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Preemptive Nuclear War vs. Christianity
Pre-emptive War & the rejection of the Christian notion of " JUST WAR "

and Check out Michel Chossudovsky's at Global : Centre For Research on Globalization keynote presentation at the University of Winnipeg on Canada's involvement in the war in Afghanistan & whether or not it is justified & whether it is an unnecessary war of aggression - for many Canadians even to raise this question is seen as being unpatriotic & Un-Canadian & therefore Pro-Terrorists or Pro-Taliban -

And one gets accused for instance of not caring about how women under the Taliban are denied their civil rights - of course I don't like how women are treated by the Taliban but it is odd that many of the supporters of the war in Iraq & Afghanistan are members of the Evangelical Religious Right & Neocons who would turn the clock back in our society so that women would return to what they see as their traditional & God given roles as wife, mother & baby-machine in other words ' bare-foot & pregnant ' - though as I have argued before the Neocons & Religious Right sometimes talk about the rule of exceptional cases whereby a few women because they are special would take their place alongside men in their chosen profession - this is especially true of the Neocons who are followers of Leo Strauss who was an adherent to Plato's philosophy as found in The Republic which talks about these few exceptions born into the lower classes or who happen to be born female or into a non-white race - ie. Condoleeza Rice or Alberto Gonzales or Colin Powell or an alien creature like Ann Coulter since I'm not sure what species she belongs to -

From Global see:
Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement
by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, July 20, 2007

and :
Bush Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran?
by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, June 24, 2007

in which he argues :
The intent is to seek a pretext to wage a preemptive war.

A "terrorist attack on America" could be used to justify, in the eyes of an increasingly credulous public opinion, on "humanitarian grounds", the launching of a major theater war directed against Iran and Syria.

Allegedly supported by Iran, the terrorists are said to possess nuclear capabilities. They are supposedly planning to explode "radiological dispersion devices" (RDD) or "dirty bombs" in densely populated urban areas in the US. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell had already forewarned in 2003 that, "It would be easy for terrorists to cook up radioactive ‘dirty’ bombs to explode inside the U.S. … How likely it is, I can't say..." (10 February 2003).

The sheer absurdity that Al Qaeda might have advanced capabilities to wage a nuclear attack on America is, nonetheless, pervasive in US media reports. Moreover, numerous drills and exercises, simulating a terrorist attack using nuclear devices, have been conducted in recent years, creating the illusion that "the threat is real":

"What we do know is that our enemies want to inflict massive casualties and that terrorists have the expertise to invent a wide range of attacks, including those involving the use of chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear weapons. ... [E]xploding a small nuclear weapon in a major city could do incalculable harm to hundreds of thousands of people, as well as to businesses and the economy,...(US Congress, House Financial Services Committee, June 21, 2007).

And further: A terrorist attack on American soil of the size and nature of September 11, would lead ---according to former CENTCOM Commander, General Tommy Franks-- to the downfall of democracy in America. In an interview in December 2003, which was barely mentioned in the US media, General Franks outlined a scenario, which would result in the suspension of the Constitution and the installation of military rule in America:

"[A] terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event [will occur] somewhere in the Western world - it may be in the United States of America - that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event." (General Tommy Franks Interview, Cigar Aficionado, December 2003)

Franks was obliquely alluding to a "Second 9/11" terrorist attack, which could be used to galvanize US public opinion in support of a military government and police state.

The "terrorist massive casualty-producing event" was presented by General Franks as a crucial political turning point. The resulting crisis and social turmoil resulting from the civilian casualties, are intended to facilitate a major shift in US political, social and institutional structures, leading to the suspension of constitutional government.
anyway more on the notion of the " Just War " & a bit about the book CHRISTIAN JIHAD by Caner & Caner - the author's defence of the Bush Regime as defenders of Christendom -

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