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The Jesus Film Project - SIX BILLION SERVED

Photo from Jesus Film Project

As America turns the world into a war zone - as they destroy whole countries whether it is Vietnam, Cambodia , El Salvador , Iraq or next Iran or Pakistan or Syria because Americans need more oil or because Americans are just in love with power - there is no greater high than World Domination - the Brits , the Spanish , the Romans they all loved it & they are all unapologetic for the millions who died whether natives to those countries or aboriginals or first nations they didn't give a damn for all those peoples were the Barbarians , the Savages , the Kafir , gooks, haj the primitives who spoke gibberish which were languages that these great world civilizers in their minuscule intellects couldn't conceive of let alone try to understand Heaven forbid that they should recognize humanity in those who were not of their own tribe whether it be British, German, Dutch, Spanish,French or Roman or American- so here's a little piece combining Ginsberg & Apocalypse now etc. which I found on YouTube so enjoy -

Photo of Allen Ginsberg almost cubist style:

American Evangelical Christians are dedicated to what they call " The Great Commission " to spread the word of Jesus to every last living soul on earth in order to Christianize the world - to make converts of those who already have a religion of their own . But these other religions or religious beliefs whether Hinduism , Islam, Buddhist , Sikh ,Shinto , Zoroastrian all are doomed & damned to eternal Hell-Fire if they do not accept Jesus as their savior & accept a Evangelical Fundamentalist version of Christianity which includes the belief that the Bible is the inerrant infallible literal word of God & including the laws of the old testament which are God's Commandments which must be followed -

There are at least two outcomes of the completion of the Great Commission- one theological view is that once everyone on earth has heard & understood Jesus' message then will begin the End-Times & all of the bizarre prophecies of the Book of Revelations will come true ending with Jesus descending & establishing a thousand year period of peace etc. or the saved will merely be raptured taken up bodily into Heaven while the world descends into chaos & 144,000 Jews will see the light & convert to Christianity - but first Israel would need to re-establish its boundaries as they existed in Ancient Judea before the Roman invasion & the Jews will also need to rebuild The Temple in Jerusalem & other pesky details like finding a pure red heifer cow to sacrifice & so on & so forth. This is why the Evangelical Christians are somewhat fanatical in their support for Israel & so claim that since Israel plays a crucial part in God's plan for the end of days Israel therefore cannot be judged or critiqued in the way that other countries can be. It is not because they care about the Jewish People or Israel in a pure good-hearted Christian sense -it is rather that they need Israel to bring about the Rapture, the Apocalypse or whatever . But to further complicate matters there are those Christians who believe that the New Millenium would be established in which there is a thousand year period when Christians will rule the earth & at the end of this period Jesus will return -

How far would these evangelicals go if they were to be in a position of power & authority to change the laws of a nation to make these laws more in tune with God's laws as found in the old testament. Would they require the death penalty for Gays & Lesbians, for adulterers , for blasphemers, for those accused of practicing witchcraft & for all so called heretics & pagans , would they re-institute slavery etc. They would surely insist that abortion be completely outlawed & that those who performed abortion would be executed along with the women who have an abortion & they would insist that women take their rightful place of being subservient to men - in the home the wife would be under the rule of her husband who would be permitted to discipline her as he would also be able to discipline the children as harshly as they see fit-

With the help of President George W. Bush & the Neocons these Christian Evangelicals have been given a great boost in their efforts to spread their message around the world as the Bush regime has poured billions into these Faith Based Relief & Educational organizations as NGO's while other secular even less militant Christian NGOs are seeing their funding slowly drying up-

When the Red Cross or Red Crescent go into a war-zone or disaster area they do not preach or sermonize trying to win converts to Christianity or to Islam - the injured & those in need no matter what their religion or lack of religion they receive the medical assistance & food & clothing & shelter etc.

