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Pete Seeger in 1955 being questioned by the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities( the American Inquisition as it were) when dissent of any sort was considered Un-American unless you were with the KKK or other Christian White Supremacists & other racists were considered good Christian Americans .Those were the good old days according to many in our society.

These days the Bush Regime & the Neocons from Bush to Condi Rice to Glenn Beck Rush Limbaugh Ann Coulter Dick Cheney & the rest of the American & Canadian & British media from The Washington Post to the New York Times to the Times Of London to The Globe & Mail to the various tv Networks all consider anyone who questions the government's policies on spying to kidnapping & torture & turning Iraq & Afghanistan into a wasteland to Nuking Iran - though it is all based on Propaganda & lies - all who dare question are unpatriotic & disloyal & should be silenced since our Supreme Rulers -Stephen Harper George Bush & Tony Blair or whomever takes their place - who talk to God on a daily basis who were chosen by God as the electorates hands were guided by God as they voted therefore are above reproach & know what is good for us & for the world-

Note: House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC or HCUA) (1938–1975) was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives. It is often referred to as the House Un-American Activities Committee. In 1969, the House changed the committee's name to the Committee on Internal Security. When the House abolished the committee in 1975, its functions were transferred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Here's a bit about Folk singer song-writer & activist Pete Seeger-
In addition to being America's best-loved folksinger and an untiring environmentalist, Pete Seeger is a national treasure. He has been at the forefront of the labor movement, the struggle for Civil Rights, the peace and anti-war movements, and the fight for a clean world. He has been a beacon for hope for millions of people all over the world. Once blacklisted from national television for being unafraid to voice his opinions, he was given the nation's highest artistic honors at the Kennedy Center in December 1994. In January 1996 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Although he left Harvard during his second year, in the spring of 1996 he was awarded the Harvard Arts Medal, presented annually to a Harvard graduate who has made an important contribution to the arts. He won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album of 1996 in February 1997 for his Living Music recording "Pete." At the end of April 1999, he traveled to Cuba to accept the Felix Varela Medal, that nation's highest honor for "his humanistic and artistic work in defense of the environment and against racism." In April 2000, he was named one of America's Living Legends by the Library of Congress.

Above info from Pete Seeger Appreciation Page

Here's Pete Seeger on the David Steinberg tv show in 1969 singing his version of " Bring'em Home " to protest the war in Vietnam

And as for David Steinberg he is a Canadian comedian & producer etc.For more on David Steinberg check out Official David Steinberg Site

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