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Again one is struck by the the Burmese government / Junta's brutal attacks on the peaceful pro-democracy protesters & the Bush Regime claims they are appalled at such actions & yet the Bush Regime has done everything in its power to suppress the Pro-Democracy movement in Iraq. But there is little knew about this as historically the United States has been more often in favor of oppressive regimes as in the case of The Shah of Iran , Pinochet dictatorship in Chile , the Marcos regime in the Philippines and so on ...yet the American public has bought into the governments spin & propaganda over & over again ... why because most Americans & most citizens of most countries do not want to have to think about that which they find unpleasant-

This is especially true of those citizens who are fairly successful & are fairly well-off financially - they do not want to know that their success & wealth is built in part upon the backs of the oppressed & poor in foreign countries where Multi-Nationals are able to increase their profits by paying low wages & are able to operate free of any pesky regulations on workers' safety & well being or regulations regarding the protection of the environment & in their view other such leftist influenced policies such as decent medical care & education etc. for all the citizens of a particular country -

For instance American Neocons & their supporters in Canada like Stephen Harper believe that Canada has gone too far to the left & in their view these policies should be reversed that is the Public Schools & Hospitals & all other public programs should be run by the private sector & if an individual can't afford what these private schools or hospitals would charge then these individuals would just have to do without - so one has therefore the freedom to be uneducated & to go hungry & to die an early death because you don't have the money to pay for medical treatments- as the like to say - "There's No Free Lunch" & besides GOD rewards the faithful & punishes by way of poverty & deprivation those who are not faithful to the Christian God or who do not pray enough or do not show enough respect for their " betters " that is those in positions of authority & power who are GOD'S CHOSEN or who are the Chosen by the result of Evolution & natural selection as some social Darwinists claim -

From Real News Naomi Klein speaks about the lack of support of Democracy in Iraq -Iraqi elections as " Performance Art " & that issues & policies of the political parties unimportant-even though Iraqis voted for a party that insisted on a time-table for US withdrawal- the US representatives & THE BUSH REGIME actively attacked all attempts at Democracy in Iraq -

One wonders in what way are the actions by the Bush Regime in Iraq any different from the Burmese Junta against its own people or how is it different from what the Soviet Union did in countries like Poland , Hungary, Czechoslovakia etc.

Naomi Klein - Bush Regime anti-Democracy in Iraq
from the Real News Network:

and for a further example of how the wishes of the people of Iraq concerning their future are ignored by the United States' Government :

Interview on Real News Network of Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis on the U.S. Senate resolution on the partitioning of Iraq 2007-10-05-

Phyllis Bennis is a senior analyst at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C. She is the author of Before and After: U.S. Foreign Policy and the September 11th Crisis and Challenging Empire: How People, Governments, and the UN Defy U.S. Power.

The US Senate divides Iraq into three parts against the wishes of Iraqis ( ala Caesar's division of Gael )to create a more easily controllable & weaker Iraq from where the Americans can exert more control over all of the Middle East & take full advantages of the resources which America needs ie oil-

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