers & citizens to not interfere with the brutal & genocidal policies of Hitler & the Nazis- This is the logical conclusion to this way of thinking- To oppose Hitler if you were a German citizen would have been wrong -

Does that mean that the Iraqi people under Saddam should not have opposed him since he was the legitimate ruler of Iraq as the Junta in Burma/Myanmar are as far as they the junta are concerned are the legitimate rulers of Burma & all those Buddhists Monks are just a bunch of rabble rousing Pinko Commies who insist on outmoded ideas such as human rights & that the state has a duty to provide for all of its people & not just the rich & powerful or just those who belong to the ruling party or especially those within the inner party circle( sounds like the Republican party doesn't it ) as in the former Soviet Union -

So in Burma if one believes as the Neoconservatives & Religious Right do that those in authority must be obeyed then the Buddhist Monks taking part in illegal marches & various forms of non-cooperation by breaking the laws of the land as created by the military Junta then it is only fitting that they be arrested beaten & tortured - as Bush & Co. have said that torture is now OK & suppressing any large movement to overthrow a brutal or unprincipled & corrupt government is also OK.

The only time that it would be right to rise up against a government is if it is a communist regime as with Solidarity in Poland twenty some years ago-or if the government is not pro-capitalist or Pro-American interest - no sovereign state is according to the Neocons permitted to interfere in any way with American or Western corporations who are present in that country - the profits must flow at all cost & human rights & other liberal notions be damned for example passing regulations to protect workers from being exploited by these corporations or having regulations to protect the environment are attacks on American Corporations & therefore American interests & therefore anti-Capitalist & Anti-American & Anti-Christian since according to the Evangelical Right Jesus was a capitalist & said that all who believe in Him would prosper not just have peace of mind or be spiritually fulfilled but would get to own a big house some expensive cars & be able to go on vacation in the Bahamas a couple of times a year or spend three or four months a year on their range in Texas or what have you & send their kids to the most expensive Ivy-league Universities -

As for Freedom of speech it is quite acceptable unless it is used to question those in authority or the interests of Western Corporations - or to put it another way Freedom of speech & assembly & taking part in marches protesting policies of a government as long as it does not have the intended effect of creating a mass movement against a corrupt regime as in Burma or in the United States -

- if millions of Americans for instance were to flood the streets of American towns & cities & this were to take place not just for one day but continued for weeks on end as it did in Burma /Myanmar- I have no doubt Bush would call out the troops & start a brutal crack down on such a popular movement - & the media as it is now in America would back the Junta , sorry I mean the King... well Bush & Cheney that is -

But what really has been the the track record in America when it comes to these lofty notions of Freedom - consider the use of force used by pro-segregationist in the Southern united States against peaceful protesters -
The battle to get equal rights for African Americans is filled with such violent out bursts from ten thousand or more lynchings to massacres often with the cooperation of the local Sheriff or mayor or governor & the so called upright white businessmen in those communities - & at time so we are told with the cooperation of the FBI especially when it was headed by a known racist J. Edgar Hoover who protected in one way or another racist terrorists organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan which even today is not condemned as a terrorist organization - which would mean it couldn't march down the main streets of America or to Washington as they did in the hundreds of thousands in the 1930s as did The American Nazi & Fascist parties -

or consider the violent history of the attempts in the United States & other Western nations to crush Labor Unions to better the conditions for average workers or the Women's Movement who were fighting for the right to vote & for equal rights with men - let's see beatings torture force feeding imprisoned without much in the way of due process - imagine in those days there were lawyers who stood up for the rights of these groups whereas most lawyers have become spin-doctors & Public Relations Officials for the Bush Regime & the Big Corporations defending their anti-union anti-labour tactics & their wanton destruction of the environment & communities as for example the Mountaintop Removal method of mining for coal or the building of Coal Fired Power Plants or Nuclear Plants etc.

But the United States is not alone in its pick & choose form of Democracy in which certain rights can be tossed out on a whim
consider the over use of violence by the British government against the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland - the British governments use of violence in Northern Ireland helped to destroy the peaceful civil rights movement in Norther Ireland in the late sixties to early seventies which lead to more hatred & mistrust of the British Government & Irish Protestants & this of course led to an increase in the membership of violent IRA -

As for Ireland & Britain this sort draconian rule by the British occupiers of Ireland can be traced back to the 1916 uprising & later the use of the notorious Black & Tans in the 1920's which led to British humiliation & they lost a large chunk of Ireland but this only occurred after a hundred or more years of the English governments attempt at Ethnic Cleansing in Ireland during the Potato Famine & other engineered catastrophes -or consider how the Thatcher government used brutal methods against Britain's coal miners to end the Coal Miners strike -of course one can't expect the Middle Class in Britain or Canada or the USA to care about such low skilled lower class laborers like coal miners & for worse still was Thatcher's cooked up war in the Falklands against the Argentinians even though the Argentine was willing to settle the whole matter at The World Court but Thatcher like Bush & his predecessors had to prove that no such court could dictate to her or to Britain which once claimed to be the Ruler of the World -
The English have a lot of blood on their hands in their various colonies from Ireland & India to China to Africa & now the various American Regimes from Kennedy & Johnson to Nixon & Reagan to the Present regime are proving themselves as arrogant & as brutal as was the British Empire -

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