Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bush Comparing Iraq War to Vietnam War & Execution for Whistleblowers

Iraq & Vietnam linking the two-

According to President Bush & the Neocons & other history revisionist the failure of the Vietnam war is now being blamed on the lack of commitment to that war on the part of some political leaders & the military & the American People & especially on the so called " liberal media " & anti-war radicals - This ignores the fact that the war in Vietnam as in Iraq is unwinable - The bush regime entered Iraq on falsified information which was then followed by a number of strategic & tactical mistakes - so here is a clip from MSNBC's Countdown discussing Bush's new stratagey of comparing the Iraqi War with the Vietnam War -up until recently Bush claimed there was no comparison between the two conflicts -


and for more detail on American involvement in Vietnam here's another clip from Keith Olbermann on MSNBC COUNTDOWN when in January Bush visited Vietnam and began saying there were similarities between Vietnam & The War in Iraq:

Should Scooter Libby or whoever outed Valerie Plame CIA agent should Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld be executed for High Crimes for taking the country into Iraq based on falsified and untrustworthy intel & ignoring the Geneva Conventions because these laws were written as applicable to those uncivilized countries similar to the attitude the British had when they ran their ruthless empire and so it goes...

anyway in this clip we get a glimpse at the Neocon authoritarian mindset claiming anyone leaking classified top secret documents in a time of war is High Treason - but the duty of the people working for government is not to merely follow orders when they see something is wrong they have a higher duty to truth justice and to the people of that nation -when one blames the person leaking it says that the wrongdoing in a goveernment is its business & not the business of the people - it is also like shooting the messenger - because you might hear what you don't want to hear -ignorance is best for the citizens of any & all nations -

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