Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keith Olbermann -Bush's Lack of Support For US Troops

as for Bush supports the troops :
Keith Olbermann -Givem motrin
more on how Bush supports or really doesn't support the troops who are stuck in the horrifying dead-end quagmire of the Iraqi War

Bush needs to pull out troops from Iraq as soon as possible but Bush is keeping troops in Iraq so he won't be seen as admitting to the complete failure of Operation Iraqi Freedom - Bush is also refusing to do the diplomacy which would be necessary to bringing about a more stable Middle East-

In the second part of this clip includes a criticism of Bush's claim to support of the troops by having troops stay for longer & longer periods seving in Iraq or those with certain injuries such as head injuries or having psychological problems dealing with combat ie. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are often ignored or trivialized & are sent back into combat zones & do not get the help they need or if they return to US they do not receive the help they need in a timely fashion - Bush says just give them Motrin or whatever - it seems to be the old argument ie Gen eral Patton that it is just cowardliness or laziness of malingerers & not an actual illness-

Music video All Is Okay music by Seether to illustrate that many soldiers who are still fighting are not OKAY & those who survived & returned home are not OKAY & may never be the psychological impact of killing & watching others be blown to pieces or just the constant stress can break the best soldier ever:
from YOUTUBE USER :sdforpeace

Douglas Barber, an Iraq vet tried to get help from the VA for two years after his return from the Bush quagmire. Doug tragically ended his own life, but even those of us who didn't know him will remember his sacrifice, and honor his memory.

( Warning disturbing images watch if you can or move on -cause war is HELL )GORD.

And on the lighter side here's a funny & chilling item from Jon Stewart of The Daily Show about American Troops in Iraq :

Jon Stewart-operationMacho Kick ass

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