Friday, October 05, 2007

Brutality in Burma - Blackwater Murder Inc. In Iraq

Armed soldiers on every street corner in Burma as they continue to Brutally Crackdown on Protesters
Monk Murdered By Burmese Army Tossed into A river in Burma
Dead Protester in Burma

Let's begin with a little mood music as backgound to the on-going horror of Man's Inhumanity to Man"(r. Burns) with a great song by Nick Cave:

Nick Cave - As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
(I think the song is apt as it raises some important issues & questions -So should we act to fight injustice or should we just accept the world for what it is - if we act does it just add to the confusion & chaos or is there a way to act which does not merely increase the madness- In Burma the Buddhist Monks have come to believe they must stand up to tyranny by using Passive Resistance including marches & non-cooperation with the Brutal Military Junta - they continue this strategy even when they treated with brutality & violence on the part of the state-GORD)

Real News -On Burma

Larry Jagan : Burma, China's Inconvient Friend

Keith Olbermann Countdown - Interview of Jeremy Scahill author of book on Blackwater-

180,000 PRIVATE CONTRACTORS in Iraq. 40% of the money going to the war goes to contractors. More contractors than American Soldiers- awarded 27 million no bid contract
These mercenaries are above the law & cannot be prosecuted for wrongful deaths-

Keith Olbermann - More on Blackwater October 2, 2007
The Bigger the War the better the payoff fro Blackwater
( Keith refers to Milo in Catch 22 who in that satire turns the army into a private corporation )

In this segment Keith reports on the chairman of Blackwater's testimony in front of Congress. Blackwater eemployees have fired first over 84 per cent of the time.


Here is a typical example of poor journalism on the part of FOX NEWS & Jeraldo at Large regarding Blackwater in which the mother & brother of a Blackwater employee who was killed in Iraq are accused of putting forth a law suit against Blackwater just to make a lot of money which they are accused of by a Pro-Blackwater so called expert - when they try to complain that this was ambush journalism the Mother & son are cut off by the Host who is clearly on Blackwater's side- The other journalist interviewed seems to know that Blackwater in the Sept. 16 incident must have been under attack otherwise why would they start shooting even though eyewitnesses including Iraqi civilians & police claim that the convoy was not fired upon- but this one -sided journalism is what Americans & Canadians of course want - they want to be told that America & the West are in the right all the time - We have God on our side so how could we in the West do anything wrong-


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