But these new Faith Based organizations always serve a sermon with the soup or gruel - they claim to offer it freely but it comes with a price for the unsuspecting vulnerable one who are in need who may have just escaped death during a natural disaster or because of war or an insurgency or a genocide - the compassion of these do gooders is tempered with a religious agenda to add more souls to their brand of Christianity - One of these groups the Jesus Film Project which has been around since 1979 & since Bush came to power has grown in leaps & bounds & is no longer restricted by those pesky regulations which might have interfered with their real mission which is to bring more people to Christianity & they are not respecters of other peoples religions or cultures except as they can be used to help in the Conversion process

On their website they claim that like MacDonald's they have served their fast-track to conversion to six billion people served world wide & some 200 million have converted -so is their mission to really to convert everyone on earth or just to make the attempt as vigorously as possible to end the world as we know it or to speed up Jesus return to earth or to create a world wide Theocracy -

Here's a sampling from their website where you can watch the entire film about Jesus which is based upon the Book of Luke which along with the Book of Revelations tend to be a hit with Evangelicals & whatever they can glean from the Bible to defend their intolerant , racist, sexist, homophobic & bigoted view of the world - I do hope you visit their site it is disturbing & a bit of a hoot - also check out GODTUBE the Christian answer to YouTube with unbelievable goings on -

"JESUS" Film Teams Start 2,000 Churches

[2003] More than 200 “JESUS” film teams have participated in the church planting strategy in 2003. These teams committed to starting 10 new mission churches each through the “JESUS” film ministry in 2003. These teams have reported starting 2,096 new mission churches this year (reports for November and December not in yet).

With the goal of planting 10,000 new mission churches by 2010, JESUS Film Harvest Partners desires that the Church of the Nazarene will be Jesus to a world that is seeking truth and peace. Dr. Louie Bustle, World Mission Department Director says: “We are excited about our new mission church plants and have already exceeded our goal for this year. This refocus has been of the Lord. When we talk about new mission church plants, we are talking about new groups holding regular services each week. The “JESUS” film is bringing new believers into these new church plants. Keep on praying that our field leadership will nurture and bring these church plants to maturity.”

"JESUS" to Speak 1,000 Languages

Soon to reach its 1,000th translation, the “JESUS” film remains the most translated and widely distributed film in cinema history. With more than 6 billion exposures globally, “JESUS” tops Oscar greats such as “Gone With the Wind,” “The Sound of Music” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Shortly following the film’s United States premiere in October 1979, requestspoured in from around the world for additional translations, as people yearned to hear Jesus speak their heart language. Using stopwatch technology, Campus Crusade for Christ staff produced the first 30 translations of “JESUS” in 1980. This began the film team strategy, a major evangelism thrust for Campus Crusade, which continues to the present time.

October 2005 marked the completion of the 900th translation—Arifama-Miniafia—for Papua New Guinea’s 2,147 speakers. During the 19 years between the 100th Tok Pisin translation and the 900th Arifama-Miniafia translation, the people of Papua New Guinea experienced God’s grace and transforming power as 165,000 of the 722,391 “JESUS” film viewers prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. As the 1,000th translation milestone nears, more than 6 billion viewers throughout the past 28 years have watched the “JESUS” film, and more than 200 million people have indicated decisions for Christ. With the completion of the 1,000th translation, India’s more than 1 million primary Ho speakers will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in their heart language. By the grace of God, “JESUS” film leaders plan to continue producing the film in additional languages, focusing on those with more than 100,000 speakers. As the day of Christ’s glorious appearing nears, we praise God for the privilege of participating with you in the amazing task of preaching the gospel worldwide through the “JESUS” film.
On the other hand there are sites like Crusade Watch which provides information about the questionable strategies & techniques used by groups proselytizing on behalf of various religions though especially Christian or Islamic organizations.
Crusade Watch argues that proselytizing isn't merely a nuisance but that it is an activity when done aggressively or through subterfuge & stealth etc. is an issue of Human Rights - People have the right to their own religious beliefs & the practices of those beliefs & that they shouldn't be harassed , badgered, or manipulated in an offensive manner or made to feel that their religion is something evil & dirty which they should be ashamed of - And further that conversions which are brought about through undue pressure & propaganda especially when people are vulnerable
& in need is unethical in the least & should be considered a crime as it ignores the human rights of others-
More about Crusade Watch next time-

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